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The Crystal Children

A guide to the newest generation of psychic and sensitive children

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

To the Crystal Children,
their parents, grandparents, and teachers.
Thank you for being angels
upon the earth, to help us all!

Crystal Children are the new generation that has come to the Earth plane after the Indigo Children. They are
approximately ages newborn through five, although some members of the first wave of Crystal Children are as old
as seven. These kids are like Indigos - highly psychic and sensitive - but without the dark edge and the anger energy.
Crystal Children are beautiful inside and out - one look in their eyes and you can see Divine love and wisdom. Their
auras are bright, radiant, and opalescent - they seem to glow from the inside! They talk about past lives, distant
galaxies, and profound insights concerning peace and love.
This book covers many issues that affect these special kids (such as healing abilities, connections to nature, eating
habits, and so on) and also includes interviews with the Crystal Children themselves and their parents and teachers.
It points out ways to keep these kids happy and healthy, and how to avoid the pitfalls that could spoil their special

Introduction: Who are the Crystal Children?
Chapter 1: In the womb
Chapter 2: Oh, those eyes!
Chapter 3: Late-talkers, telepathy, and trances
Chapter 4: A high degree of sensitivity
Chapter 5: Natural-born healers
Chapter 6: Magical, spiritual children
Chapter 7: Connecting to nature, animals, and rocks
Chapter 8: Angels and invisible friends
Chapter 9: A gift for music, art, and entertainment
Chapter 10: Angel babies
Chapter 11: Eat, sleep, and be picky
Chapter 12: Advice from parents, teachers, and the crystal children themselves
About the Author


Please note: All of the stories in this book are true, as submitted by parents, grandparents, and
teachers who work with these remarkable children. Some contributors have chosen to remain
anonymous; real names appear in each story by permission. (The contributions have been edited
for space and clarity.)

Who are the Crystal Children?

The first thing you notice about Crystal Children (whom I'll also refer to as "Crystals") is their
eyes - large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock upon yours hypnotically,
while your soul is laid bare for these children to truly see.

Perhaps you've met this special new "breed" of kids who are rapidly populating our planet.
They're happy, delightful, and forgiving. These new lightworkers, roughly newborn through age
seven, are unlike previous generations. Ideal in many ways, they point to where humanity is
headed... and it's a positive direction!

The older kids (approximately age 7 through 25), called "Indigo Children," share some
characteristics with the Crystals. Both generations are highly sensitive and psychic, and they
have important life purposes. The main difference is their temperament. Indigos have a warrior
spirit, since their collective purpose is to mash down old approaches that no longer serve us.
They're here to quash governmental, educational, and legal systems that lack integrity. To
accomplish this end, they need hot tempers and fiery determination.

Adults who resist change and who value conformity may misunderstand the Indigos. They're
often mislabeled with the psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Sadly, when they're medicated, the Indigos often
lose their beautiful sensitivity, spiritual gifts, and warrior energy. I wrote about the Indigos at
length in my book The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children; and the subject was thoroughly
explored in The Indigo Children, written by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober (both published by Hay

In contrast, the Crystal Children are blissful and even-tempered. Sure, they may have tantrums
occasionally, but these kids are largely forgiving and easygoing. The Crystals are the generation
who benefit from the Indigos' trailblazing. First, the Indigo Children lead with a machete,
chopping down anything that lacks integrity. Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path
into a safer and more secure world.

The terms Indigo and Crystal were given to these two generations because they most accurately
describe their aura colors and energy patterns. Indigo Children have a lot of indigo blue in their
auras. This is the color of the "third-eye chakra," which is an energy center inside the head
located between the two eyebrows. This chakra regulates clairvoyance, or the ability to see
energy, visions, and spirits. Many of the Indigo Children have this gift.

The Crystal Children have beautiful, multicolored, opalescent auras, in pastel hues like a quartz
crystal's prism effect. This generation also harbors a fascination for crystals and rocks, as you'll
read about later in this book. Hence, the name "Crystal Children."

The characteristics of Crystal Children are as follows:

• Are usually born in 1995 or later

• Possess large eyes with an intense stare
• Have magnetic personalities
• Are highly affectionate
• Start talking late in childhood
• Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking
• Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate
• May be diagnosed with autism or Asperger's syndrome
• Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving
• Are forgiving of others
• Are highly sensitive and empathetic
• Are very much connected to nature and animals
• Exhibit healing abilities
• Are quite interested in crystals and rocks
• Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past-life memories
• Are extremely artistic and creative
• Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food"
• May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance

Children of the Millennium Shift

The year was 1995, a time when many of us felt a gnawing restlessness in our bellies. On the
heels of the materialistic '80s, we were searching for meaning, and avenues to contribute to the
worlds well-being. It was the beginning of a new spiritual renaissance, as we learned to look
inward for answers and fulfillment.

Many individuals had profound spiritual experiences that year. I should know: It was on July 15,
1995, that an angel's loud, booming voice helped me escape unscathed from an attempted armed

carjacking. Since that experience, I've devoted my life to teaching others about spirituality. And
I've met countless people worldwide who also had major wake-up calls that year.

No wonder, then, that the Crystal Children started to arrive at that time. They knew that adults
were finally ready for children's higher vibrations, and their purer way of living. Some older
Crystal Children already existed on the planet. They were the scouts - the first generation of
Crystals who came to check out the situation and report home during dreamtime transmissions.
The earliest Crystals were the ones who signaled that 1995 was the year when the coast was clear
for a large infusion of high-level babies. The number of Crystals born continues to escalate. And
each year's crop of freshly born Crystal Children reveals increasingly profound spiritual abilities.

Misunderstood Gifts

As mentioned earlier, the generation preceding the Crystal Children are referred to as the Indigo
Children, and they paved the way. One of the spiritual gifts of the Indigos is their ability to sniff
out dishonesty, like a dog senses fear. Indigos know when they're being lied to, patronized, or
manipulated. And since their collective purpose is to usher in a new world of integrity, the
Indigos' inner lie detectors are integral. Again, this warrior spirit threatens some adults.
Additionally, the Indigos are unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or
school. They don't have the ability to dissociate from their feelings and pretend that everything's
okay... unless they're medicated or sedated.

Crystal Children's innate spiritual gifts are also misunderstood - specifically, their telepathic
abilities, which often cause them to start talking long after most toddlers begin to do so.

In the new world that the Indigos are ushering in, we'll all be much more aware of our intuitive
thoughts and feelings; we won't rely so much on the spoken or written word. Communication
will be faster, more direct, and more honest, because it will be mind-to-mind. Already,
increasing numbers of us are getting in touch with our psychic abilities. Our interest in the
paranormal is at an all-time high, fueled by books, TV shows, and movies on the topic.

So it's not surprising that the generation following the Indigos are incredibly telepathic. As
touched on above, many of the Crystal Children have delayed speech patterns, and it's not
uncommon for them to wait until they're three or four years old to begin speaking. But parents
have no trouble communicating with their silent children - far from it! Parents engage in mind-
to-mind communication with their Crystal Children; and the Crystals use a combination of
telepathy, self-fashioned sign language, and sounds (including song) to get their point across.

The trouble starts when the Crystals are judged by medical and educational professionals to
have "abnormal" speaking patterns. It's no coincidence that as greater numbers of Crystals are
being born, the number of diagnoses for autism is at a record high!

It's true that the Crystal Children are different from other generations, but why do we need to
pathologize these differences? If the children are successfully communicating at home, and the
parents aren't reporting any problems... then why create trouble where it doesn't exist?

The diagnostic criteria for autism is quite clear: The autistic person lives in his or her own world
and is disconnected from other people. The autistic person doesn't talk because of an
indifference to communicating with others.

Crystal Children are quite the opposite. As you'll read later on, they're among the most
connected, communicative, caring, and cuddly of any generation. They're also quite
philosophical and spiritually girted - and they display an unprecedented level of kindness and
sensitivity. For example, I received more stories than I could fit in this book about Crystal
Children spontaneously hugging people in need. An autistic person wouldn't do that!

There are plenty of stories about great historical figures who started talking later in life - Albert
Einstein being among the most famous. Einstein's sister, Maja, noted that her brilliant brother
didn't begin speaking until he was well over two years old. According to U.S. News & World
Report (December 9, 2002), Einstein first uttered a sentence to complain that his milk was too
hot. His stunned parents asked why he hadn't spoken earlier. "Because," the little genius
supposedly replied, "previously everything was in order."

In my book The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, I wrote that ADHD should stand for
"Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension." This would more accurately describe that
generation of kids. In the same vein, Crystal Children don't warrant a label of autism. They
aren't autistic - they're awe-tistic!

That's right - these children are worthy of awe, not labels of dysfunction. If anyone's
dysfunctional, it's the systems that don't accommodate the continuing evolution of the human
species. If we shame these children with labels or medicate them into submission, we'll have
undermined a heaven-sent gift - we'll crush a civilization before it takes root. Fortunately, there
are many positive solutions and alternatives. And the same heaven that sent us the Crystal
Children can assist those of us who are advocates for these kids.

The How and Why of This Book

I first became aware of the Crystal Children as I traveled around the world giving workshops
about the angels. I noticed the Crystals' eyes and magnetic personalities. I held mental
conversations with the children and could clearly hear them answering my questions
telepathically. I'd watch them smile in response to my mentally projected compliments. These
kids hear my thoughts! I realized.

Over the next few years, I interviewed children and parents for my book The Care and Feeding of
Indigo Children. I've always been fascinated with finding patterns among human behavior.
Although we're all as unique as snowflakes, the snowflakes share commonalities. With the
Indigo Children, I noticed the traits described earlier. With the Crystal Children, my research
took even more interesting twists and turns.

During this time, I received five or six unsolicited psychic readings from students and psychic
associates who all told me the same thing: They saw that I was pregnant with a very special child.
Well, I definitely wasn't pregnant; however, I now know that my psychic friends were seeing the
Crystal Children around me. These Crystals were giving me messages that they wanted included
in this book.

I found myself falling in love with each young Crystal Child I met. Their hearts were as open and
loving as any angel with whom I'd interacted. I found them to be unguarded and unpretentious.
I'd go to sleep thinking about the children, and wake up with volumes of information given to
me by the spirit world (perhaps by the Crystals themselves?) while I slept.

Each morning I'd wake up knowing more about the Crystal Children than I'd previously known
the evening before! I began lecturing about the Crystals and found my audiences very receptive.
Many of them were parents, grandparents, or teachers of these special youngsters. They
instantly recognized their children's characteristics as I described them.

I went on to ask audience members and subscribers of my newsletter to complete a
questionnaire about their Crystals. Within one day of my putting out that request, I received
hundreds of replies. For this book, I reviewed numerous stories submitted to me by people who
are raising and teaching these remarkable children.

As I reviewed the survey results, two things happened. First, I felt my heart swell with love and
gratitude. Just reading the stories made me feel as if I were in the presence of mighty angels! I
felt a sense of ecstasy as I acknowledged these amazing kids' presence on our planet. I also felt
reassured about our collective future. God wouldn't have sent this special breed of humans to
Earth if we were on our last legs as a civilization or planet. Just as humans have evolved from
ape-like postures, the Crystal Children provide concrete evidence that we're progressing from an
evolutionary standpoint. Second, I found clear - might I say crystal clear? - patterns among each

survey respondent. I read dozens of similar stories about the Crystals and their relationships to
animals, plants, rocks, and the elderly, for instance. I pored over many stories with eerily similar
accounts about children telepathically communicating with their parents... while eschewing
verbal communication.

Many parents told me, "I could never relate to the descriptions of Indigo Children. My youngster
seemed different. But the Crystal Child profile - that one perfectly fit my child!"

Most parents reported a happy relationship with their Crystal Children marked by very few
problems. I heard from parents and grandparents around the globe who described their Crystals
as "angels," "the loves of my life," "true joys," and so on.

I noticed that not only were the Crystal Children highly spiritually sensitive, but so were their
parents. The souls of Crystals were obviously selecting moms and dads who could raise them in
a spiritually nurturing environment. Occasionally I met children who came through spiritually
unaware parents. In these cases, their grandparents were highly evolved lightworkers who
helped protect and hone the children's spiritual knowledge and gifts. Most parents told me that
their Crystal Children were profound spiritual teachers who taught them a great deal about
being exceptionally loving and kind.

One day I was lecturing about Crystals in Sydney, Australia. During the midday break, Reid
Tracy, the president of Hay House (who was there selling my other books), asked me, "What's
this book that everyone's asking me about? They all want to buy a Crystal Children book."

I laughed and told him that there was no such book yet; I was simply reporting the data I'd
gathered from interviews and my own channelings. Reid remarked, "Well, they obviously want
the book. Will you write it?" Without hesitation, I heard myself reply, "Yes, of course I will." You
now hold the results of that decision in your hands!

Whether you're a parent, a parent-to-be, a grandparent, an educator, a health-care provider, or
someone who's simply interested in children and spirituality, may this book provide validation
and guidance for you and your Crystal Children!

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.,
Laguna Beach, California

Chapter 1:
In the womb

It seems that everything involving Crystal Children is extraordinary, beginning with their
conception. Several letter writers described how easily they conceived their Crystals. Mothers
also told me that they communicated with their children prior to conception. Katharina, for
instance, is a new mother of a nine-week-old boy. She says:

"My son contacted me prior to his conception to let me know that he wanted to be born.
He was conceived in Glastonbury, England, one of the sacred places of this planet, which
is often called Earths heart chakra.

"I've heard that magic surrounds the Crystal Children, and this is certainly true for my
son. Since his conception, many wonderful things have manifested for us on the physical
plane, including a house in a very special place and an increased flow of money."

I also received several letters from grandmothers who had telepathic conversations with their
unborn grandbabies.

Many of the women I surveyed and interviewed told me that their pregnancies were challenging,
yet filled with magical spiritual experiences and personal growth. Several mothers described
having telepathic communication with their unborn Crystal Children:

• One woman said that during her pregnancy, she received many messages from her
unborn baby. The mother explained that while carrying her now four-month-old
daughter, "she told us countless times that she was a girl, but we stubbornly didn't believe
her. She also told us the exact date on which she would be born, and she was!"
• Another mother, Danica Spencer, said she had very potent dreams about powerful
priestesses throughout her pregnancy (she later gave birth to a daughter).
• And Lori, the mother of 12-week-old Isabelle, had a physical healing during her
pregnancy that she credits to her unborn child. Lori recalls:

"I just knew from the moment of conception that my baby was very special and had so
much love and light within her. Before becoming pregnant with Isabelle, I had some
problems with abnormal cells found in my cervix, which were going to have to be
removed after I gave birth.

While I was pregnant, they ran a Pap smear every couple of months to make sure that the
cells weren't changing. After the first test, all the abnormal cells were gone, and in every
test thereafter, the cells couldn't be found, without any evidence that they'd ever been
there! I know this happened because of the very special child growing inside of me.

"Often, Isabelle would come to me in my dreams and during my meditations. I could
communicate with her long before she was born. There was also an amazing energy that
you could feel radiating from my belly. The only way I can describe this energy is very
bright, warm, glowing, and overflowing with love."

The Crystal Children have amazingly intense connections with nature, as you'll read about a
little later. Cynthia Berkeley had a foreshadowing of her daughter's love for the water while she
was pregnant with her. Cynthia says:

"I went swimming with the dolphins when I was pregnant with Leah, and ever since,
she's had a natural affinity for water. While she was in the womb, Leah seemed to have
conversations with the baby whales we saw on two separate days. She was just twisting
and turning and kicking and vibrating in there!

I've taken her swimming in the pool several times since she was an infant, and she always
wants to put her head under the water. Leah loves it! At 15 months old, she's already
trying to swim on her own."

Giving Birth

I received several letters from mothers who said that their Crystal Children telepathically
communicated their correct date of birth. Kathy DiMeglio had a magical experience with
Mother Mary that seemed to influence her daughter Jasmyn's birth date. Kathy said that during
her pregnancy, she felt very connected to Mary, and learned that her birthday was September 8.
Since this was eight days before Kathy's expected due date, she prayed to Mother Mary to help
her give birth on September 8 instead.

