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Namaste 2 All

Please  let me introduce here in this "blog space" ;) Bashar thro´Daryll Anka

AND pls. Don´t forget THIS SIMPLE TRUTH :
1first step is "vegan life style"...do it...open your heart...eyes then mind...higher up your vibrations...higher up your consciousness...YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT..."What you put out is what you get back"...nothing more...nothing less...;) Don´t forget this simple truth...U ARE WHAT YOU EAT... thx. 4 yur time...

Kaczeka Osh


Bashar Transcripts

"The Fundamentals"
"Creating Your Reality"
"Surrender to Peace"
"The New Millennium"
"Crossing the Threshold"
"Money & Abundance"
"Bashar on the Heart"
"Passing of the Baton"
"Riding the Wave of Chaos"
"Diving into the Unknown"

 "The Fundamentals"

 We will take this opportunity, once again,
to thank, first of all, each and every one of you, individually,
and every one of you, collectively,
for allowing for the co-creation of this interaction
and this communication through this particular gate,
on this day... in this way... at this time.

Each and every time you allow our civilization
to communicate with your civilization in this manner,
it affords us an opportunity to experience
through each and every one of you
a different view of the Infinite
and this for us expands our understanding
of all the different ways Creation can express itself
and so we thank you for this great gift.

We would now like to begin this transmission
with the following ideas:

First and foremost, we understand
that many of you are now beginning to explore
notions of what you label us to be,
the concept of interactions with extraterrestrials.
We also recognize, however,
that your world is going through a great transformation of spirit,
a great transformation of consciousness.

To us, this is really the most important of the two ideas,
that you yourselves have more and more interaction
with your true selves... with your core being,
with your essential spirituality and consciousness,
more than the idea of desiring to interact with extraterrestrial beings.

This will happen, as you say, as par for the course, in your language,
but the idea is that the most likely way that this will come about,
the most likely way that you will allow such interactions to take place
is, as we have said from time to time... to meet us half way.

We are not going to do it for you,
we are not going to take responsibility for your lives,
we have our own lives to live, thank you very much,
it keeps us very busy.
We do not have time to live your lives for you, as well as our own.

The idea, therefore, however, is that we do wish to play,
we do wish to interact... but as equals,
by reflecting to each and every one of you,
in all the ways that are possible to do so,
through this particular methodology,
that you yourselves are in fact equal to us,
and to any idea that you can conceive within your consciousness,
and that we simply will enjoy taking the time
to remind you of this fact,
to remind you of what you already know to be true within yourselves,
to put you, in that sense, in a state,
to help you put yourselves in a state,
that gets you back in touch with your true core, essential selves,
so that you can function in the way
that you were designed by Creation to function
and that is as a reflection of the Infinite.

When you learn... when you allow,
when you remember to do that for yourselves,
you will change the vibration of not only yourself, individually,
but, of course, of the entire reality that you occupy
and by changing that frequency in much the same way
that you change the channels on your television machine...
you will change the program that you get.

By changing that frequency, by accelerating it... by stepping it up
through the method of being more yourself,
getting closer in alignment to your true, core, vibration,
you will create a reality that makes it more likely
and more probable and more possible,
for any other being that operates on a similar level,
to be able to interact with each and every one of you,
individually and collectively,
but first and foremost, the people you must meet,
the "aliens" you must come into contact with
are those portions of your consciousness,
that have for thousands of years been suppressed within you
and have become disguised in the idea of fear,
in the idea of denial... in the idea of all of these fragmentations
that have occurred in your consciousness.

We are not in any way, shape or form,
judging you in a negative sense,
when we say this... believe us,
we love you unconditionally.

The idea really is that the reason we are doing this, in a sense,
aside from what we get out of interacting with you,
is because we know what you are capable of,
we can see more of you
then you allow yourselves to see of yourselves,
it is easy for us to see the idea of the totality
of what you can create in your reality,
we believe in you, utterly... absolutely and totally.