Kathy says:

"I remember simply praying to Mary that our child be born on her birthday and letting it
go at that. I forgot all about my prayer until I was in full hard labor at the hospital. At one
point, I asked my husband what the date was, and he said, 'It's Thursday, September 8th.' I
knew it was a miracle. I knew it was a gift. I even had a statue of Mary in the birthing

Several mothers said that they were struck by their newborn Crystal Child's eyes and magnetism
from the moment of birth. For example, Andrea Kiger recalls:

"My three-year-old daughter, Abbie, has been different from the moment she was born.
When I delivered her, they laid her on my chest and I was overcome with emotion, more
so than with my first baby. As I sobbed, she calmly folded her hands and interlocked her
fingers and just stared into my eyes. She didn't cry at all! The nurses were a little
disturbed over this, as they all thought it was quite strange. I was almost frightened by
the experience. I felt as though I were looking into the eyes of an ancient being. She
never blinked, but just looked into me. I definitely felt that she was communicating with

The Crystal Children have an authoritative air about them, as if they're wise adults in little
bodies. Even more, they seem like seasoned sages... little sorcerers and high-priestesses. The
power that they exert from infancy can hold sway over adults. This power doesn't come from
brute force, though, but from steely determination and crystal-clear intentions. When parents
first encounter their children's power, it can take them aback.

Lisa Roulet is the mother of 20-month-old Kaitlyn, who exhibited remarkable personal power
just days after she was born. Lisa explains:

"Kaitlyn was born three and a half weeks early. She slept almost all the time for the first
three weeks. When she was just six days old (and should have still been in the womb), I
first became aware of her extraordinary presence and power. On that day, against my
better judgment, I listened to other people's advice to try to keep her awake more. When
I nudged her, Kaitlyn gave me a strong look communicating power, confidence, and
authority that told me in no uncertain terms to stop bothering her and let her sleep. I
honestly felt that I was in the presence of a deity that night."

The Crystal Children do share characteristics such as charisma and magnetism with deities,
which you'll read about in the next chapter. These traits are undoubtedly part of the package
that will make them great leaders in the future.

Chapter 2:
Oh, those eyes!

As I touched on earlier, the most distinctive trait of the Crystal Children is their intense, wide-
eyed stare. They seem to see everything with those big eyes! Sometimes their gaze is unnerving,
as they seem to lay bare your soul's secrets. As they lock eyes with yours, it feels like a high-level
being is scanning you.

Penny describes her two-year-old daughter, Samantha, as having "eyes that seem to go straight
through to your soul."

Many mothers reported that their Crystal Child had intense eyes from day one. Keli Carpenter
says that from the moment of her son Dakota's birth six months ago, he's looked intensely into
people's eyes "as if he's speaking to you. Everyone comments on it."

Dakota's grandmother, Wynona, adds, "He looks very deeply into my eyes, and it feels as if he
can see into my very soul. Just a couple of days after he was born, he stared into my eyes for
more than 20 minutes." Wynona said that she found herself speaking to him in her mind, and it
felt as if he were communicating with her in some way - that he "knew the truth of me and all
things. It felt strange and exciting at the same time."

Another Crystal Child's mother, Pam Caldwell, expressed similar sentiments:

"Since the second that Hannah came out, she just stared at me with her dark and
piercing eyes, searching my eyes and soul. It was very penetrating - not uncomfortable at
all, but deep. She was so aware even from her first minute! She's made many people in
the grocery store uncomfortable because of her intense gaze. It's not creepy. It's just so
obvious that Hannah can see right through people and read them."

These observations about the Crystal Children's eyes aren't just rooted in parental pride. Kelly
Colby-Nunez has five children, and she notices a definite difference in the eyes of her three
younger children (ages 6, 4, and 15 months). Kelly says about her younger children, "One look

into their eyes and you know they're highly intelligent and have more wisdom than the older
children and us adults. Their eyes just sparkle like light reflecting off crystal. People comment on
this all the time."

Crystals' eyes reflect their deep spiritual understanding. They're loving, patient, and kind eyes -
like those of angels. Nadia Leu is the mother of Celeste, age 18 months. Nadia recalls, "From the
first look she gave us, Celeste seemed to be so wise and compassionate, so understanding, and at
the same time so above all human suffering. From the time of her birth on, she's had a very
strong and knowing look in her eyes, and her demeanor has always been very calm and assured
in all situations."

These expressive and intense eyes are one reason why Crystal Children start talking later in life,
as they communicate so much through their eyes alone. Their eyes are part of the mesmerizing
power that Crystal Children have over grown-ups as well. Many parents told me that their
children's eyes hypnotized adults. For instance, Phillipa said that her 18-month-old daughter,
Isabella, creates quite a stir with her eyes. She says, "No matter where we go, people stop in their
tracks to come close to Isabella, to be in her energy and to look into her crystal-blue eyes. In
most instances, they become totally captivated. Once Isabella locks eyes with someone, it's very
hard for them to look away - until my daughter is good and ready to let them go."

Magnetic Personalities

The Crystal Children's magnetism is reminiscent of those old-fashioned hypnotists who would
say, "Look into my eyes... deeply, deeply, look into my eyes!" However, the Crystals' stares aren't
manipulative. These children are merely gathering information about humans and the planet.
They're also sending out messages of love through their eyes, and this energy is a gift that we
desperately need right now.

The Crystal Children see past the surface of people. They see the inner Divine light, and their
eyes are open in awe as they take everything in.

The love radiating from the Crystals is irresistible. Even people who normally shy away from
kids are drawn to the warm personalities of the Crystal Children.

Lori, the mother of 12-week-old Isabelle, whom we met earlier, says the attention her daughter
attracts is unusual - even for a cute baby! Lori explains:

"People are very attracted to her. Now I know that people love babies and are very
interested in them, but this is different, Isabelle seems to draw others to her like a
magnet of pure love and light. Everyone always seems to have the same comments about
her. They always say how beautiful she is, and yes, all babies are beautiful... but not like
this. There's something so special about her that just radiates from within, a truly loving
glow about her that makes her especially beautiful. Isabelle also has the most incredible
eyes. They're so filled with love, understanding, and wisdom."

The Crystal Children are giving healing doses of love to people wherever they go. They're like
mobile energy healers, pushed in strollers by parents who may not realize the important
function they're playing in taking their children out in public.

Stephanie and Mark Watkeys of New South Wales, Australia, are the proud parents of 13-
month-old Bryn. The Watkeys say:

"Bryn magnetically attracts people wherever he goes. All sorts of people speak to him and
just want to be around him. Our son is an absolutely delightful child, full of laughter and
light, and he has the full attention of people wherever he goes. He's very sociable and
animated. Everyone who meets him comments on how alert he is. It's as if his eyes are
drinking in everything and everyone around him. At 13 months, he has the look of a wise
old man, yet the lightheartedness of a happy baby!"

And Victoria's grandmother reports that her three-year-old granddaughter has always been
aware of things, and that she's bright and sensitive far beyond her years. "Victoria is always the
center of attention, even when she doesn't say a word," her grandmother says. "Perfect strangers
are drawn to her and speak with her without any apparent provocation."

This phenomenon points to the origination and purpose of the Crystal Children. Their high-
level spiritual frequencies and their ego-free personalities indicate that they're very spiritually
evolved. Where did they come from? They share similarities with the accounts of
extraterrestrials who have large eyes and small mouths and who communicate telepathically.
Yet, the warmth of the Crystal Children exceeds the reports of the mechanical energy emitted in
most extraterrestrial (E.T.) encounters.

Perhaps we're meeting a hybrid type of incarnated angel, masquerading as beautiful little boys
and girls. Yet one things certain: These children are here to both teach us and to save us... from

ourselves. But we must help the Crystal Children to help us. The first step is to understand their
uniquely wonderful qualities.

Chapter 3:
Late-talkers, telepathy, and trances

At age two, Harry was diagnosed as "autistic" when it was apparent that his speech development
lagged behind normal. At first, his parents and doctor thought that Harry had a hearing
problem, so they had grommets (protective loops) placed in his ears. But Harry still didn't speak.
His mother, Karenanne, says:

"Harry has always had a very sunny temperament and showed no angst at being unable
to speak. It was like talking was something he'd do when he was good and ready. It was
the same with his reading skills. He showed no interest in baby books, yet when he got
interested in Pokemon, he rapidly showed that he indeed knew how to read, and he just
pored over those handbooks."

At age five, Harry began to speak. It was as if his reading and writing skills were awakened after
lying dormant for many years. Now at age nine, Harry reads children's encyclopedias for fun and
has developed a good general knowledge for his age.

Was Harry autistic previously? His personality doesn't indicate that. Remember that autism
describes a condition where people live in their own little worlds, disconnected from others.
They don't speak because they don't notice others.

Harry, in contrast, quite frequently asks strangers questions, and he'll approach other children to
inquire about a toy they're carrying. Harry's mother says that she's gotten used to her son
approaching strangers now. "And the surprising thing is," she remarks, "that people sense his
loving energy and accept it without getting angry at the invasion of their space. He's showing
them how to be more open."

So why was Harry diagnosed as autistic? Does speaking or reading later than expected warrant
such a serious diagnosis? Why not call these sensitive children "late-talkers" instead of
pathologizing them with psychiatric diagnoses and making them feel ashamed of themselves?

Hundreds of parents around the globe have submitted stories for this book, telling about their
Crystal Children who "took their sweet time" to begin speaking. Perhaps instead of labeling this
phenomenon "an epidemic of autism," as the media and medical establishment has done, we
should examine it for indications of humankind's evolution.

Who knows - maybe we don't need speaking anymore! Perhaps it's as antiquated as the toes that
we once used for climbing trees! Could telepathy be akin to the opposable thumbs we developed
through evolution - that is, a necessary new tool for a changing world?

Truly, speech does seem clumsy and imprecise compared to mental communication. Many
scientists at large universities such as Stanford, Princeton, and Yale have studied the
phenomenon of mind-to-mind communication. These studies yield verifiable data supporting
the premise that telepathy is a measurable behavior that definitely exists. I wrote about this
scientific research in my book The Lightworker's Way (Hay House, 1997).

I remember my initial (big) experience with telepathy. I was 17, and my beloved grandfather had
just been killed in an auto accident. An hour after his death, his apparition came to me. I was
wide-awake, sober, and in full communication with him. He had a bluish-white glow around him
but otherwise looked just like he always had. Then he began speaking to me - not with his
mouth, but with his mind. I heard his voice inside my head as plainly as if he were alive and
talking into my ear. He told me not to grieve for him, that he was fine. We communicated a bit
more, and then he was gone. My grandfather's brother, who lived in a distant city, also reported
seeing his spirit that same night.

That incident taught me to trust the mental communications that I'd regularly received
throughout my life from angels and the spirit world. It helped me when I became a full-time
psychic medium years later. And it continues to assist me in my writing and speaking work.
When people compliment me on my psychic abilities or prolific writing abilities, I always reply,
"Thank you. I'm a good listener."

Being a parent to a Crystal Child means being a good listener as well. In fact, just having a
Crystal seems to awaken latent psychic abilities in parents. Andrea Kiger calls her three-year-old
daughter, Abbie, "a classic Crystal Child" because she matches the description so perfectly.
Andrea says that not only did she give birth to this special little being, but she also gave birth to
her own psychic abilities. She recalls, "Out of nowhere I was able to know things, and see and
communicate with those who have passed over. This all came about the very day after Abbie's
birth. I'm certain that it was an awakening for me."

Those who have had near-death experiences report an increase in psychic abilities afterward.
Many also say that being in the presence of great love, such as that which exists in the afterlife

plane, opens us up psychically. So it's not surprising that parenting a super-loving Crystal Child
would have this same effect. Crystals also choose psychically sensitive parents and grandparents
as part of their "survival on Earth" techniques. After all, if kids aren't going to communicate
verbally, they need to choose telepathic moms and dads to ensure that their needs are met.

As I've mentioned, it's very common for Crystal Children to begin speaking at age three or later.
This was the case for Teresa Zepeda, whose six-year-old daughter is fittingly named "Crystal."
Teresa says:

"Crystal only spoke three words (Mama, Dada, no) up until age three, when she suddenly
started using complete sentences. Prior to that age, she used grunts and charades. We
called her 'cave baby.' But she also had a way of letting us know what she wanted without
saying anything. I guess she was communicating with telepathy. It had to be. How else
would I know what she was thinking?"

Teresa's daughter exemplifies a pattern that many parents describe, whereby the children go
from minimal verbalization to more comprehensive speaking skills virtually overnight.
Catherine Poulton says that her son Kylan, age five, was about three years old before he could
talk. "Kylan didn't speak, didn't even form nouns, and then suddenly one day he started talking
in complete sentences."

The issue of late-talking only seems to be a problem for those who worry. For more relaxed
parents, it's a non-issue. Such is the case for Beverly Moore, mother of Ethan, age five. Beverly
says that "Ethan didn't talk until he was about age three. He never had the 'baby talk' sound
either. I wasn't too concerned, as I figured he'd speak when he had something to say. I never had
a problem knowing what Ethan wanted."

However, it's not always easy for parents to nonchalantly accept that their children are
"different." One woman told me that she feels embarrassed around other mothers because she
suspects that they judge her for having a "mute" son. So some parents take the matter into their
own hands, doing research, reading all the books about late talking, and instituting behavioral
and dietary modifications to spur their children's language development. Evie says that her two-
year-old daughter, Mei, responded positively to homeschooling. She says:

"Mei was a happy and alert baby who walked at ten months, yet she decided not to speak
until later, and we had to evaluate her for speech impairments. She tested very highly in
the social and cognitive areas, but she just wouldn't speak. At around 15 months, she

spoke a few words here and there. In fact, her first word was 'Hi!' The doctor said that
she was about four months behind in speaking. So I worked with her at home, and now
she talks a lot. At age two, she knows all of her colors, letters, and the numbers one
through ten."

Several mothers told me that their Crystal Children appreciated the extra attention that
homeschooling provided, and that the kids' vocabularies grew as a result.

Still, there are many ways to communicate. Many parents commented that their children
created their own form of sign language. One woman said that her child went through deliberate
motions to teach her this self-styled way of communicating so that they could understand each
other. Kelly Colby-Nunez says that her youngest children prefer to communicate through
drawings: "My children (ages 6, 4, and 15 months) prefer drawing to speaking and will spend
hours doing so. My six-year-old also told me that he often communicates with his friends
without talking."

Perhaps one reason why Crystal Children speak later than previous generations is that verbal
speech is foreign to them. This is what Sue Jalil suspects about her four-year-old son, Sean:

"Sean's very telepathic, and his speech was late in developing, so late that he had a
grommet put in to help him hear better. It's only recently that he's managed to overcome
some of the speech difficulty. Even now, though, some letters are very hard for him to
form. I believe that this is his first time on planet Earth, and that to use his mouth and
tongue to communicate is very foreign to him, where in the past he was just telepathic.
By the way, the grommet made no difference whatsoever."

Many parents and doctors suspect that late-talkers have a medically based hearing problem.
Penny said that both of her daughters didn't talk until they were three years old. She had both
girls' ears tested, which revealed that their hearing was fine. Penny says that she hadn't really
been worried, though:

"Something told me that the problem wasn't with their hearing. My instincts told me that
my children just didn't feel an overwhelming need to talk yet. My oldest seemed to have a
language all her own. We didn't understand what she was saying, but she was talking all
the time. And with both girls, I always seemed to know what they wanted or needed."

Penny says that her biggest challenge with her Crystals was how others perceived them. She

"People would ask my kids questions about things, and they wouldn't answer or didn't
know. There are certain expectations when people talk to a child that age, but my
children didn't fit those. For example, I would try to teach them how old they were or
where their nose was, and they were totally uninterested in learning these things."

Penny remembers feeling embarrassed and judged when her children wouldn't answer people's
questions. She recalls that the baby-sitter turned her in to Children's Protection Services because
her daughters didn't talk much and were barking and pretending that they were dogs.

Like many Crystal Children, Penny says that her daughters' motor skill development was right
on track, but their verbal skills lagged behind, in comparison to the norm. Yet, when each girl
reached the age of three, they suddenly opened up and began speaking normally. Penny says, "I
never had any doubt that they were bright kids. I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay
that my children are different. They're going to be very special people. I just know it."

The parents who seem to have the easiest time with their late-talking children are those who
learn to communicate telepathically, and who recognize and use body language. A mother who's
actually named Crystal says, "My daughter's almost two. She doesn't speak yet and doesn't feel
the need to. We can look at each other and know what the other wants, so for now it seems that
speech isn't necessary."

Another mother named Misty Rose had an easy time communicating nonverbally with her
daughter, Leah. However, Misty says, "When Leah was 12 months old, we had to remind her
that not everyone could communicate with her telepathically, so she had to use her words."

That bit of information seemed to help. Now two, Leah speaks at the level of three- and four-
year-olds. Part of the pact that parents have with Crystal Children is showing them "the ropes" of
living on Earth.

Telepathic Communication

The Crystal Children are born psychic. As babies, their heads and eyes turn as they clearly see
angels and spirit guides. With inborn spiritual gifts, it's normal for them to be profound mind-
readers as well. Many parents told me stories similar to Natarsha's.

Natarsha is the mother of five-year-old Tyrique. She says that her son's statements have always
stunned her. Natarsha exclaims, "I swear he reads my mind!"

One day the two were riding on a bus in silence. Natarsha mentally wondered whether Tyrique
would spend the upcoming weekend with his dad. Suddenly, Tyrique blurted out, "Dad's picking
me up on Friday to go to his house."

The following day, Natarsha was thinking about what to make for dinner when Tyrique said,
"Mom, I have a good idea. Why don't you make that rice dish for dinner?"

When Natarsha asked Tyrique how he knew what she was thinking, he replied, "God told me in
my head."

Tyrique's spiritual listening skills have proven handy on more than one occasion. Natarsha was
dressing for work one day, struggling to zip up her pants. They weren't tight; they just weren't
zipping. Just then, Tyrique entered the room and said, "Mommy, you have to button your pants
first and then the zipper will work." Natarsha wondered how Tyrique even knew that she was
having problems with her zipper.

She says, "I thought I'd humor him by complying with his statement, so I buttoned my pants as
he watched me, and then tried the zipper, thinking, This isn't going to work." The zipper went up
without a hitch! When Natarsha asked Tyrique how he knew to come to the bathroom to help
her, he simply stated, "I just know. I listen to my mind," and he walked off. To this day, Natarsha
has to button those pants for the zipper to work.

* * *

The Crystal Children teach us to trust our intuitive thoughts and feelings. Like Natarsha,
Carolyn asked her six-year-old daughter, Haley, about her telepathic abilities. Haley replied that
she could see into her mother's brain and also see her thoughts.

I've taught psychic-development classes worldwide since 1996, and I've found that one of the
most important things to do when trying to develop psychically is to notice and trust the
thoughts, feelings, words, and visions that enter your mind. The Crystal Children are brilliant
role models for doing so. Jaimie says that her 18-month-old daughter, Isabella, confidently

announces, "Daddy, Daddy" moments before her father arrives home. Often when the telephone
rings, she says, "Nanny," and sure enough, her grandmother is on the phone.

One reason why children are so psychic is their indifference to whether they're merely imagining
these intuitive messages. They don't anguish about whether something is make-believe or real.
To children, it's all real!

The Crystal Children are clearly mind-readers. Magda says that her four-year-old daughter
frequently verbalizes what she's thinking. "For instance," she recalls, "one evening I saw her
sleeping in bed and thought, I love you, and she replied in her sleep, 'I love you, too!'"

As Crystals grow up, this telepathy can either be polished or squelched. The former happens
when parents praise the child's gift and learn how to develop it in themselves. The latter occurs
when parents show fear or anxiety in response to their child's ability to read minds.

Telepathy is part of the Crystal Children's Divine arsenal to help rid the earth of deceit. When
someone is fully telepathic, no one can lie to them. As the Crystal Children progress into
adulthood, they'll know with certainty if a politician or salesperson is deceiving them.
Collectively, they'll compel the inhabitants of our planet to live with integrity.

Telepathy has a more immediate benefit as well. Crystal says that she uses telepathy to
communicate with her three-year-old daughter, Zoey, in emergency situations. For instance, if
Zoey strolls away from her, Crystal telepathically shouts "Stop!" and Zoey immediately halts and
turns to look at her mother.

Going into Trances

Sometimes Crystal Children go into trances where they seemingly don't hear their parents. This
can happen particularly when they're outside in nature. This trancelike state is a characteristic
often used to diagnose autism. But with Crystal Children, this would be an inaccurate diagnosis,
because these kids are just tuning out the world temporarily. Not only that, but Crystal Children
are very empathetic, connected, and loving with other people. Truly autistic kids exhibit no
sense of connection at all with the outside world.

Personally, I go into trances when I'm channeling or receiving information. Before I fully
acknowledged my spiritual gifts, I actually received many angel messages while watching
television. That's because television focuses the mind on a single spot, in much the same way
that scrying mirrors (black mirrors used for divination) and crystal balls are focal points.

Andrea says that her three-year-old daughter, Abbie, also goes into trances when she watches
television. Andrea explains:

"When the television set is on, Abbie gets 'sucked in' to the point where she can't hear
anyone around her. We really have to limit her TV time. Abbie is a gentle soul and healer
who's one with nature and animals. As much as technology goes against who she is, she
seems to get sucked into it and can't escape its grip. We have to turn off computers and
TVs to get her to interact with the family again."

Another mother, Denise Bunning, said that her daughter Alice used to go into trances when she
was younger. Denise would use her hands to turn Alice's face toward her to get her full
attention. Now at age five, Alice uses the same method with her mother. Whenever Denise
ignores her daughter, the little girl turns her mother's face toward her own!

As touched on above, many parents told me that their children become incredibly focused - as if
they're in a trance - when they're outside in nature. The Crystal Children sit and stare at bugs or
leaves for minutes at a time. This focusing ability is a gift that the Crystals will find useful in the
future as they assume leadership roles as adults.

Chapter 4:
A high degree of sensitivity

Crystal Children rely on their intuition to discern the truth about people and situations instead
of making assessments based on physical appearance or judgments. Their intuition is like radar,
constantly scanning their surroundings. Nobody can hide their true thoughts, feelings, or
intentions from the Crystal Children's exquisite awareness. Nor can these kids hide from an
awareness of the truth, even if they'd rather not know it. Sometimes sensitivity can seem more
like a curse than a blessing. Sensitive people may inadvertently absorb negative energies, and
they can be adversely affected by them.

Danica says that her son, Koa, is three years old and highly sensitive. Danica's greatest challenge
is figuring out how to help her son when others' energy affects him. She says:

"Koa is so sensitive that if anyone's angry, frustrated, or experiencing any strong
emotions (even if no one else would notice or if they're concealing it), he'll act it all out.

It's difficult parenting highly sensitive children because they're so affected by their

Now that we have a wonderful home with excellent energy, our son is a dream. In some
of the previous places we've lived, the energy of the house alone was often cause for
crying and confusion. Koa does best when surrounded by positive energy, and it's crucial
for him to be in a house with good energy flow."

One way to ensure that your home projects good energy is to practice the ancient Chinese art of
room placement called Feng Shui. Space-clearing is another method. The former is described in
wonderful detail in The Western Guide to Feng Shui by Terah Kathryn Collins, and I write about
the latter in my book Angel Therapy (both are published by Hay House).

Sensitive to World Energies

The Crystal Children are very much affected by the collective energy of the planet. When masses
of people become afraid, or if a world-changing event is afoot, Crystals may become depressed
or agitated.

Sara says that her son, Zak, was two years old on September 11, 2001. They live in London, so
the attacks occurred at about 10 P.M. their time. Zak had been asleep since 7:00 P.M. Sara heard
the news about the Twin Towers on the news as it happened, and moments later, she heard
strange noises coming from Zak's bedroom.

Sara ran to her son's room and recalls the terrifying moments that followed:

"He was in a terrible state, clawing at his neck and fighting for breath! I'd never seen
anything like that before! I heard a disembodied voice say, 'Call an ambulance!' which I
did. When the ambulance arrived, the emergency team took one look at Zak and said,
'Code blue!' and rushed him to the hospital. Inside the ambulance, Zak struggled to
breathe, and I feared he was about to leave the planet."

Zak was turning blue by the time they arrived at the hospital, and the doctors said he was having
a life-threatening croup attack. Sara recalls, "I knew it was terribly serious as I looked around at
the doctors, who were ashen. I was guided to remove my crystal necklace and hold it over Zak,

praying that he would heal. And he did. The doctors later told me that it was the worst case of
croup they'd ever seen." An American Crystal Child named Chad was also highly empathetic to
the global situation that was precipitated by September 11. A first-grader, Chad wrote about his

"My dream is to help the people of Afghanistan. They're dying. Even though they have
killed many of the people in our country, you should treat other people the way you want
to be treated. You should help your neighbors. They have many sicknesses. It is sad that a
ton of people did that, but I forgive them."

Parents who worry that their children are depressed, hyper, or anxious should check to see if
world events are affecting them. Many children are impacted unconsciously by the world's
energy. Invoke Archangel Michael to watch over your kids, or ask Mother Mary (both are
nondenominational) to comfort them. Talk to your children, and allow them to express their
fears and frustrations openly.

The Nature of Sensitivity

The generations prior to the Indigos and Crystals had the ability to pretend that everything was
great even if it wasn't. The new children - especially the Crystals - don't have the option of going
into denial. They feel others' emotions as if they were their own.

Catherine says that her three-year-old daughter is one of the most observant people she's ever
met. She points out, "Nothing slips by her. My daughter is very attuned to people and their
emotions. In fact, my husband and I must be very careful if we disagree in front of her, because
she tries to mediate for us and isn't content until everyone is at peace. She keeps asking, 'Are you
happy?' until we truly are."

The Crystal Children are here as peacekeepers, and they tune in when someone isn't at peace.
According to their mothers, Taylor, Emily, William, and Zoey are all three-year-olds who reflect
this characteristic:

• Taylor stops whatever he's doing when another child cries. He'll ask, "What's wrong?"
and inquire how he can help. Every day, he reports to his parents which children were
crying at preschool, and why. It's as if his focus is on helping those who are sad.

• Emily doesn't have a huge vocabulary, but when she does speak, she tends to focus on
emotions. Her mother, Wendy, says, "Emily is highly perceptive about the emotions
boiling up in grownups, and somehow she possesses the language and the skills to label
them and point them out (despite my efforts to shield my emotions and thoughts from
• William gets his feelings hurt easily, and he's crushed when he thinks he's done
something wrong but wasn't aware of it.
• Zoey hugs and consoles anyone she sees crying. She says to them, "It's okay, it's all right,
want me to kiss you better?" And she tells everyone she meets that she loves them.

Rihana and Isabelle are acutely sensitive as well:

• Rihana, 12 months, cries terribly whenever she believes she's hurt someone else,
emotionally or physically.
• Isabelle, 12 weeks old, gets upset very quickly if she's around angry or negative people, yet
her mother adds: "Isabelle brings a peace and calm to people. Her energy is so strong and
loving that she has an instant calming effect on them."

Sensitive Bodies

Not only are the Crystal Children emotionally sensitive, but they're also physically sensitive.
They can easily become overwhelmed by too much stimuli.

• Crystal Children are sensitive to loud noise. Penny says that her two- and four-year-old
daughters become very upset if someone raises their voice in anger. She says, "I'm more
careful now about how I communicate with the girls if I'm upset. Knowing that they feel
emotions so strongly, I have to be careful about the volume or the intensity of anger in
my voice."
• Crystal Children are sensitive to crowds. Beth says that her three-year-old son, Taylor,
can't handle being in large crowds. She recalls, "He's had this trait since birth. His
preschool recently had a back-to-school night, and Taylor wanted nothing of it - too
much activity and noise, so he just ran outside and stood under a tree eating a cookie."

• Crystal Children are sensitive to temperature. Cathy notices that her son, William, age
three, feels cold more easily than other people.
• Crystal Children are sensitive to clutter and disorganization. When Haley, six, feels
that her room is too messy, she cleans it and announces: "I need a space clearing!" Her
mother then gives her a special bell to ring to clear the energy. After Haley
ceremoniously rings the bell, she says, "Mom, now the energy in my room is awesome!
• Crystal Children are sensitive to chaotic environments. Mei, age two, becomes hyper
when she's in a place with heightened activity, like a shopping mall at Christmastime. Her
mother says that at home she's never hyper.
• Crystal Children are sensitive to artificial ingredients and chemicals. Jaimie says that
her 18-month-old daughter, Isabella, has very sensitive skin. Jaimie explains:

"I only use natural ingredients on her skin now because it becomes dry when exposed to
commercial soap. We use Evening Primrose Oil soap instead. She always reacts better to
natural remedies, and luckily my local pharmacist creates herbal remedies for many
childhood ills. Isabella always vomits when she takes over-the-counter medication. She
can't keep it down; her little body always rejects it like a reflex. However, she tolerates
herbal medicines just fine."

Seemingly Unbreakable

Fortunately, angels watch over the sensitive Crystal Children. Many of them seem to be
unbreakable, impervious to harm.

Tori's mother says that even though her four-year-old daughter plays rough with their pets, she
always emerges unscathed. For example, Tori will lie on the floor while the family's big dogs
trample about her, but she's only gotten a couple of minor scratches. And her large male cat
bites at her but never leaves a mark.

And Andrea reports that her six-month-old daughter, Abbie, once escaped harm against all
odds. Andrea explains, "I was carrying Abbie when I slipped on some black ice in a parking lot."
Andrea was horrified as her baby daughter lay facedown on the pavement, not moving at all. So
Andrea quickly turned Abbie over, only to find that her daughter was smiling, without a scratch
on her.

Andrea says that Abbie has had many close calls when it comes to accidents, but somehow has
never been hurt. "It's almost like she's unbreakable physically, although emotionally she is 50
sensitive. She doesn't like loud noise, people fighting, violence, rough play, or red meat."

So, Crystal Children can afford to be sensitive... they're protected - their ever-so-important life
purpose ensures that heaven watches over them. Those who do get injured may go through that
experience as part of their contract for spiritual growth.

Many of the parents who wrote to me said that these children are not only impervious to injury,
but they're also fearless. Perhaps one reason is that they expect the best. Their optimism attracts
experiences of safety and protection.

No Fear

The little boy was amazing! As I sat outside at a resort hotel in Kona, Hawaii, I couldn't take my
eyes off this one kid. Dressed in an outfit so colorful that it would have made Joseph's dreamcoat
look dull by comparison, the boy was walking on walls - I mean, literally!

I figured that this kid was about seven years old, and he walked along the edges of the hotel's
three-foot concrete wall like he was a four-wheel-drive truck. The wall's edge was narrower than
the boy's foot, but no matter. The boy confidently walked without hesitation and didn't even
come close to falling. Finally, his grandfather grew tired of watching the gravity-defying boy and
asked him to come down. And down the boy jumped, bouncing as if he had springs in his feet as
he and his grandpa walked off into the Hawaiian sunset.

Since that day, I've noticed that Crystal Children have amazing motor skills. This mirrors recent
trends with Intelligent Quotient (I.Q.) tests that measure two types of intelligence: verbal and
nonverbal. The I.Q. rates for verbal skills are down, while nonverbal I.Q.'s are soaring high. And
overall, the collective I.Q. scores are up, since both types of I.Q. scores are tallied together for a
cumulative score.

Many Crystals show remarkable motor-skill functioning, even in the face of lagging verbal skills.
And these sparkling motor skills are combined with a brash fearlessness, which results in these
children being brave explorers! The fearlessness seems to match the confidence that Crystal
Children show in other areas, such as approaching wild animals and making psychic predictions.