However, of course, our belief in you is not the point.
Your belief in yourselves is the only thing
that will make a difference and create an ability
for you to see for yourselves,
that you really are unlimited beings
in the way that you were fashioned to be.

So, while we may address from time to time
the concept of interaction,
and recognition of what you label us to be, as "extraterrestrial beings",
we will certainly take time to focus on what we believe to be
the more critical and important point
and that is getting in touch with your true selves.

For if you do not allow yourselves to be who you really are,
there's no one for us to meet... you're not home!
We come knocking on the door and you're not there!
You're off somewhere looking
for who you think you're supposed to be
and there's no answer at the door!

So, in order for us to be capable, one day, of meeting,
not that that is the most important reason to do this,
we urge you to discover who you are
and live in the present... here and now,
because only in the here and now will we eventually meet.

So, the ideas that we will most likely be discussing
are notions of how to become more of yourself,
how to remember who you are
and not just on a philosophical level,
but on a pragmatic, practical physiological level of physics...
how to apply these principles into your day to day reality
to get an effect,
for we understand that just as we are... you are physiological beings
and you must understand how to connect the idea
of spirit and mind with body
in order to complete the circuit that allows you to have
the experience of spirituality in the physical plane
and not just relegate the concepts of spirituality
to higher philosophical and etheric realms
with no practical application in the realm you decided to experience.
For there is nothing unspiritual about physicality,
it all depends on how you use it... that's the point.

To a very great degree,
to put this in a very simplistic idea or foundational fashion:
"One of the greatest acts of spirituality that you can possibly achieve
is to simply live your physical life to the fullest that you can".

And this brings us to the crux and critical point
of the things that we wish to reflect to each and every one of you.
The critical point is this:
How to discover the vibrational frequency of who you are.
How to allow yourself to continue to create that frequency
moment to moment... day to day... in your life,
as you desire to... as you choose to.

We will be in further conversations and further transmissions,
discussing in greater details
some of the fundamental elements of physical reality
so that you can get, as you say in your language,
a better handle on these principles.

But for now we will give you
an overview, an understanding,
so that you will at least from this encounter,
walk away with all the basics in place
and allow yourself the understanding to know
that it is up to you to put these things
into practical application in your lives.

The first principle, really, where this is all concerned,
comes down to the idea, and you have heard it many times,
we're not saying we're delivering this to you for the first time,
it has been around for thousands of your years...
"Follow your excitement".

Why is this so important?
Why do you hear about this all the time?
Why do you hear that follow your bliss... act on you joy
is such an important principle of life at this time?

Of course... of course,
all of this must be based in unconditional love,
connection of your alignment with the Infinite,
but in terms of the beginning of the tools
that you can use in your physiological reality,
following your excitement is of paramount importance
and I will tell you why.

The idea following is this:
What you typically call the sensation of excitement...
the physical sensation of joy... (and this doesn't mean
you have to be jumping up and down all the time),
it can be a peaceful... centered... relaxed sense of beingness,
that can be excitement too,
but that vibration of excitement is...
Aah... are you paying attention? Are you paying attention?
All right, just wanting to be sure there is someone receiving
on the other end of this transmission...

 Excitement is the physical translation...
the physical translation of the vibrational resonance
that is your true, core, natural being.

So, whenever you act on any opportunity
that presents itself into you life synchronistically,
that contains the highest degree of excitement,
what you are saying is,
"Yes, I believe in who I was created to be,
I believe that this opportunity... this situation,
this circumstance... this condition,
whatever it may be that contains at this particular moment in my life,
the highest amount of excitement possible
out of all the things I have the option to do,
this, right now, is the most exciting one."