Since fear is a function of the lower self - the ego - their fearlessness is one more indication of
the high evolution of Crystal Children. They trust, love, and enjoy themselves while exploring
this planet!

Cynthia Berkeley says that her 15-month-old daughter, Leah, is very comfortable in her body
and has an amazing sense of exploration. Cynthia remarks:

"It's almost as if Leah doesn't have any fear at all! She climbs all over everything and can
problem-solve how to maneuver things with the greatest of ease. People comment about
how physically advanced she seems to be. Her sense of spatial relationship is wonderful,
and she was climbing up and down the stairs by herself at nine months. We play at
Gymboree, and she just loves to climb on everything! She has no sense of fear."

Harry, whom you met in the previous chapter, has always been free of fear. His mother,
Karenanne, says this was a source of worry when he was small, but (more for his mother's sake
than his own) he's learned to be careful. She says, "I believe that Harry knows that he's safe, and
he never worries about anything. He tells me, 'I'll be fine, Mummy.' Of course worry and fear are
not part of his makeup if he's a higher vibrational soul."

Not only are the Crystal Children fearless, but they seem to gain great pleasure from exploring
their physical surroundings. Tara says that her 16-month-old son, Grant, is very daring. She told
me that "Grant loves to balance! The other day I found him standing on his fire truck, balancing
on the seat. Next, he balanced himself on the steering wheel! He held his arms high up in the air
and was extremely proud of his accomplishments."

Natural Instincts

Perhaps these children are more natural, more instinctual. They're more in touch with their
bodies. After all, that's what the angels tell me our future looks like. Ever since childhood, I've
seen visions of a world that's more natural, where technology is replaced with our own God-
given abilities to communicate with telepathy. It's a world with fresh air, clean water, a tropical
atmosphere, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The new Crystal Children are a sneak preview to that world. They're definitely more in touch
with their bodies!

Ellen Welch recently purchased a yoga videotape for relaxation. She says, "Since you're supposed
to watch the tape before you do the poses, I put it on while I did some housework." Her four-
year-old daughter, Erin, plopped right down in front of the television and performed all of the
poses, stopping only to ask for certain props to help her with a particular pose. The videotape
has two yoga sessions totaling about 70 minutes. Erin did yoga nonstop the entire time. While
doing the poses, she said, "Mama, this is 50 good for you. We should do this every night before

Erin's right - we should.

Chapter 5:
Natural-born healers

Crystal Children carry so much love in their hearts that their mere presence has a healing effect,
yet they also possess astonishingly innate skills in this area. Even very young Crystal Children
seem to instinctively know how to direct energy with their hands, thoughts, and even with
crystals to effect profound healings. The following stories speak for themselves, offering us
glimpses into a future characterized by natural and spiritual healing.

Infant Healer

Andrea's daughter's natural healing abilities were evident during infancy. One day, Andrea was
bedridden with an illness when her husband brought their seven-month-old daughter into the
bedroom. Andrea says that her daughter sat there on the bed next to her, stared into her eyes,
and then laid both of her hands on her stomach. "This went on for almost ten minutes, and my
husband was a bit freaked out over it. When she was done, she snapped back into being a
'normal baby' and wanted to play. I was floored."

Taught by Angels

When Haley was five, she began telling her parents about the angels she was seeing and hearing.
She told them that she mostly worked with the Archangel of Physical Healing, Raphael. Haley
said that the Knowledge Angel and the Love Angel taught her, too. She described the angels

bringing a machine into her room that taught her how to heal people's bodies. She also talked
about seeing shadows around people who were sick.

Now at age six, whenever Haley is around an angry person, she puts her hand out an open
window and flicks negative energy from the room. Haley's mother, Carolyn, says:

"I love it when Haley places her hands on my shoulders, gently presses down on them,
and I become calmer. Once during a ceremony we were holding, Haley got up, took the
Tibetan singing bowl, and moved it over the tops of our heads. Then she came back and
used her hands to open the top of our crown chakra. She did this so knowingly. She'd
never done anything like this before, yet it felt so right and it was done with such
gentleness, love, and compassion."

A Boy Heals His Dog

Magda says that she and her two children were devastated by the news that their dog, Gator, had
a potentially fatal health condition. As Magda's daughter cried over the situation, her six-year-
old son, Austin, calmly went into his bedroom and retrieved the energy wand his grandmother
(a spiritual healer) had given him.

Austin then waved the crystal stone at the end of the wand over the dog. Amazingly, Gator laid
down, as if the two were speaking to each other, and agreed to let the healing begin.

Austin waved the energy wand over Gator for about 30 minutes, telling him that he wasn't going
to die and that he was making him better. When he was finished, Austin said to his mother
gleefully, "Mom, Gator's going to be fine. I used my magic wand on him, and he's better now."

Austin (whose grandmother initiated him as a Reiki energy healer) continued to do Reiki
treatments, using his energy wand on Gator for the next month. Magda reports, "Gator's now
perfectly healthy without any side effects, and he and our family are happy and complete!"

She Heals Herself and Her Mother

Teresa Zepeda says, "My six-year-old daughter, Crystal, is definitely a healer!" Teresa says that
Crystal has instantly healed herself more than once.

When the family went camping at a beach to celebrate Crystal's fourth birthday, the little girl
started complaining of an earache. Teresa told her daughter to heal herself or they'd all have to
leave the beach to take her to the doctor. This news upset Crystal, so Teresa instructed her to go
in the motor home and lie down, put her hand on her ear, and ask God and Jesus to heal her.
Ten minutes later, Crystal came out of the motor home and was fine. No pain, no earache!
Teresa says, "Crystal is a strong-willed person. She wanted to stay at the beach so much that she
made it happen."

Another time Teresa's back ached, so she asked Crystal for a hands-on healing. She placed her
little girl's hands on her back, but Crystal pulled them away and said, "I don't have to put my
hands on you to heal you."

Teresa reports, "The relief from the pain was immediate, as if it was never there in the first place.
I've had severe back pain since I herniated some discs 14 years ago. Before Crystal's healing, I
was often bedridden with back pain. Since the healing, I haven't been bedridden once, and my
back only bothers me a little now and then."

Absolute Faith

All types of healing have a faith component, whether it's traditional or alternative medicine, or
spiritual healing. Studies show that the healer's and the patient's faith are important variables in
determining the outcome of treatments. The Crystal Children have extraordinary faith in their
abilities to heal, and this is undoubtedly one reason why they're so effective at it.

Three-year-old Victoria refers to herself as "Dr. Toria," and she's already established a successful
track record in alleviating headaches and backaches for friends and family members. Since
infancy, Victoria's been aware if someone is injured or not feeling well, and wants to kiss it away
or touch it until it's all better.

Victoria's grandmother says, "Victoria believes that you can 'throw bad things away,' and during
her healing treatments, she mimics reaching into your boo-boo, snatching it up, and tossing it
away, into the air. She's always been so aware of other people and their problems, and she's so
certain she can fix them!"

One time Victoria and her grandmother visited a nursing home. Of course, Victoria wanted to
heal all of the residents. Her grandmother recalls that it was very difficult to convince her
granddaughter that she couldn't cure a very old, infirm person of all their problems; or that a
person in a wheelchair might be in God's hands. Victoria said, very solemnly, "But Grandma, I

talk to God!" Her grandmother notes that Victoria's belief in herself and her ability to change the
world is amazing, and "a beautiful thing to see."

Comfort from the Crystal Children

Not only do the Crystal Children heal physical bodies, they also mend peoples hearts. For
example, they provide:

• Emotional healing. After four-year-old Lois O'Neill's brother, Jack, passed away, 50
guests attended a wake at the family's home. Lois's dad, Mick, says that instead of
attending to her own grief, his little daughter spent her time walking grieving adults
around the garden. Lois explained to each person that Jack wasn't really gone. Mick says,
"Lois lightened their hearts with her explanation of our garden, the angels, and the fairies
who live there."
• Comfort. Four-year-old Colin intuitively knows how to comfort a person in need. One
time when Colin and his parents were visiting some relatives, one of the women became
ill. Colin insisted on sitting with her in her bedroom. Even though she slept most of the
time, Colin quietly sat by her side. Whenever she'd awaken, Colin brought her cold
drinks, or alerted the family if she needed something. He was a true source of healing
energy and assistance.
• Compassion. Studies show that children often avoid contact with disabled children, yet
this new generation seems to break that mold. They show natural compassion for people
with physical challenges. For instance, three-year-old Zoey makes friends predominantly
with physically disabled children. One of Zoey's playmates was born unable to walk and
has a slight droop on one side of her body.
Crystal, Zoey's mother, says, "This little girl has made a considerable amount of progress
since beginning school with other children, and also since her play dates with Zoey. It's
been a very rewarding experience to know that there are no prejudice barriers in the eyes
of our Crystal Children."
• Counseling. Crystals have a knack for saying just the right thing to inspire, comfort, or
uplift people. Naturally optimistic, they help others see the silver linings in life's clouds.
At five years of age, Carter is already showing natural counseling abilities. Carter's

mother recalls the time her friend Ingrid came for a visit. Ingrid, a gifted hypnotherapist
and artist, was feeling blue. Little Carter went up to her and said, "You're a beautiful and
talented therapist, Ingrid."
Carter's mother remembers: "Ingrid thought I'd coached Carter to say that. But I told her
I hadn't, and that I'd never before heard Carter use the word therapist or talk about the
concept of being talented. All I know is that Carter can psychically pick up who needs
love, and then offer it."

And offering that love is the collective mission of Crystal Children. They teach us to receive love.
As their adult guides, our job is to nurture them so they'll be unafraid to love, to help them know
that it's safe to talk about and feel deep emotions. We need to guide them, especially during the
adolescent years, to remain their naturally loving selves.

Chapter 6:
Magical, spiritual children

Even in households without any formal religious or spiritual focus, Crystal Children talk about
profound, esoteric topics. Sometimes they learn about God, prayer, angels, ceremonies, and such
from their parents. But very often, Crystals possess innate knowledge about spirituality. They're
little philosophers, high-priests, and priestesses. Clearly, they're tuned in to the Divine. They're
also bringing in this knowledge from other lives.

Erin, three years old, strolled into the living room as her parents were watching the movie Speed.
The film was just finishing up, and there was a scene depicting an airplane and a bus colliding in
a huge, dramatic explosion. Erin thought it was a news program and that people had really been
hurt. So she turned to her parents with a stunned look, got down on her knees, and exclaimed,
"We gotta pray to God!" Erin's mother says, "I was impressed that a three-year-old would leap so
quickly from, 'Oh, no, this is awful,' to 'We need to seek Divine intervention to help these

Erin's reaction to tragedy - even though it wasn't "real" - is heartening. It's one more indicator of
where we're headed. Imagine a world where everyone turns to prayer - instead of fear or worry -
in response to crises.

Crystal Children are highly philosophical, often talking about spiritual topics that seem more the
domain of elders. Melissa says that her seven-year-old son, Liam, constantly asks questions that
she wouldn't expect someone his age to wonder about. For instance, Liam frequently asks what a
"soul body" is, who God is, and other such questions. Liam sometimes answers his own
questions himself. Perhaps his queries trigger a channeled response. For instance, he'll say,
"We're all God."

Melissa is grateful for Liam's spiritual quests. She says, "As long as Liam continues to be the soul
he is, then the world is a better place."

Moon Energy

The Crystal Children have strong connections to the energy of the earth, nature, and the moon
and stars. Like ancient Druids, Babylonians, and Egyptians, they're fascinated with starry skies
and full moons.

Perhaps their super-sensitivity makes them acutely aware of the powerful healing influences of
the moon. Many Crystal Children can see the moon and stars at night before they become
visible to adult eyes.

In fact, moon was the first word that a Crystal Child named Isabella ever uttered! Her mother,
Jaimie, explains, "Isabella loves the moon and called it 'moon the first time she saw it. This was
before she said 'Mummy' or 'Daddy'! I'd taken her outside on a beautiful inky-blue night, and
Isabella gasped and pointed at the full moon in the sky and said, 'Ooooh, moon!' She was about
nine months old at the time."

Crystal Children are clearly enamored of the moon. While other kids play with toys,

Crystals are entertained by moonlit skies. Beth says that her three-year-old son, Taylor, loves to
sit and gaze at the stars and moon. He'll spend hours just sittmg in his bedroom in the dark,
looking out his window at the night sky.

These kids are also affected by the moon's cycles. Petra reports that her three-year-old daughter,
Julie, normally sleeps all night without any problems. But on evenings when there's a full moon,
Julie is awake for one to two hours a night.

Magical Abilities

Not only do Crystal Children have spiritual leanings and innate healing abilities, but some of
them are also alchemists and Divine magicians. They defy laws of gravity, and move matter with
their thoughts! Many parents shared detailed stories of their children's magical feats with me. In
some cases, I was only granted permission to relate the stories under condition of anonymity.
The parents feared repercussions if their children's gifts were widely discovered. Yet, as the
witness to these stories, it's my opinion that they're truthful. They have the emotion, detail, and
authenticity that distinguish them from tall tales. I'll present some brief examples and let you be
the judge.

First, psychokinesis is the ability to move physical objects with one's mind or strong emotions. It
also occurs when someone's personal power interrupts the electrical power of appliances,
watches, batteries, or even streetlights. As you'll read here, some Crystal Children are
performing amazing psychokinetic feats.

For example, there's a seven-year-old boy who lives in France whom I'll call Adam, since his
mother and grandfather asked me to protect his identity. Adam speaks of life on other planets
and several past lives, with details about culture, ethnic background, and language. Adam's
mother says, "When he was three years old, he sat me down and told me, 'You know you weren't
my first mommy. I chose you and Papa to be my parents now, and you're doing a good job.'"

Adam has frequently exhibited profound psychic abilities. For example, when he was four years
old, Adam told his mother, "Oh, your father didn't go to work today. It was stormy out, so he
went for a walk instead." Adam's grandfather lives in America, where there's a six-hour time
difference. Since it wasn't yet Monday in America, and Adam's grandfather doesn't work on
weekends, Adam was seeing the future! When Adam's mother called her father the next evening,
she wasn't surprised to discover that her son's vision was true.

Adam's mother says that he also has powers over material objects. She says:

"One day Adam showed me how to light and relight a candle without a match - when we
were outside in the wind!

Adam has amazing powers of concentration and can make a rubber ball levitate. I knew
that he'd been trying to do this for some time, and he finally succeeded. I heard the ball
bounce on the floor and went up to his room to see what he was doing. He'd done it at
least two times before I entered the room. He wanted to show me, and he did; I couldn't
believe my eyes! The ball levitated a couple of centimeters off the covers of his bed and
fell with a big thump, like someone had just thrown it there!"

Adam's mother told me that she's wary of other people's opinions about her son's abilities, since
they live in a religiously fundamentalist community in France. Additionally, she's concerned
because she believes Adam becomes depleted and vulnerable after he levitates objects.
Hopefully, her fears won't be transferred to Adam and cause him to abandon his Divine magic.

* * *

Another woman (who also asked to remain anonymous) recounts a similar story about her four-
year-old son and four-month-old daughter. She recalls that her daughter, who was only a few
weeks old, caused a wooden toy to fly through the air and land several yards from its original
position. This occurred in full view of four adults and two children. The mother believes that her
daughter caused the psychokinesis because she was upset that she wasn't being nursed right
away. She also notes that her son was a very alert baby, able to manipulate matter around him.
She recalls, "I distinctly remember that on more than one occasion as a babe-in-arms, he 'turned
the TV off' when he wanted our undivided attention and we weren't giving it to him quickly

* * *

Similar to the story above, Tina's eight-week-old daughter can also manipulate electronic
equipment. Tina explains: "I take my daughter to work with me, and if I have her too close to my
computer, it freezes. My office partner lost her monitor the other day, and we also had problems
with our printer. I'll be placing crystal clusters on all my electronic equipment to disperse the
strong currency waves that my daughter emits."