If you understand that excitement is your true frequency
then you will act on it without hesitation,
trusting that to do so will maintain the alignment with your core,
and that that situation,
no matter how you have been taught to define it on the surface,
will bring about all the elements necessary to support you
in whatever way, shape and form is the path of least resistance,
in allowing you to be:

a) who you are,
b) lead you to the next most exciting circumstance

this is an automatic function of acting on your joy without hesitation,
without negative judgement... without over-analyzation.

By acting on your joy you are making a statement to the Universe:
"This is who I am... support me as you have always supported me
in whatever degree of belief I had".

The idea therefore, is that by making, what you call, the leap of faith,
by acting on your joy as best as you can at every given moment,
you are showing by your behavior
that you believe this is who you are,
and it is that degree of conviction that is required
for the Universe to be able to reflect back to you
the same degree of support that you are willing to exhibit
in terms of your degree of conviction that this is who you are.

Are you all following along?
This is not philosophy... this is physics:
"What you put out is what you get back",
this is the Third Law of Creation...
by the way, there are only four.

Number One: "You Exist".
Can't do much about that!

Number Two: "The One is All and the All is One".
That is also a Law of Creation.

Number Three: (as we have just outlined)
"What you put out is what you get back".

Number Four: "Change is the only constant... except
for the first three laws, which never change".

That's it! Anything that you experience in your reality after that,
is a combination and a variation of these four principles.
Everything that you experience is a manifestation
of your understanding and your ability
to clearly and consciously align with these four principles.

In a euphemistic terminology, as you say in your language,
"To go with the flow".
The idea being that "going with the flow" is a full recognition
and a conscious awareness
and a willingness to act on these four principles
in every circumstance that comes up in your life:

Number One: "You Exist".
Number Two: "The One is All, the All is One".
Number Three: "What you put out is what you get back".
Number Four: "Change is the only constant, except
the first three Laws which never change".

Suffice to say... you can begin to recognize
that these carry within them the very seeds
of your ability to understand that
the experience that you call physical reality
is really nothing but a mirror... literally,
physical reality is nothing... it is no thing,
nothing... it is no thing.

Use the analogy on your planet
of the device that you have that is called a glass mirror...
you understand, if you think about it for a moment,
that the reflection that you see of your face in the mirror,
is not literally in the mirror... the glass has reflected
all the light of your face back to you,
that's why you see the reflection,
which means there is nothing in the mirror... no thing.

The mirror is actually blank... by being a perfect reflector
it holds on to none of the light
and gives it all back to you... that's why you see the reflection.

Physiological reality, take me literally... is a mirror,
it is just a more complex mirror,
a holographic mirror... a multi-dimensional mirror,
so that you don't always recognize all the reflections as you,
but believe me... they are... .all the reflections are you,
and I mean literally every object, person, place and thing,
every situation... every circumstance,
every moment of time and space
is you being reflected back to yourself,
from the particular point of view you chose to express
at that particular moment.
Does that make sense to you?

When you can begin to understand this as a true physics principle,
you will begin to realize...
this doesn't always mean that what's going on in your physical reality
has to be an exact one to one reflection
in terms of what it might mean for one person,
as opposed to what it might mean for you, specifically,
but the fact that you are experiencing it
means it has something to do with you,
and you can always learn something from the reflection,
because there always is a reflection,
and if you begin to understand it as a reflection,
you will begin to understand that you are at cause of your life,
that you yourself have the opportunity,
if you treat reality as a reflection,
to examine it and see if you like the reflection you're getting,
so that if you do not prefer it,
and I don't mean judge it... "do not prefer it" means
just observe that it is not aligned with your frequency,
there's a difference between negative judgement and preference.
Pay attention to your definitions... we will get to that in a moment.

The idea, however, is that you can recognize
that if you do not prefer the reflection,
then you know that it is a matter of changing what you put out
in order to get back a different reflection,
and that allows you to know you are always capable
of making that choice... you have the free will to choose
on that level how you will experience yourself in the concept,
in the modality you call physical reality.