A Soul Visitation

The loving souls of the Crystal Children can also magically visit us in our dreams or meditations,
like guiding angels delivering Divine messages. Laura Ainsworth was with her four-year-old
granddaughter, Beth, meditating on the bedroom floor. At first, Beth sat by Laura's side. Then,
as Laura continued to meditate, she heard Beth quietly leave the room. Laura says:

"I don't know how long I'd been into the meditation when I heard Beth calling to me in a
soft voice: 'Nana.' And again a bit louder: 'Nana!' I opened my eyes and gazed upon her
wrapped in a blanket outside the bedroom door, and smiled. She said with a penetrating
gaze and heartwarming sincerity, 'I'm here for you if you need me.'

I went back into the meditation, and not one minute later, I heard very deep breathing,
almost snoring. Beth was sound asleep across the hall in another bedroom."

If your children aren't acting like little wizards or sorceresses, it doesn't disqualify them from the
Crystal Children category. Not all of these kids perform feats of magic. However, isn't it great to
know that some of them display talents that, most likely, all humans are capable of? Once again,
the Crystal Children point the way to humanity's possibilities... and model the high road for all
of us.

Chapter 7:
Connecting to nature, animals, and rocks

As much as the Crystal Children seem to be from other planets and realms, they sure do bond
deeply with Earth, nature, and animals. These children would rather be outdoors playing among
trees, rocks, flowers, and water than anywhere else! Some parents actually have difficulty keeping
their kids indoors. Other parents say that an outdoor excursion is an instant mood elevator if
their Crystal Children act grumpy. Like little Saint Francises, these kids display a purity that
makes animals trust them. You can practically imagine the flowers, birds, and sun singing with
joy - so happy to be in the company of a delightful Crystal Child.

Four-Legged Friends

Just as music tames wild beasts, Crystal Children have a hypnotic effect upon animals. As
mentioned earlier, they can roughhouse with big dogs and sharp-clawed cats and never get hurt.
Animals sense the innocence of these kids' hearts. Animals and Crystal Children communicate
with one another on the wavelength of love, and understand each other perfectly.

Leah, at 15 months, has already forged deep friendships with her family pets. In fact, her mother,
Cynthia, says that Leah's best friend is their dog, Yogi. Cynthia says, "The first time Leah stood
by herself was when she'd pulled up on Yogi to stand. Then Yogi walked away, and she stood on

her own. It's amazing, because most animals let her touch them and pull on them or pet them
roughly. It's like magic. Animals adore her!"

In a similar fashion, three-year-old Abbie attracts animals. Her mother, Andrea, reports: "I often
find her sitting with our dog or cats, just holding her hands on them and not speaking. I'll watch
as this goes on for minutes at a time. She seems to calm the animals."

Isabella, age 18 months, has twice swum with wild dolphins in Kona, Hawaii. Phillipa, her
mother, says that during both swims, dolphins were very attracted to Isabella. "The dolphins
came straight to her, dove down under her, and kept coming back time and again."

Wild and domestic animals alike are attracted to Crystal Children, sensing the love and
trustworthiness of these special youngsters. When 18-month-old Hannah Caldwell went to the
zoo with her mother, Pam, the animals stared at the little girl, instead of vice versa!

A mother gorilla at the zoo had a baby about Hannah's age. Pam says, "The gorilla and I were
both breast-feeding mothers, and I felt a tremendous bond with her." The mother gorilla noticed
Hannah and walked right up to the glass that separated the zoo pen from them. The gorilla and
Hannah locked eyes and stared lovingly at each other. Pam recalls, "Then the gorilla looked at
me and gently put her hand on the glass right by my face. I put my hand against hers. It was an
incredible connection - she was so drawn to Hannah."

Eventually, Hannah and Pam bid their new friend farewell and walked to the zoo's lion area.
Mother and daughter stared through the glass wall at the lions, who were sprawled out over a
very large area. Pam remembers:

"Suddenly a lioness looked up at something that caught her attention. She got up and
walked over to the area, totally drawn to whatever was on the other side of the concrete
wall from me. She came all the way over and was so intent and focused. I looked to see
what she was so interested in, and it was my daughter! They were face-to-face, separated
by the zoo's glass wall, but totally connected. She was so drawn to Hannah! It was like
Hannah was the zoo attraction, not the other way around. The spectacle drew a huge
crowd, and everyone wondered what was so special about this little girl that she'd
capture the complete attention of this beautiful lioness."

Empathy for Nature

In addition to befriending animals, a key characteristic of Crystal Children is their profoundly
deep empathy, which is particularly directed toward nature. Crystal Children feel the emotions
and sensations of animals, bugs, and plants. They give voice to nature, and remind us that
everyone and everything has feelings.

• Andrea says that her three-year-old daughter, Abbie, won't let anyone kill bugs - not even
big, scary spiders. "God made them," Abbie tells adults who are about to exterminate
insects. We often think of bugs being the domain of little boys, but female Crystal
Children don't discriminate among their nature friends. They like bugs as much as they
like other living creatures.
• When six-year-old Robert's parents had a pool installed in their backyard, two willow
trees had to be removed for the project. At the sight of the chainsaw, Robert ran to the
trees, hugging each one in turn, and cried huge tears for them.
• Chad, age seven, has shown empathy toward nature since he was a toddler. Once, when a
leaf fell from a tree, Chad said to his mother, "Oh, that poor leaf that's falling to the
ground - it left its family!"
• When lizards get into his family's house, seven-year-old Liam gently catches them and
takes them outside. As he does so, Liam tells the lizards things like, "You must go home;
your babies are waiting for you," or "You need to go outside and get some food; I know
you're hungry." Liam's mother says that the boy knows what lizards are thinking and
feeling. He tells them not to be afraid, and they listen.
• Someone once picked a flower and handed it to two-year-old Crystal, and she became
very upset Crystal went to the stem still in the ground and tried to reattach the cut
• Alice, age five, has a great love of plants and can become upset when her mother prunes
plants or removes dead or dying leaves or flowers.
• Six-year-old Isaac showed his Grandma Laura a smooth pebble that he held in his hand.
Isaac explained that he'd picked up the pebble from the road because he didn't want it to
be run over by a car.
• Zoey, three, hugs trees and kisses leaves that have been torn or dried up.

The Great Outdoors

With their wide-open hearts and sunny dispositions, it's no wonder that Crystal Children prefer
to spend time outdoors with animals, plants, and fresh air. Crystals are partial to natural beauty
over artificiality.

For example, they like to take their clothes off, dig in the dirt, and inspect ant colonies. Crystal
Children find beauty in nature's details, and sit transfixed for long periods just staring at plants
blowing in the wind. Conchita says that her 20-month-old son, Nathan, is a true nature lover.
"We have to lock all our doors to keep him in. He prefers to have his clothes off in nature when
he can. He loves playing in water and mixing it with dirt and eating it."

Perhaps one reason why Crystal Children love nature so much is that they communicate with
plants and animals. Magda says that her four-year-old daughter, Taylor, constantly talks to
flowers. "Taylor tells the flowers how beautiful they are," explains Magda. "She also talks with
little bugs and tries to comfort them."

Crystal Children teach us about the magic of nature, and make us aware that everything is alive.
Shawn and Keli Carpenter say that their three-year-old son, Corbin, has very significant
relationships with trees. "Corbin tells us what the trees are saying, feeling, and doing," the
Carpenters explain. "He's also aware of the spirit in all life and can communicate with birds, fish,
plants, insects, and rocks, although it seems strongest with the trees."

And when four-year-old Colin was taking a walk outdoors with his mother one day, he stopped,
looked at a tree, and leaned against it. Colin sighed and said, "Mom, I feel the tree's love; I feel its

Nature is a great mood elevator for everyone, including Crystal Children. Amanda says that if
her 14-month-old daughter becomes whiny, all she has to do is take her outside. "Immediately
she becomes happy and peaceful just by walking on the grass or picking up dirt."

No elaborate toys are necessary to entertain these special kids. Just take them outdoors and
they're transfixed by watching rustling leaves, spiders, and birds. Rihana, 12 months, becomes
cranky when she spends too much time indoors. Rihana's mother says that the little girl is
endlessly fascinated by touching the trees, feeling the grass, and chasing blowing leaves.

Even older Crystal Children prefer nature to man-made toys. Six-year-old Haley wanted to de-
clutter her bedroom and get rid of her unused toys, so she sold the toys at a family garage sale.
Haley and her sister netted $192 from the sale. Instead of purchasing more toys, they bought a
red maple tree for the family's backyard.

With this much love for the outdoors, it's no surprise that Crystals develop environmental
concerns at young ages. Many of these youngsters are protective of Mother Earth. For example,
five-year-old Nicky constantly reminds his mother not to waste water. He's also conscientious
about electricity's effect on the environment. Nicky turns off lights when he leaves a room and
won't turn them on until the sun goes down.

Crystals and Rocks

It's fitting that Crystal Children are fascinated by crystals and rocks. They're so sensitive to life-
force energy. These children know that the mineral kingdom is just as alive as God's other
kingdoms. To a Crystal Child, a beautiful rock formation is as deserving of affection and
attention as a person or animal. They're all God's living creatures in the eyes of a Crystal Child.

When three-year-old Victoria visited the ocean tidepools of Southern California with her father
and grandmother, she was in her element! She put her ear to the ocean rocks and talked and
listened to each one. Her grandmother says, "She drew a crowd, since it was so clear to everyone
that Victoria was having conversations with those rocks."

Crystal stones have long been used in spiritual ceremonies and healing work to direct and
amplify Divine energy. Quartz crystals are also used in electronics, such as radios and watches,
to increase electrical signals. Some people believe that ancient civilizations used crystals for
transportation and lighting, and there are theories that the Ark of the Covenant consisted of
crystals infused with focused intentions of perpetual energy.

Crystal Children feel the impulses emitted by crystals, and are respectful of the crystals' magical
properties and powers. Many of these children intuitively know how to work with crystals in
healing work, with no formal training.

Carri Lineberry is the mother of two daughters, Shailyn, age four; and Maia, age three. Carri says
that both girls love to handle their collection of polished crystal stones. Several times, the girls
have displayed an uncanny awareness of the power of these crystals.

For example, Maia keeps an amethyst geode crystal under her bed. Carri says, "I found it there
one day and put it away. Maia promptly discovered it was gone, put it back, and informed me
that it was to stay there."

Another time, Shailyn climbed into bed with Carri. Shailyn saw a rose quartz crystal on her
mother's nightstand and picked it up. Carri recalls, "I had just purchased that crystal, and
Shailyn had no knowledge of it."

Shailyn placed the point of the crystal on the center of Carri's forehead and said, "Mommy, I can
fix people with this. You can do surgery with this, you know." Shailyn continued placing the
crystal on different parts of Carri's body with the same degree of confidence you'd see in a
seasoned energy healer.

Carri finally asked Shailyn where she'd learned how to use a crystal for healing, and she replied
matter-of-factly, "From Jesus."

Carri remembers that the energy in the room was incredibly calm and serene. She says, "I had
goose bumps. I'll never forget that morning, and the glimpse I had of another time and place."

Judy Springer's four-year-old son, Isaac, also has an inexplicable knowingness about crystals.
One time, for instance, Isaac told his mother out of the blue: "You know, crystals wear out if
they're kept in the house too long. If they do that, then you have to put them outside for a long,
long time."

Some Crystal Children receive information about the use of crystals from their guides and
angels. But other Crystals recall knowledge from past lifetimes.

Stephen and Karen Williams say, "Our five-year-old daughter, Sabrina, immediately developed a
love for crystals when we first introduced them to her. She quickly learned the different types of
crystals. Now she helps us select crystals to purchase."

One evening, Sabrina said she needed a crystal healing. After she'd selected some crystals, her
mother began teaching her about the chakra system in the human body. Karen was about to tell
Sabrina how to place crystals on her chakras when Sabrina said, "Mummy, I know where they
go, I've done this all before," and proceeded to place the crystals on her body for self-healing.
Karen said that watching her little girl work with crystals that evening convinced her that
Sabrina's connection with crystals extended beyond this lifetime.

Perhaps the Crystal Children's connection to ancient lives is one reason why they gravitate
toward time-tested healing instruments such as crystals, labyrinths, and medicine wheels.

A six-year-old girl showed uncanny knowledge about these wheels one day. Carolyn says that
she was outside mowing the lawn when her daughter, Haley, said she wanted her mother to see
the meditation space she'd created. Inside Haley's bedroom, Carolyn saw that her daughter had
tied blankets to her bedroom furniture to create a sacred space. In the middle, Haley had placed

her crystals and special stones in a circle. Haley explained to her mother that she'd been sitting
in the center, meditating.

Carolyn recalls:

"The room was so peaceful, and the sacred circle she'd created was beautiful. A few
nights later, Haley asked me if I'd sit in the circle of stones with her, and she told me all
about healing. She shared the importance of the circle with me, had me hold a quartz
crystal in my hand, and then instructed me to hold it next to my heart. Then she got up
and invoked angels around the circle and asked Archangel Raphael to come into the
center with us. She placed a small heart-shaped rose quartz next to where she saw
Raphael so that the loving, healing energy was front and center. Haley knew what she
was doing - it was incredible!"

Even if your child isn't performing healing ceremonies with crystals, you may notice that he or
she has an affinity for these magical stones. Mary Marshall told me that her four-year-old son
loves crystals so much that he carries them around and even sleeps with them. Mary says, "He's
in preschool, and for a class project, he had to bring something to school that started with the
letter C. He decided to take some crystals."

Petra says that when her three-year-old daughter, Julie, began having sleep difficulties, crystals
saved the day. Petra recalls that Julie suddenly didn't want to sleep alone and was waking up five
or six times a night. Finally, Petra had a conversation with Julie and learned that her daughter
was seeing ghosts in her room.

Petra solved the problem by performing a nightly bedtime ritual with Julie. Petra now lovingly
commands the ghosts to leave the room, and then she places a rose quartz and amethyst crystal
in Julie's bed, as well as a clear quartz crystal on the window. This keeps the energy of the room
clear of untoward visitors, and now Julie sleeps through the night.

Another mother also found that crystals helped her son sleep better. Laura Halls, a professional
psychic healer, received an intuitive message to build a crystal energy grid in her son's bedroom.
She placed a hermatite crystal in the exact center of the bedroom, and four rhodochrosite
crystals in each corner of the bedroom. Laura then visualized an energy grid with lines of energy
running between each crystal, forming a high point in the center above the hematite. She then
asked that an etheric mirror be built across the top of the pyramid to reflect negativity upward,
away from the room. Afterward, Laura invoked her child's angels and guides to protect him.

Laura says that her children now go to sleep faster and sleep through the night. She recalls, "The
temperature went up in my son's bedroom for two days after we made the crystal energy grid
because it created so much positive energy in the room!"

Some Crystal Guidelines

Since Crystal Children have a symbiotic relationship with crystals, you may want to introduce
your kids to these amazing stones. You can purchase crystals at metaphysical bookstores, crystal
specialty shops, and gem shows. And keep in mind that natural crystals have stronger energy
currents than the man-made varieties.

Connie Barrett, who has owned a crystal shop for many years, recommends allowing children to
select their own crystals. She says that many times, kids know exactly which stone will help them
feel calmer and more peaceful. Connie says:

"One time a mother and son visited my store. The mother began telling me about the
child's various problems, and the boy kept trying to tell her that he'd found the crystal he

The mother finally turned to him, and said, 'Will you be quiet for a minute? I'm asking
the lady what crystal would be best for your asthma.'

I asked to see what crystal the boy had chosen. He showed me a rhodochrosite, a stone,
which, because it's believed to help relax the muscles of the solar plexus, is
recommended for asthma. I told the mother that her son had done a fine job of choosing
the crystal he needed."

Children have intuitive abilities when selecting their own crystals. This doesn't mean that you
can't give them crystals that you think they'd like. They'll probably like just about any crystals
you give them.

If your child is still very young, remember that small stones can be swallowed. Don't leave babies
alone with crystal stones, and place them out of reach. Or, purchase a large crystal with smooth
edges so that a baby can't fit the crystal into his or her mouth or get cut by sharp edges. Also,
explain to young children not to throw stones!