Again, use the mirror analogy...
if you see your face in the mirror with a frown,
do you stand there and say
"All right, I insist "mirror reflection"... I will smile... I will be happy...
but you smile first... otherwise I won't!" ?

Who do you think is going to win that battle?
Believe me... the mirror can out wait you.

The idea to understand therefore,
is that if you want to see a smile reflected in that mirror
you have to smile first... or there will be no reflection of a smile.

Therefore, by stretching this into
the physiological reality analogy even further,
you understand that many of you have been trained,
have been taught to insist
that you will only base your behavior
on the things that happen to you.

"I will be happy if... I will be happy when...
and not a second before... I'm putting my foot down!"
"I will be happy if this happens...
I will be happy when you do this for me... ",
you all sound familiar in this, do you not, from time to time?

The idea to simply understand again, is this...
if you understand the principle we are discussing now,
you will realize it is more a matter of
"I will be happy because that's what I want to be!"

When you are happy because that's what you want to be,
and I mean truly the vibration of happiness,
not just pretending... not just covering it up...
"Oh, yes... I'm v-e-r-y happy",
not just in denial of things you need to feel... things you need to face,
fears that you need to experience in order to integrate them,
that's not what I'm talking about... I'm not talking about avoidance,
I am talking about the idea of true vibrations of joy and happiness.

When you choose to be that vibration, then again,
what's the Third Law?
"What you put out is what you get back."
The second... the instant... the moment you are that vibration,
the reflection in your physical reality has no choice
but to reflect a reality that corresponds
to the vibration of your ecstasy.

Because the universal reflecting mirror,
doesn't have a mind of it's own... it can't contradict you,
it's not going to argue with you... "Yes, I see that you're happy,
but I'm not going to give you a happy reflection, no!"

It doesn't have that capability.
It is only nothing... nothing at all.
It is only the reflection of what you put there... and that's it.

So, if you will be the vibration of happiness,
you will see, experientially, that you will get the reflection
in all the ways that are reflective of your happiness...

to the degree that your happiness vibration is turned on,
you will get that reality.

However... here's that clause... pay attention,
here's what you call in your language the fine print...
this is what we perceive in observing your society,
that trips many of you up and gets you into trouble:

Many of you will still place a condition on your happiness
even when you think you're doing it this way:
"Oh yes, all right, yes, I will be happy because I know
that if I am happy... then I'll get this happy reality,
then I'll get what I want... then I'll get what I desire."
If... then,
If... then.

You are still making it conditional on what happens outside you
and there is no outside,
so the idea to really bring it down to focus is understand this:

In order for the principle to really work,
in order for reality to reflect back to you
the true reflection of your happiness...
you have to be happy with no expectation
that you will get a reflection back.

That's how it works.
That's what makes it effortless.
That's what makes it flawless.
That's what makes it infinite.
That's what makes it pristine.
That's what makes it gracious.
That's what makes it beautiful.
That's what makes it awesome.

You don't even have to think about what will come back,
you simply can take it for granted... you can know,
you can simply, already have the gratitude to the Infinite,
to know that when you are happy,
nothing else can happen but happy reflections,
and you don't have to put a condition on your happiness,
that says, "Yes, I will be happy
because it will then get me what I want".

You have to be happy with no expectation whatsoever,
I mean zero... because what is zero?
The center.
The nil point.
This is where you exist... in the here and now,
in the true unknown.

Many of you, for thousands of years,
have been afraid of what you have labeled "the unknown".
I will tell you this in all honesty and earnestness...
make a friend of the unknown... the unknown is the only place,
and I mean this with all my heart,
the unknown is the only place you will ever actually discover
your true self.
Period. Take that to heart.

Leap into the unknown... don't be afraid of it
or if you are... be afraid of it and leap anyway!
Because in the unknown you're only going to discover,
I guarantee... I promise you,
you're only going to discover more of yourself
because that's all there is to discover in your experience.

You know why? I'll tell you, thank you.
Because of the wonderful happenstance
of your particular English language,
you can get a very strong reinforcement
of exactly why it works this way,
why you will only discover yourself in the unknown.

That is because, as your language so beautifully points out:
You are the "you" niverse... the "you" niverse is only made up of "you",
and that's all you'll ever find in your particular "you" niverse... is you,
your expression of the Infinite,
if you wish to call it God,
if you wish to call it Goddess,
if you wish to call it All That Is, as we do, it does not matter,
because All That Is doesn't care what you call It,
because All That Is knows that anything you could think of
is a name that's already contained within All That Is
and it will accept it as its own name
because everything is within "all that is",
that's why it's called "All That Is"!

Because there's nothing outside,
if it were it would be: "All That Is Plus What's Outside",
but All That Is is exactly as it sounds... it is "all that is",
and there isn't anything else because, what is... simply is.

The idea therefore, is to understand,
that what you will always discover,
will simply be All That Is expressing itself
through the unique portion of All That Is you were created to be.
Remember the Second Law: "The One is All, the All are One"

Every component of the All That Is,
all of you... all of us,
every individuated being... every individuated concept,
is the whole expressing itself as a part.

Important point... I'll rewind that and repeat it,
because we understand
that you have been trained to think segregationally,
sometimes individuals on your planet may miss the point,
all of you are, yes... a part of the whole,
but as a part of the whole,
you are the Whole expressing Itself
as "a part of the whole".

Big difference than just thinking of yourself
as a part of the whole without the other side.
You have to understand yourself holigraphically,
it is this and that... not this or that.

Anything you can imagine is this and that,
it is all inclusive... you have to have both sides,
the heads and the tails, in order to have a coin,
without one side you don't have a coin.

So, you are the part... you are the whole,
you are both one and the same,
but expressing the whole as a part.

The idea, therefore, is to understand yourself this way,
and express yourself more holistically,
and you will understand how to experience more of the whole,
you will get, in a sense, more of an expanded experience
when you express yourself as if you are more of the whole.

The idea being that there is a whole picture
that you might liken unto a large puzzle that has a picture on it,
as we know many of you like to play with on your planet...
you understand that the puzzle is made up of
many small, individual, differently shaped pieces.

Now, we have observed on your planet,
that... oh, for the course of say... oh,
several thousand of your years of time,
you have been trained to try and be a shape that you are not,
to try and be this shape... to try and be that shape,
"fit here... fit there... come here... belong this way,
do this... do that... do not be yourself,
that won't work... stop dreaming... stop daydreaming,
stop being yourself... that doesn't fit in,
be who we say you need to be".

And so now you've become experts
at being someone other than yourself.

The idea being, therefore, is that when you do that,
you are no longer the shape that you were originally made in,
if you are no longer, as a puzzle piece,
the shape that fits in the whole you were originally made for,
then you cannot support the creation of the whole picture,
because you no longer fit.

Only by being your natural self will you be your natural shape
and only by being your natural shape
will you fit in the original space designed just for little... old... you,
and by fitting in that space
do you then act in service to every other piece,
because then you support the whole
which supports all the other pieces
who are willing to be their true natural shape... that's how it works.
Are you understanding?

All I am doing is reflecting back to you
what you already know but may have forgotten for a little while.

That's all there is to it... you have forgotten... you know all of this.
I am telling you nothing new at all, in fact,
I will tell you a deep... dark... secret:
it would be impossible for me to tell you what I am telling you
if you didn't already contain it. Why?
Because your reality is what?... A reflection.

And I am, in your reality,
a reflection of the portion of you that already knows all of this.
So, it could be said that right now you're talking to yourself!

So, thank you for being willing to be crazy enough to talk to yourselves!
To talk to the portion of yourself that knows all of this
and is willing to believe all of this,
and is willing to incorporate all of this into the reality,
so you can get the effect.

Now, this idea of all these ways of being
that you have gotten used to over time,
what does that all, as you say in your language, "boil down to"?