Connie says that, as important as it is for children to have freedom to choose stones that feel
right, there are particular crystals that can be helpful for certain childhood conditions and issues.

• Nightmares / insomnia: Amethyst - place it on the child's nightstand or beneath the
• Heartbreak or grief: Rose quartz - hold it over the child's heart, or let it be worn as a
pendant that hangs over the chest.
• Self-esteem and self-confidence issues: Citrine - can be worn as a ring or necklace, or
placed anywhere in the room.
• Concentration, focus, and studying: Cornelian (for being grounded in the present) or
sodalite (for clearing up mental confusion) - place in the child's study area.
• Emotional overwhelm: Moonstone - to be worn as a necklace pendant, or rub the
moonstone over the forehead and temples.
• Patience: Rhodonite - the child should rub the stone in her hand when feeling impatient.
• Communication: Turquoise (if your child has difficulty in asking others for help); blue
lace agate (helpful for peaceful communication); amazonite (helps to promote the
courage to speak the truth) - especially effective when worn as a necklace or on a
necklace pendant.

After purchasing a crystal, clear the former owner's energy by placing the stone out in the
sunlight for at least four hours. In the absence of sunlight, you can submerge the stone in water
mixed with sea salt. Don't soak the stone long in the water, as salt can erode crystal. Then, ask
your Crystal Child to hold the crystal next to the heart and think of wishes or intentions to
infuse into the stone. For example, he or she might intend that the crystal help with physical
healings, or a better night's sleep. If any negative energy surrounds the crystal, clear the crystal
again with sunlight or sea saltwater. This can be done on a regular basis.

Divine Nature

Poet Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote: "One is nearer God's Heart in a garden than anywhere else
on earth." Crystal Children instinctively know this and are in tune with the Divinity of nature.
Nature is their church, their temple, their place of touching, smelling, and being aware of God.

When four-year-old Colin and his mother went for a walk in a beautiful Japanese garden, the
boy stopped and exclaimed, "Mom, this is so wonderful! I feel God and the angels here!"

Kate Mitchell, who owns a crystal shop in Los Angeles, reports that a five-year-old boy named
Alex recently visited her store with his mother. Alex saw a large quartz crystal cluster priced at
$500, and he exclaimed to his mother, "This is what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas!" His
mother hesitated and said, "Wouldn't you like a Nintendo set like the other kids?" Alex answered
with a determined "No!" Then she asked him, "Alex, why do you want this crystal so bad?" He
replied, "Because it's natural, and God made it."

Rest assured that Santa brought sweet little Alex his crystal cluster for Christmas.

Chapter 8:
Angels and invisible friends

You might see baby Crystals staring off into space, eyes and heads focused and moving as they
gaze at angels. Often these stares are accompanied by unintelligible "conversations" with the
unseen world. Many parents with whom I spoke are convinced that their Crystal Children babies
(who are sometimes referred to as "Crystalmes") are seeing angels and deceased loved ones.
Well, of course! Why wouldn't one of the most psychic generations of all time be born

Many generations of humans have produced psychic babies and children. The Crystal Children
generation, however, is poised to retain their spiritual gifts into adulthood. One reason is that, in
this new age of spiritual openness, parents are more supportive of Crystal Children's psychic
abilities. Previous generations, frightened by all-things-psychic, condemned people who saw or
heard angels.

Tara Jordan and her family customarily say grace as they sit down for supper. Shortly after her
son turned 13 months old, he started calling out for Jesus during the dinner prayer.

Tara says:

"Grant will look up as we say grace, and you can tell that he sees Jesus or angels or spirits
on a different level. He'll look up and wave to what seems to be nothing. He calls out
Jesus' name and says 'Hi' as if greeting him. He'll then look over at the picture we have of
Jesus at The Last Supper and wave again. There's no doubt in my mind that Grant sees
and feels the spirit world."

Thanks to their supportive parents and grandparents, Crystal Children retain their psychic
abilities as they age. Crystal Children naturally feel an affinity for angels, since they can sense the
unconditional love of the celestial beings. They also love it when their parents teach them about
the angels, and they use this knowledge to tap in to heaven in an even deeper way.

Carolyn took my book Healing with the Angels with her during an emergency trip to the hospital
when her five-year-old daughter, Haley, broke her arm. As Carolyn read a prayer for healing, she
asked Haley to call upon Archangel Raphael (the Angel of Physical Healings) to be with her and
help her heal quickly and take away pain. Thereafter, whenever Haley's arm began to hurt, the
little girl called upon Raphael.

By the time the doctors examined Haley, they expressed astonishment at the little girl's
calmness. Carolyn and her husband, Mike, were also amazed by how relaxed Haley was, and also
by how peaceful they themselves felt. After all, Carolyn normally becomes tearful and very
frightened when one of her children gets hurt. The angels were obviously influencing everyone
in a positive way.

As the doctors put a cast on Haley's arm, Carolyn noticed a tremendous feeling of peace in the
emergency room. Afterward, Haley said, "Look, Mom, my cast is green, and green is the color of
Raphael for healing!"

Ever since, Haley has been talking to her angels, working with, and learning from them. Carolyn
kick-started the process, and then Haley and her angels took it from there. One night, Haley
began sharing the wisdom she'd learned. She sat on her knees, almost in a prayer pose, and
began telling her mother the wonderful insights and great knowledge she'd gleaned from the
angels. Carolyn says, "I felt like Haley was an angel, channeling this wisdom."

Carolyn related the information that Haley shared about Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, and

"First, Haley said that these were big angels, and their feet went all the way down into the
ground, and they were like giant trees rising up to heaven. Haley admitted that the first

time she saw the angels there were many in her room, and she feared they were ghosts.
But then she saw their wings and knew they were angels, so it was safe.

She said that the Angel of Knowledge was working with her. One night, she asked this
angel what the word activity meant. The angel told her it meant 'many things happening.'
Haley said the angels teach her reading and math. Her kindergarten teacher
corroborated this by telling me how impressed she was with Haley's vocabulary.

On another occasion, Haley asked me what the word anesthesia meant I asked Haley
where she'd heard the word, and my daughter replied that Raphael had used it while
teaching her about healing the previous evening. Haley says that sometimes when she's
playing in her room, she's not alone. She's playing with Raphael and the other angels."

Psychic Children, Psychic Parents

Angels are all around each of us, and the Crystal Children are confidently communicating with
them. If you know a Crystal Child, then you've got access to your own psychic-development

"As soon as Zoey was born, I started seeing angels and deceased relatives," says Crystal, Zoey's
mother. "My psychic abilities really opened up." One of the reasons why Crystal Children are
catalysts for others' psychic abilities has to do with their powerful love energy. This love opens
our chakras, especially the heart area. We become unafraid of love, which leads us to be more
aware of the loving angels' presence.

Crystal says that she began seeing orbs of light around Zoey. The orbs even show up in
photographs of the little girl!

Many of the parents and grandparents with whom I spoke discussed seeing sparkling lights, aura
glows, and even angels around their Crystal Children. Cindy Goldenberg says that she noticed
bluish-white orbs of light around her sleeping daughter. Cindy says, "If I moved Kirsten's
blanket, the orbs would fly under the blanket, still shining."

Cindy has encouraged Kirsten's clairvoyance, and says that her daughter, at age five, is very
accurate in "reading" people based upon their aura colors. Cindy and Kirsten sprinkle "angel and
fairy dust" over newspaper headlines so that the situations and people involved will heal. They're
a good example of a parent and child pooling their spiritual gifts.

Invisible Friends

It's perfectly normal and even healthy for children to have "invisible friends" - that is, beings who
are usually their guardian angels or spirit guides. When parents are supportive or encouraging of
children's relationships with invisible friends, then children feel validated for having natural and
God-given abilities.

Sometimes the invisible friends are archangels who help the children with important life
purposes. Or, the invisible friends can be guardian angels, helping children let go of their fear.
The invisible friends can even be departed relatives, friends, or even pets.

Several years ago, a woman named Melissa became pregnant by a man she adored and loved.
However, the man wasn't interested in a relationship or a baby. Melissa didn't tell her young son,
Liam, that she was pregnant. However, one day Liam drew a picture and handed it to his
mother, explaining that it was a portrait of his little brother (Melissa only had one child at the

Ultimately, Melissa made the difficult choice to terminate the pregnancy, without telling Liam.
About a week later, Liam said that his little brother told him, "I decided not to come yet, but I'm
okay, and I love you." The little brother said that he was taking care of Melissa like a guardian
angel until he was ready to be born as a child. When that time came, both the little brother and
Liam would take care of their mother.

Melissa says that Liam is profoundly clairvoyant. One time Melissa did a meditation to discover
who her "power animal" was (some traditions believe that we all have an animal spirit guide
who's not necessarily a deceased pet). During the meditation, Melissa discovered a lioness
around her. She was sitting in her big leather chair, enjoying this meditation, when Liam walked
into the room. He asked how the big scratches on the chair's arms came to be. When Melissa
said she didn't know, Liam answered his own question.

"Mom, you know it was your lion that put them there!" he said.

"My lion?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, the lion that follows you around, Mom. Don't you see her?"

Liam explained that he always saw the lioness with his mother, and that the big cat slept at the
end of his mom's bed at night.

Melissa says, "I was amazed!" She then adds, "Thank God. I'm so blessed and honored to have my
son. He's my light and my strength."

One reason why parents needn't worry about their children's psychic abilities is that these gifts
can help kids heal from emotional and physical pain. They're God's self-healing abilities
established in each of us.

For instance, five-year-old Sabrina was grief-stricken when a friend of hers died. She received
some comfort from the angels with whom Sabrina has had a lifelong relationship. Yet, she was
immediately relieved of emotional pain when she clairvoyantly saw her friend in the spirit world.

Sabrina said that, during her sleep, she'd talked with her friend, who was smiling and standing
under a rainbow. Sometime later, Sabrina's mother relayed this message to the friend's parents,
who shared that her daughter's last painting was of herself standing beneath a rainbow.

Past-Life Memories

Some of the Crystal Children speak of vivid memories of other lifetimes. This in itself isn't too
unusual, as kids often talk about past lives. The new and exciting development is that adults now
give more permission and validity to their children's discussion of prior lifetimes. This allows the
kids to keep these memories alive without wallowing in them.

When we realize that life is eternal, we lose our preoccupation with death. We also release the
anxiety perpetuated by some religions about hell and damnation. And when we release those
fears, we're truly free to live fully.

Here are some examples of children who remember other lifetimes:

• Six-year-old Robert frequently talks about his "old parents," the ones he had before he
came into Mommy's belly. He's described his life with them in detail. Robert told his
mother that he watched from heaven as she shook the thing in her hand and it turned
blue (a pregnancy test kit), and then he came into her belly.
• Beverly Moore says that her five-year-old son, Ethan, seems to remember many of his
past lives. Beverly says, "Ethan talks about past lives a lot. He always says, 'Do you
remember when I was your age, and you were mine?' He's told me that he was my mother
once and my father once."

• Five-year-old Evan was discussing the topic of girls with Nathan, his older brother.
Suddenly Nathan said, "Evan, how would you know anything about girls? You're only five
years old!" Evan immediately retorted, "Oh, for goodness' sake, Nathan. I've been a
woman at least 60 times!"

Some of the Crystal Children are on this planet for their first lifetime, and Earthly living can
seem foreign or unsettling to them. Cathy says that her three-year-old son, William, would sit on
her lap and ask if they could go home. Cathy replied to William, "But we are home," to which
he'd say, "We are?" Finally, Cathy realized that William was referring to an unearthly
preexistence, so she gently told her son, "We're here on Earth because we need to be, and home
won't be that far away." That seemed to satisfy William.

* * *

Part of our jobs as adult guardians of Crystal Children is to show them the ropes of Earthly life.
That includes helping them stay open psychically, teaching them to clear away lower energies,
and empowering them with knowledge. Like beautiful flower buds, we're the adult gardeners
who must nurture Crystal Children into fully open bouquets.

Chapter 9:
A gift for music, art, and entertainment

The Crystal Children are multitalented. Not only are they loving, psychic, and sweet, but they're
also naturally gifted in the arts. Many of these children have musical talents and artistic
capabilities. A few show protege-like talents without having had any formal training. Once again,
the Crystal Children are role models, showing us the very best of human nature.

Songs in their Heart

Many Crystals begin to sing before they speak words. In fact, Saharah's grandmother says she
came out of the womb humming. Now, at six months old, Saharah doesn't say any words, but
she hums in perfect tune.

Evie, another mother of a Crystal Child, says that her daughter learned how to speak through
music. Evie recalls, "When Meishan, who's now two years old, started speaking, she'd just sing
little songs to communicate with us. She absolutely loves music!"

Many of the parents surveyed for this book told me that their Crystal Children were innately
musically gifted. For example, Cindy says that her five-year-old daughter, Kirsten, has a beautiful
singing voice. This is surprising, since, according to Cindy, nobody in the family can carry a
tune. However, Kirsten can instantly mimic any song she hears, with perfect pitch.

Several parents told me that their children sing constantly. For instance, three-year-old Emily
continually makes up tunes, sings traditional songs and nursery rhymes, and re-creates the
melodies she hears on the radio. She dances all the time, moving to any music (or sometimes no
music at all!). Her mother, Wendy, plans to enroll her in a dance class when she gets a little

Musical aptitude is often where we see evidence of the Crystal Children's high intelligence. For
example, three-year-old William knows the words to every song played on the Radio Disney
station. And 15-month-old Erin taught herself how to harmonize with songs on the radio as she
sings along in perfect unison.

Creative Artists

The Crystal Children also love to draw, paint, and create. They can entertain themselves for
hours with a mere drawing pad and crayons. The high creativity of Crystal Children reflects
their right-brain dominant style, which also includes being:

• aware of their emotions,
• intuitive,
• advanced in motor skills,
• philosophical,
• spiritually minded, and
• musical.

Right-brain dominant individuals think in pictures and feelings, as opposed to words. Their
visual orientation gives them an artistic flair and a photographic memory. Some of their artwork
comes from copying the images they see in their mind's eye.

Rosa McElroy says that her five-year-old daughter, Audrey, shows a real gift for artwork. "No
one taught Audrey how to draw," says Rosa. "She's always been able to draw beautiful pictures
that only a real artist would think to create. She seems above her age level when she draws, in
the way she blends colors just right. Her artwork is breathtaking!"

As you can see, Audrey's mother is highly supportive of her artwork. With Rosa's
encouragement, Audrey will likely blossom into a confident and highly skilled artist.

One delightful aspect of Crystal Children is how they're entertained by ordinary items. While
previous generations seemed dependent upon elaborate and expensive toys to keep them happy,
Crystals are content with a flower, a puppy, a pen and paper, or a moonlit sky. It's the same thing
with their artwork. No expensive craft kits are necessary. Truly, this is a generation of kids who
appreciate simplicity and basics. How refreshing!

For example, seven-year-old Jacob Daurham treks into the desert near his home and finds
"treasures" to make crafts with. He brings home old horseshoes, railroad ties, and anything else
he can use. Then he makes his own patterns for craft projects and builds them himself.

Budding Thespians

The Crystal Children may not talk a lot - especially when they're young. However, they're
definitely expressive people! They express strong emotions and opinions through their eyes,
body movements, songs, and artwork. They also express themselves through dramatics. Not the
temper-tantrum drama-queen or -king-type of dramatics. No, the Crystal Children use drama as
a playful form of expression, in the way that humans must have enjoyed Shakespearean
productions before radio and television. These children take us back to our roots.

Many of the parents and grandparents surveyed for this book said that their Crystal Children
showed no shyness in front of audiences. Most were like three-year-old Victoria, whose
grandmother said:

"Victoria has infinite poise and self-confidence. She's taken gymnastics and dance classes
since she was one year old. She loves to perform, especially dance. She's never

experienced shyness or stage fright, whether the audience is made up of hundreds or
thousands or a few dozen people. It has always been a joy to watch her dance or do
gymnastics, as she loses herself in it and is so happy that she glows. She practices
endlessly, lost in the joy of the music and the movement."

Crystal Children are fun to be around, and one reason is that they're highly entertaining people.
One woman said that she's enthralled by her three-year-old daughter's ability to do
impersonations. She told me that her daughter can pick up the most dramatic voice inflections,
mannerisms, and phrases someone uses, and then incorporates these elements in order to
imitate the person. "She's so good that we can immediately recognize who she's imitating. She
doesn't do it in a mean or even humorous way; it's done purely as an observation, or for her own

And it's not just little girls who enjoy dressing up and performing. Male Crystal Children are
getting into the act as well. Catherine Poulton says that her five-year-old son, Kylan, is always
getting into character, and changes his clothes about ten times a day!

"I'm constantly picking up his clothes off the floor because he pulls everything out of his drawers
to look for costumes for whatever character he's being," says Catherine. "He also cuts up his
pillowcases, clothes, sheets - whatever he can find to create new costumes. He just loves to act."

Catherine says that Kylan also draws every day, often sketching pictures of the characters that he
plays. "He makes up his own super-heroes with their own magical powers. These characters are
often based on himself."

It sounds like Kylan remembers his magical capabilities and may be practicing for the time when
Crystals are the superheroes of our world. After all, they've got what it takes!

Chapter 10:
Angel babies

"Delightful," "A real angel," "A gift from God." This is how parents and grandparents describe
their Crystal Children. And while everyone has Divine qualities, these kids seem to express their
higher selves more than previous generations. Here are some characteristics that Crystals bring
to the world:

Affection: This is another reason why delayed speaking isn't enough to warrant an "autism"
label. These kids are super-affectionate, almost to the point of being clingy. Autistic people are
physically distant, definitely not cuddly.

Mary Marshall notes that her five-year-old son seems to be happiest when the two of them are
together, just hugging and laughing. He loves to snuggle with his mom. Mary says, "He was very
clingy when he was little and still reverts back to that behavior at times. For instance, if we're in
an unfamiliar or uncomfortable place, he wants me to pick him up and hold him, and then he
buries his head in my shoulder."

Crystal Children don't limit their affection to family members. Stephanie and Mark Watkeys say
that their 13-month-old son, Bryn, wants to kiss most people he meets. "He's very loving and
affectionate to everyone," they explain.

Happiness and joy: These kids emit positive energy via their facial expressions, postures, words,
and actions. They're a joy to be around because they uplift those around them.

Lauren Stocks says that her six-year-old son, Carter, has a completely positive demeanor. She
says, "It's as if Carter is just here to love." On almost a daily basis, Carter says, "Oh, Mom, it's a
beautiful day!" and he'll cheer her up when she's down.

Everyone comments on Carter's cheerful attitude, which is common in Crystal Children. For
instance, Beth and Michael's son, Taylor, has had three different baby-sitters. All of them have
said the same thing about the three-year-old boy: "He's such a bright spirit!" Everyone says that
Taylor warms their hearts.

His parents say, "Overall, Taylor's a delightful child who brings us nothing but joy and love.
When we sense his spirit, we have hope that the human race will find peace, and that violence
will be eliminated on this planet."

I received more stories on this joyful aspect of Crystal Children than any other. And lest you
think that these are parents who are gushing because it's their offspring, many of these moms
and dads have other children whom they find challenging. Here are some of the comments I
received from parents talking about their Crystal Child:

"A lot of people say that being with Celeste makes them feel more peaceful. Often, she
spontaneously goes to people who suffer in some way and sits by them or plays with
them." From Nadia Leu, regarding her 18-month-old daughter, Celeste.

"She's the sweetest, most loving spirit I've ever encountered. She goes right up to
strangers, takes their hands, and you can just feel the love she's sending! A very sensitive,
passionate, attentive person." From Wendy Weidman, regarding her three-year-old
daughter, Emily.

"My Robert is a six-year-old 'angelheart.' He has love for all people. He wants to comfort
every person he sees in need. If a friend's hurt, Robert's totally caring. He wants to give
something to every homeless person on the street. Robert's a sweet, loving soul, and it
seems as though the sun radiates from within him." From Michelle, regarding her six-
year-old son, Robert.

Love and respect for elders: As if sensing the wisdom and peacefulness that comes with age,
Crystal Children are magnetically drawn to older people. They adore their grandparents, and
also bond with elderly strangers.

Mary and her three-year-old daughter, Haley, frequent an ice-cream parlor that has an outdoor
eating area. During their last three visits there, various elderly people have been seated outside
eating by themselves. In each case, Haley walked right up to the elders and sat beside them. She
didn't speak until she was spoken to, but Mary says that Haley was practically cuddling each of
the seniors. She obviously sensed their need for love and companionship, and volunteered to
meet that need.

In the same vein, Conchita Bryner says that her two youngest children (a son, 20 months; and a
daughter, 5 years) are attracted to senior citizens as if there's a special kinship.

Conchita's family recently held a memorial for the ten-year anniversary of their children's
paternal grandmother's death. She recalls:

"Since my youngest daughter didn't know her grandma, she asked me lots of questions
about her before the memorial. She knew we were taking flowers to the grave, so she
made her own bouquet. To my surprise, she also asked her older sibling to write down a
poem that she'd created on her own. As she read the poem at the memorial, my husband
and I were in tears - she told her grandma she missed her and that she was in her soul."

Forgiveness and peace-keeping: What the world needs now is forgiveness and compassion, and
the Crystal Children are shining examples of turning the other cheek. Where their older Indigo
Children brothers and sisters have a warrior spirit that keeps them fighting for causes, the
Crystal Children have adopted a Gandhi-like style of dealing with conflict. For example:

Gloria Powell-Frederickson, the mother of two Crystal Children and one older Indigo
Child, says that during conflicts, she sees glaring differences between the generations.
She says, "During arguments, my Crystal Children will give in and walk away, completely
unbothered and full of forgiveness. But my Indigo Child prefers to stick to the argument
and fight it out."

Corbin, age three, has learned about conflict resolution through his connection to
nature. He always talks about the trees and the things they say or do. Whenever he hears
people speaking in a negative tone of voice, Corbin says, "Please talk like the trees." By
that, he means to speak with gentleness and love.

Mei, age two, never hits any of her playmates, although they hit her. She simply retorts,
"No, don't hit me - I'm your friend!"

Denise Christie says that her five-year-old daughter, Alice, can become very hurt if
someone is cruel or spiteful to her: "Alice has no comprehension of why someone would
want to do such a thing. She's so pure that I don't even think she realizes when she's
being bullied."

* * *

The Crystal Children emanate love in all their actions and deeds. They're indicators that the
human race is evolving above petty differences and squabbles. They've living examples of
operating from the higher self and not the ego.

Yet, Crystal Children aren't entirely problem-free offspring for their parents. I asked parents to
tell me about any challenges they'd encountered with these kids. For the most part, the issues

reported were minimal. Even so, a few showed up repeatedly, as you'll read about in the next

Chapter 11:
Eat, sleep, and be picky

Any human characteristic can be viewed in a negative or positive light. For instance,
stubbornness can also be called tenacity or "stick-to-it-iveness." And assertiveness can also be
called "pushiness." I think you see my point.

A similar observation can be made about Crystal Children and the choices they make. On the
one hand, anyone who's operating from higher chakras holds high standards for themselves.
When people open their heart chakras and truly love, they tend to attract (and be attracted to)
situations and persons with loving energy. An open-hearted person is repelled by situations or
relationships involving violence, negativity, impurities, loudness, or anything jarring.

The Law of Attraction holds that we draw people and situations to us that mirror our dominant
thoughts and beliefs. For example, if we believe that people are basically good-natured, we'll
attract sweet and loving friends.

As we travel the spiritual path, we may change our circle of friends, the way we eat, and other
lifestyle choices. Our new choices mirror our evolving self. And Crystal Children, who are born
far along the spiritual path, are naturally attracted to - and attract - situations of the highest
spiritual energy frequencies.

This results in the Crystal Child appearing to be fussy or picky. However, another way to look at
it is that the child is "discerning." A discerning person has high self-esteem and cares enough to
choose friends, meals, movies, jobs, homes, and such that feed and nurture the body and soul.

Diet and the Crystal Children

Once I fully immersed myself in spiritual studies, my appetite for food and beverages shifted
almost immediately. I received strong inner guidance to eat more organic fruits and vegetables,
and fewer animal products. I've been a complete vegan (meaning I don't eat any meat, fowl, fish,
or dairy products) since 1997, and I'm extremely happy with this lifestyle choice.

Many of my students, audience members, and readers report having received similar inner
guidance. Although they may not leap to veganism, people on the spiritual path generally eat
fewer processed foods; and avoid red meat, white sugar, and refined flour.

The angels say that humans are evolving toward becoming less dependent on eating for energy
and nourishment. According to the angels, we'll first become vegetarians, then we'll become
"raw foodists," eating only uncooked fruits and vegetables. Next, we'll switch to juices, which are
easier to digest. Finally, we'll become "breatharians," and receive all of our nutrition from the
prana life-force in the air. All of this will enable us to become more intuitive, and also help us
adapt to Earth's changing food supplies as we get away from processed foods and move toward
harvesting fresh produce.

Well, the Crystal Children are already there. They've already evolved their taste buds to very
high levels. Uncooked organic fruits and vegetables have the highest life-force energy of any
foods. So, it's no surprise that Crystals prefer vegetarian diets. Yet, it's all in how you view this

Some parents see it as a problem. For instance, one mother told me that she struggles to get her
four-year-old son to eat "real meals." She's going against the natural grain of these children,
which is to "graze" on smaller, more frequent meals of healthful foods and juices. Nutritionists
say that grazing is a healthful way of keeping blood-sugar levels balanced and to avoid binge

Many eating patterns reported by parents of Crystal Children show that they're very much in
tune with their bodies. So if parents can trust that their kids' natural appetite preferences
balance out with their nutritional needs, then power struggles at mealtimes won't occur. These
children's predilections for food can be trusted, judging by the stories I've received.

For example, many of the Crystal Children are self-made vegetarians. Seven-year-old Jacob, for
instance, refuses to eat meat - even though his mother isn't vegetarian and tries to get him to eat

The main reason why Crystals won't eat beef, fish, or fowl has to do with their empathy for
animals. One two-year-old boy said, "Eating fish is bad because they die when they're taken out
of the water." And Shailyn, age four; and Maia, age three, are self-proclaimed vegetarians
because they say it's not nice to kill animals to eat them. Two-year-old Mei says, "Yuck, dead
chicken," or "Yuck, dead cow," whenever she sees fowl or meat.

Parents who worry about their children's nutritional needs will be happy to know that the
American Dietetic Association has deemed vegetarianism to be a healthful and balanced way to

eat. Vegetables, grains, soy products, nuts, and legumes contain sufficient protein for a healthy
youngster's body. Most dietitians, nutritionists, and medical doctors also recognize that
vegetarianism is healthful. After all, animal products are associated with heart conditions, high
cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, and other health concerns.

Three-year-old Corbin's parents constantly receive compliments on how calm and relaxed their
son is. They partially attribute Corbin's relaxed temperament to his diet of organic foods with no
refined sugar.

Many parents report that their children would rather drink their meals than eat them. For
example, Kelly, mother of five (three of them young Crystal Children), says, "My children are
vegan and eat little sugar. They have a very liquid diet. They show a natural aversion to meat and
heavy foods and constantly want water." And three-year-old William prefers drinking juice to
eating solid food. Parents who worry about their children's diet can always make smoothies in a
blender, with soy or rice-based protein powder containing vitamins and minerals (available at
most stores in the health-food section, or over the Internet).

Along the same lines, quite a few mothers report that their Crystal Children want to breast-feed
beyond their first year. And most parents report that eliminating sugar from the diet helped
their children's moods and energy levels to stabilize. One mother said that if her five-year-old
daughter eats anything containing chocolate, she becomes wild and practically uncontrollable.

Sleep Patterns

In my survey, I asked parents to describe any challenges they've had with their Crystal Children.
By far, the single most frequent answer given involved sleep patterns. These children have high
energy and don't want to miss a thing while they're sleeping! They may also be reflecting a
higher state of evolution when humankind needs fewer hours of sleep. Regardless of the reason,
there's definitely something going on in this area.

Crystal Children are so sensitive that anything stimulating can lead to insomnia. Thirteen-
month-old Bryn's sleep pattern is the only challenge his mom has faced with her son. She says,
"Since birth, he's been very alert. Bryn takes in everything around him with great intention. This
leads to him getting overstimulated, and then he finds it hard to settle down to sleep."

To nap or not to nap seems to be a very individual decision. Erin's parents found that if she took
naps, she was up all night. Since they eliminated her naps, Erin now sleeps through the night and

seems happier in the mornings. Her mother says, "We now use the afternoons as structured
playtimes for making treats, craft projects, or watching a favorite video."

Other parents said that naptime was essential. If Victoria, age three, skips a nap, it takes days for
her to recover so that she's feeling well and in sync.

This is an area where caretakers will want to personalize a sleep program according to the child's
individual rhythms and needs. For other sleep concerns, parents have come up with some
unique solutions:

• Colin, age four, is very psychically connected to his mother. She says, "As a baby, and
until about a year ago, he'd wake up crying immediately after I'd wake up from a bad
dream. So I started a nightly routine of visualizing the cord between us as a chain, and I'd
separate it at two of the links (it didn't feel right to me to sever a cord between us)." This
ended the nighttime wake-ups.
• Another mother, who'd tried everything to get her daughter to bed, also tried cord
cutting, and says there was an immediate improvement. She says, "If I notice the old
bedtime antics returning, I clear my chakras, and things return to normal! It was an
amazing discovery for us!" [Note: To cut the cords of fear that can cause problems, just
hold the intention and ask the angels to snip them for you. That's all it takes. However, if
you want details on cord cutting, please consult my book Chakra Clearing, published by
Hay House].
• Robin Rowney is the mother of twin Crystal Children sons who didn't sleep through the
night as infants. One night, exhausted from a sleepless night with her twins, Robin prayed
desperately for help. She soon noticed a sound coming from her son Zack's crib. She
thought he was waking again for another feeding, so she quietly listened to see if he'd
start calling for her. She looked over at the crib and noticed a light growing brighter and
brighter hovering around his bed. At the same instant, Robin realized that Zack was
actually giggling. She sat forward to make sure what she was seeing was real, and the
giggling grew so loud she thought he'd wake his brother.
Robin says, "The light looked to me like a golden-yellow haze. There was no defined
shape, but I knew with my heart and soul that this was one of Zack's angels. A feeling of
calmness and peace came over us." Robin and her boys slept soundly after that.
• For a while, four-year-old Shailyn refused to go to bed, so her mother began giving her
Reiki energy treatments while tucking her into bed, saying, "Now, I'm tucking you in with

beautiful, golden light, and the angels are here to protect you and stay with you." Shailyn
now goes to bed without any struggles.
• Crystal's mother discovered that if her daughter had sugar close to bedtime, she wouldn't
go to sleep. So sugar at this time of night has been eliminated - as have the sleeping
• Haley was plagued with nightmares about witches and dark images, so her mother taught
the little girl how to clear her energy space. Now Haley says to any untoward spirits: "If
you're not of God, you must go!" Haley also visualizes a bubble of white light around her
home, along with a golden dome of protection. This has alleviated the nightmares and
has empowered young Haley.
• Kathy DiMeglio used a combination program to help her daughter, Jasmyn, to sleep.
Kathy says that Jasmyn's sleep problems stemmed from a combination of fear of being
harmed during the night and separation anxiety from her parents. So Kathy began
playing the Chakra Clearing audiotape at night (many parents find it soothing, and it
clears the energy of rooms quickly). She also began praying with her daughter, and
talking to her about the archangels at bedtime. Then Kathy took Jasmyn to the store and
let her select a stuffed animal to sleep with. Afterward, Kathy cut her cords of fear to her
daughter. Jasmyn now sleeps beautifully, and her parents don't worry about this area

Potty Training

There wasn't a clear pattern regarding toilet training Crystal Children. Some parents said it was
a breeze, and that kids practically taught themselves what to do. However, other parents are still

Abbie's mother says that her daughter takes her time with most things. She says, "Abbie spoke
late for the most part, walked after her first birthday, and refused to be potty trained until she
was more than three years old."