Once again, I will tell you, thank you very much.
The idea really comes down to definition... definition...
what you believe... the blueprint of your reality,
what you believe... how you define what is possible,
that's what creates the experience you have called "physical reality".

Because there is no physical reality... that's what physical reality is,
there is no physical reality aside from what you define it to be...
that's what physical reality is.

So, when you are taught
"this is the definition that is truth... believe in nothing else",
that's the reality you get. Why? Third Law.

When you finally... if you ever do,
realize that you are only creating that reality,
or attracting it, more specifically, by the definition you are giving off:
"what you put out is what you get back",
by the definition radiation vibration resonance,
at the frequency you are resonating at...
for every single belief has a different frequency,
so, by the frequency you give off,
that determines the experience you get back
that then reinforces the belief
that originally created that reality experience,
and on... and on...and on... it escalates from there,
until you break the chain by saying, "Wait a minute, I created this!"
"I attracted this by what I believe is the strongest, most likely,
most possible definition within my belief system structure".
"Well, is that what I prefer to believe?" "Yes or no?"
"No... then what do I prefer to believe
without judging the old definition?"
"I prefer to believe this instead... "
then as you re-create a new definition
of what you now believe to be true and apply that,
implement it into your belief system personality structure
and behave as if you believe it...

Critical point! Behave as if you believe it.
Then, once again, as we have said before,
you will see quite rapidly that that belief... that definition of reality
will be reflected back to you
as the reality you are now capable of experiencing.

Belief... emotion... behavior-action.
These are the three keys of all manifestation.
Belief, as we have said, is like unto the blueprint
of the house that you wish to build.

Emotion... e-motion... energy-motion are the builders of the house,
that bring the blueprint into manifestation.
That's why excitement is so important,
that's why every emotion activates the strongest belief it is aligned to.

So, if you have strong negative belief systems,
what kind of emotion do you think you're going to get most strongly?

Because that's what is going to activate
those belief systems into manifestation
and that's what your behavior and your action is going to reflect...
fearful attitudes... fearful approaches,
fearful expectations... and that whole gamut of tools
that goes along with reinforcing the concept of fear.

However, also, you can understand that there is the other side of the coin,
that by having a positive creative belief system structure,
then the idea of excitement comes into play
and that emotion will reinforce the manifestation
of a whole new set and array of belief system definitional structures.

Then the behavior... the action... that is like the building materials,
and the quality of the building materials of the house that manifests.
So, if you know your blueprint contains a line that doesn't belong there,
or a line that is off-kilter
and you know that your builders... your emotions
are not really into their job of building this house,
and you know that the building materials... the behavior,
and the actions and the thought processes are not really up to par,
what kind of a house do you think you're going to get
and why should you be surprised when it crumbles to the ground?

Go back to the blueprint,
find out where something doesn't align with who you know you are,
find the definition that doesn't work for you,
find out where you first bought into that definition,
and most likely you will find for most of you,
it is through no fault of their own,
from your parents when you were growing up,
in what they believed to be true
and imparted unto you telepathically, from before birth,
by the time you are approximately three of your years of your age,
you are usually very rigidly locked into their belief system structure,
because you know you had to accept their beliefs in order to survive,
because you recognized,
"Oops... these are the people that are going to take care of me,
I'd better tow the line and find out what they believe in,
otherwise, they're not going to support me,
so I will open up like the little innocent flower that I am
and swallow every single thing they feed me hook, line and sinker...
whoops, that didn't taste too good,
but I better hold on to it because if I don't,
they're going to get awfully angry ... they won't love me."
You see where this all comes from?