Another woman told me that her son's toilet training was challenging because he wants to do
everything for himself. She said, "He's extremely stubborn, making potty training a challenge.
He's quite aware of the ability to do it; he just chooses his own ways and when."

Parents said that giving clear explanations to their Crystal Children helped them to understand
why toilet use is important. Some Crystal Children refuse to comply until they understand why.

Picky or Super Organized?

Are the Crystal Children intuitively trained Feng Shui artists who know that disorganization
creates energetic discord? Or are they just prone to neurotic perfectionism? Again, I would opt
for the answer signaling spiritual progress. However, when you actually live with a Crystal Child
who insists that everything be just so, you might agree with the latter explanation during
moments of frustration.

I received dozens of stories about Crystal Children's organizational skills, and how particular
they are about their rooms, their belongings, and their clothing. For instance, seven-year-old
Hannah is very sensitive about the comfort of her clothing. Her socks and shoes must be
positioned perfectly, and her clothes must be soft or she won't wear them. True nature children,
many Crystals prefer nudity to clothing.

Crystal Children like neat and organized bedrooms, and some of them don't mind doing the
work themselves. Three-year-old Victoria keeps her room very clean, which is no small
accomplishment given the piles of toys, clothes, books, and stuffed animals she owns.

Crystals also enjoy organizing their toys during playtime. For instance, three-year-old Taylor
loves to line up his blocks and toys into shapes of crosses, airplanes, or alphabet letters. One time
he placed all of his toys into a continuous line throughout the house. When it was done, he
exclaimed, "It's beautiful!"

Two-year-old Mei loves to place things into categories, like grouping together her baby dolls and
Mommy dolls. She loves to put her dinosaur models into a long line, from the smallest to the

Sometimes the Crystal Child's organizational leanings border on perfectionism. For example,
three-year-old William won't use a crayon if it's broken, and he won't eat food that's "messy"
with sauce. And seven-year-old Jacob insists that building blocks be placed into precise

Again, it's all in how you look at the situation. You could call it perfectionism - which has a
negative tone. I like the way Wendy Eidman calls it "high creativity" when she describes her
three-year-old daughter, Emily. Wendy says:

"Emily's attention span is unlike anything I've ever witnessed before. She'll get into a
groove coloring or playing, and she won't be disturbed until she's done. This works to my
advantage when we're picking up pine cones in the backyard. We have this giant pine
tree that drops hundreds of cones every fall. When we pick them up, Emily stays on task
better than anyone else in the family. My son gets bored after five minutes, but an hour
later, Emily's still out there picking up cones!

It bothers her to leave a job unfinished. After we'd cleaned the yard one day, she was
playing on the swing set, and every once in a while she'd spy a stray pine cone that had
escaped our attention earlier. She'd get off the swing, or stop playing basketball or
whatever else she was doing, then she'd walk over to the pine cone, pick it up, and
deposit it in the cart! Emily is all about consistency. She likes to know what to expect; she
likes to have things the same way all the time.

Emily gets upset, for example, if her brother decides he wants to sit in her seat at
dinnertime, that sort of thing. Every night at the table, we have the same conversation.
We go back and forth across the table, asking each other, 'So, how was your day?' Usually
my husband, Kirk, answers, 'My day was very work-y.' But the other night, Kirk
answered, 'My day was very busy!' And Emily got upset. She said, 'No, Daddy. Your day
was very work-y!'"

Crystal Children love consistency. In a world where everything seems in flux, who can blame
kids for wanting stability and predictability? Sounds refreshingly healthy to me!

Taking Their Time

In the new world, we won't run our lives by clocks and calendars. We'll use inner timing to direct
our actions. Through synchronicity, not appointments, we'll arrive at exactly the right place at
the right time.

Well, the Crystal Children are already ruled by inner clocks instead of outward time
mechanisms. This can be frustrating to parents who need to keep a schedule. One thing's for
sure: Parents of Crystal Children must develop a lot of patience - which is one of the lessons
these children help us adults to learn.

Jennifer says that her seven-year-old son, Jacob, takes his time and doesn't rush for anyone or
anything. Jennifer says that it's not that Jacob is mentally slow, it's just that he does things
deliberately because he wants them a certain way. He operates from his own schedule, not

Three-year-old Abbie is the same way. Her mother says, "She does things in 'Abbie Time,' and
not necessarily when her preschool teacher wants her to. She hates schedules and prefers to be a
free spirit. I'm not sure how that will work with her school time."

Crystal, the mother of three-year-old Zoey, says, "I find that you need a lot of patience with the
Crystal Children, because they're old souls who take their time looking at everything, inspecting
it, and then giving you feedback on what they think. Zoey sits until she figures out how to tie her
shoes, do her buttons, brush her hair, and such. I try to maintain a high patience level because I
understand her need to take her time. She's never in a hurry and doesn't like to be rushed."

The Crystal Children know that it's healthier to stay centered and calm rather than getting
lathered up over the fear of being late. They already know that time isn't real, and that it can be
bent and warped so that you'll always arrive on time - even when appearances suggest otherwise.

Deep Bonding and the Need for Attention

Crystal Children have a special bond with one or more of their parents or grandparents -
whoever can understand them on a deep level. Once that bond is formed, the Crystal Child
doesn't like to be apart from that person. Crystals are dependent on that adult for comfort,
understanding, and cuddling. These kids may develop separation anxiety because they're afraid
that other people won't understand. These kids may also fear that other children or adults may
be mean-spirited, and the sensitive Crystal Children try to avoid pain by sticking with a
trustworthy adult.

Timothy says that his six-month-old daughter, Julia, always wants to be held. "We can't lay her
down for a minute," he says.

Pam says that her daughter, Hannah, age four, "came in with huge abandonment issues. She
doesn't want to be alone at all, especially when it comes to being away from me."

Some parents see the metaphysical basis of this seeming clinginess. Carri Lineberry says that her
three-year-old daughter, Maia, is extremely attached to her. Carri says, "I sense that my

relationship to her is very important. I think of myself as her 'grounding force' or something like

Chapter 12:
Advice from parents, teachers, and the crystal children themselves

As a parent, grandparent, or teacher of a Crystal Child, you have a sacred and vital mission. You
spiritually contracted to guide this soul through the delicate balancing act of retaining a high
spiritual frequency with amazing gifts of telepathy and sensitivity... while at the same time
assimilating into Earthly life. Your job isn't easy, but fortunately you have lots of help from
Earthly and celestial angels.

Those whom I surveyed for this book were happy to pass along their tried-and-true advice based
on their own personal experiences.

Angels and prayer: Cynthia Berkeley says she's found it very effective to mentally ask her
children's guardian angels to help soothe and calm her kids when they become overly irritated,
especially when driving.

Understand that they're visual: Right-brain dominant people have visual memories instead of
language-based ones. For instance, they'll memorize how spelling words look, instead of how
they sound phonetically. Catherine Poulton says it helps her to remember that her five-year-old
son, Kylan, processes information differently. When he was two years old, Kylan struggled to
remember his alphabet, but then one day he was flipping through a magazine and stopped and
pointed to a picture. "That's George Washington," he said correctly. This is when Catherine
realized the extent of Kylan's visual processing.

Explain, don't force: Forcing a Crystal Child only leads to a power struggle. Pam Caldwell says
that her four-year-old daughter, Hannah, is very sweet and easy to get along with... unless you
try to force her to do something against her will. "But once you explain the logic behind it,
Hannah will usually comply, or come up with a better solution," says Pam, who's found that it
works best to talk to Hannah as if she's an adult, using age-appropriate language.

Penny, mother of a Crystal Child, agrees. "Allow them to be different, and don't force them into
the 'normal' mold. Don't force them to talk, since it's possible to communicate with your

children more instinctively. They'll talk when they're ready, when they see a need to talk
verbally. Usually that will occur when they're interacting with other people who don't seem to
understand their unique way of communicating."

Attachment Parenting: Several of the parents whom I surveyed credited "Attachment
Parenting" as a style of upbringing that was particularly helpful for their Crystal Children.
Attachment Parenting is a philosophy that advises parents to physically and emotionally bond
with their child through being sensitive and responsive when the child cries, breast-feeding,
carrying the infant in a baby sling, sleeping with the child, and providing a gentle home
environment. Many books and Internet sites discuss this parenting style.

Bring animals into the acting-out situation: Here's a clever idea from Misty: "Whenever my
two-year-old daughter, Leah, acts out, I tell her, 'The cats are watching you!' This calms her
down immediately." Leah doesn't want to lose the felines' respect!

Live and let live: Melissa, mother of seven-year-old Liam, says, "I'm not strict. I'm not a slave
driver. I allow my son to be who he is. Liam instinctively knows what chores need to be done,
and he does them. There's no arguing or yelling. I'm honest and forthright with him, and he
returns the favor. We're a happy, casual, and loving family, and we're functional in our

Another mother named Sue, concurs: "These children need freedom to run and be. When they
come home from school angry, it's because they're fed up with being caged all day; they need the
freedom to feel their feelings."

Take care of yourself: Kathy says, "Parents of Crystal Children need to engage in their own
routine of yoga and or meditation, and have moments of quiet reflection to become aware of
their own Divine guidance. Keep a journal. Write letters to your Crystal Children - they'll not
only be an amazing gift for when they're older, but it would also assist you with keeping a record
of the miraculous incidents that occur over the years."

Talk to, not down: Crystal says that her three-year-old daughter, Zoey, acts out if she senses
that someone's patronizing her or talking down to her. It's important to have discussions with
Crystal Children using the same degree of respect that would be accorded to a dear friend.

Toning and chanting: Sue, the mother of two Crystal Children, says that she and her husband,
Darren, do nightly chanting as their children go to sleep. The children now request it, saying,
"Mummy, can you please do that oohhh stuff on me?"

Schooling: Parents who can provide home-schooling, or send their children to Waldorf or
Steiner schools, report great success with their Crystal Children's level of happiness and learning

A mother of a four-year-old Crystal Child says that her son attends a Waldorf kindergarten, and
that she's noticed positive changes in his self-esteem, sense of social order, and imagination. (For
information on Waldorf and Steiner schools, please see in North America; in the U.K., in Australia, and consult the Internet
directories for other countries.)

If schedules or budgets don't allow for these options, Michelle is a great example of taking
another approach. She says that her six-year-old son, Robert, is way ahead of a lot of his
classmates. "He's very bright and inquisitive, so we do extensive homeschooling in addition to
his schoolwork." Michelle says that Robert loves anything creative and thrives on having
structure and schedules. Several parents said that when they helped their child with studying,
the results were immediate.

Meditation: Catherine, mother of five-year-old Kylan, says, "My son loves to meditate and

Eastern exercises: Tai chi, qi gong, yoga, and karate are wonderful outlets for youthful energy,
and good tools for teaching Crystal Children to work with their own and others' energy.

Catherine's son, Kylan, loves his karate classes. "It teaches him to use his inner power
effectively," she explains. "He has a great teacher, and they're not doing it competitively. Plus,
karate teaches Kylan how to build a protective force field around his body so he can be
empathetic without taking on other peoples stuff (he's highly sensitive). It teaches him great
grounding and clearing exercises, too."

Pay attention and tell the truth: Denise, mother of Alice, age five, says, "Always pay attention.
These kids don't like to be ignored. Never bend the truth or lie to them; they know a lie every

time and can get upset if they catch you in one. Never break a promise; keeping your word is
very important to them."

Patience: Andrea, mother of three-year-old Abbie, advises parents to have patience with their
Crystal Children. She says, "They're not like other kids, and probably have much more to offer if
given the chance - that is, not medicated to 'fit in with what society thinks kids should be like."

Consistency: Many parents say that their Crystals do better with a consistent eating and sleeping
schedule. Studies show that children feel safe when they know what to expect Mary, mother of a
five- and six-year old, says, "Getting my children to bed at the same time each night, along with
lots of affection, makes a positive difference."

Learn from them: Cynthia, mother of two Crystal Children, reminds us that Crystals are our
teachers. She says, "We can teach these kids how to function in this third-dimensional reality
and how to play the game, but really, they're here to teach us so much more beyond that. If
you're not coming from the heart, the kids know. If you expect the kids to be naughty, guess
what? They will be. Watch your own integrity and expectations. They can read you like a book
and play with that."

Visualization: Since Crystal Children are highly visual, you can help them manage their moods
and manifest their intentions by using visualization exercises. Here's a wonderful one that Rosie
Ismail, a primary school teacher in England, uses in her classroom. She says:

"During the past four years, I've worked with healing and colors, using visualizations in
my personal life. When I realized how effective visualizing the color pink is, I began
introducing this into my classroom and watched the wonderful and effective results it
yielded for young children. Pink is a healing, loving color that creates peace and harmony
for oneself and projects this to others.

"This simple technique of visualizing I call 'The Magical Pink Light.' I ask the children to
close their eyes and take five or six deep breaths along with me, slowly releasing the
breath on the exhale. Next, I ask them to visualize pink magical light at the bottom of
their feet, going round and round their body. I tell them it doesn't matter if they don't see
the magical pink light, but that it's powerful and to just think about it. I tell them to
imagine this pink light as very magical and see it going around them like a warm blanket.

I ask them to make a wish in this very magical pink light and to breathe it in, and then we
end by taking two very deep breaths. I then guide the children to open their eyes, stretch
their arms, and say, 'That felt good!' I find that children are much calmer, happier, and
more loving after the visualization."

Energetic assistance: These sensitive, psychic children need our help! They're like sponges,
absorbing other people's energies (including those of well-meaning parents). David Morelli is a
professional psychic who teaches children's spirituality classes at the Psychic Horizons Center in
Boulder, Colorado. He also works as a Montessori schoolteacher. David says:

"One of the methods I teach children in my class is to imagine making a bubble in
between their two hands, putting the 'yucky' energy in the bubble and clapping their
hands to pop it. They can put the energy of anything - their parents, teachers, or friends -
in a bubble and pop it. After they make their bubbles and pop them, I then ask them to
imagine happy golden energy above their heads filling in their whole bodies. This puts
new energy back in to replace the other energies."

Just love them: Gloria, the mother of two Crystal Children and one Indigo Child, puts parenting
into perspective when she says:

"I've learned that love is the most important thing of all. It's important to be patient and
nurturing. Keep in mind that we aren't really here on this earth to master mathematics.
Smiling and laughing with your children is just about the best feeling there is, so do it!
When milk spills on the floor, make funny faces. When it rains outside, dance in it with
your children. Love, love, love them!"

From the Mouths of Babes

Several Crystal Children also offered words of wisdom for adults:

Audrey, age five: "I would like this book to get people to understand us."

Crystal, age six, was asked by her mother what she'd like to tell people. She said, "Love. Love and
help people, and be kind."

Robert, six: "All I can say is that I wish everyone in the universe (if there is life on other planets),
good life, good heart, and good food. For all you grown-ups to help Crystal Children, you must
protect them, play with them, and read with them."

When his mother asked Colin, age four, what he'd like to tell people, he said, "That God and the
angels are with them always, even when they're scared."

Haley, age three: "I ask my angels to bring me dreams full of light before bed when I say my

Hannah, age seven: "The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow disappears, so be thankful for
what you have."

Jacob, age seven: "For the future, everyone needs to know that they'll come back after they die."

Kylan, age five: "I would like to say about the planet, that it has love in it and joy and a heart.
People can help themselves by putting up signs on their walls like to be happy and tape it on the
wall. The sign should say: BE HAPPY!"

About the Author

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., is a clairvoyant metaphysician who holds Ph.D., M.A., and B.A. degrees in
counseling psychology. The former director of a teenage drug and alcohol recovery program as
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