The idea therefore, is again, with no blame... no blame,
no blame... but unconditional love,
to recognize that they did the best they could
with the belief system definitions they were spoon-fed,
and that the idea is now to understand... that you have a choice,
you have come to a point in transition on your planet at this time,
where you can realize that you can break the chain,
you can allow yourself the opportunity to realize,
it is the product of your definition,
and you can change that definition,
you can change your upbringing... literally,
you can change the past... literally,
because everything stems from the present,
you can thus re-create yourself quite literally... very really,
into a new persona... a new being,
and allow the reflection of reality to be presented to that new person,
that is representative of who it is you decide in this moment
to be with your new definition.
It's really, again... just as simple as that.

But you have to go about doing it,
and it starts with redefining all the things
that you were taught to define... re-examining, looking at everything
and saying, "Does this definition work for me or
what would I prefer as a new definition of this situation,
negative... positive... what do I prefer?"

Let's begin with a couple of examples,
so that you can understand exactly how this works.
The idea to begin with, perhaps, would be the idea of habit,
the word in your language... habit.
Most of you, we have found in our interactions with you,
will define the concept of habit:
"Something I can't seem to stop doing... not matter how hard I try,
I just keep doing it... over and over and over again,
what's wrong with me? -- I can't stop!"

All right, fair enough,
but you see the only reason it seems to be so difficult,
is because of what you define a habit to be.
If I may be so bold, I would like to take an opportunity now
to share with you, our civilizations definition of a habit:
(May I? Why thank you so very much!)
Habit: a habit is something you do that you don't know you're doing,
once you know you're doing it... you don't have it anymore... it's gone,
if you appear to keep doing it,
it's because for some reason you choose to.

"Ooh... responsibility... oh, no... responsibility,
you mean I have to take responsibility for the fact that I keep doing this,
I can't just foist it off on the idea that it's a habit as an excuse?"
Nope... not once you know you have the habit!

It's like the idea of being outside of the forest...
in order to know that you were in a forest.
You have to be able to be outside it
in order to look back and say, "Oh, yes, that was a forest...
up until the moment I got out of it, it was just a bunch of trees,
but now that I'm standing outside of it, I can see it for what it was,
it was a great and vast forest,
and now that I can see it... that means I'm no longer in it."

 So when you know you have a habit,
that does not mean that it's the beginning of the process of changing it,
it means it's the end... you don't have it anymore.
Now, if you keep appearing to do it,
it's because you have a definition of the habit that says,
"This is difficult... now that I'm aware of it
I have to go through some lengthy process full of struggle and effort,
in order to divest myself of this horribly difficult behavior pattern,
I know this is just going to take years and years and years!"

Well, ask yourself at that moment,
"What would you be getting out of it to allow it to take so long?
How is it serving you to procrastinate
at knowing that you don't have it anymore?"
That's where responsibility comes in... and again,
in line with the idea of redefining things,
take the negative definition off of responsibility,
it doesn't mean blame or it certainly doesn't have to be,
it doesn't mean burden,
it doesn't mean struggle if you don't want it to.

Responsibility: the ability to respond!
Period! Who doesn't want that?!
Who doesn't want the ability
to respond to something... to be creative... to act?"
That's what responsibility is,
your ability to respond instead of react to these ideas.

So, take responsibility... demand responsibility,
insist on responsibility... believe me... it's the most fun!

Because when you take responsibility you are at choice,
you are self-empowered... you know you have the ability to choose,
you are free to choose... that's freedom... that's self empowerment,
that is also effortless alignment with the unconditional love of the Infinite
and by being yourself that way, that, as we already have illustrated,
is how you perform the best service to everyone else,
because by being yourself you then can share the gifts you have,
spontaneously... creatively,
and thus everyone benefits by you just being you.

So, look to those definitions... find out what they are,
and recognize that by transforming those definitions
when you hit upon the definition you had,
and recognize it doesn't work for you
and replace it with the definition that does,
you will feel the change within you... instantly!
you will feel the revelation... you will feel the expansion,
you will know you are a different you
and I mean that literally, not figuratively... literally!

You will be a different you because...
what you consider your personality to be... your persona,
is, in a sense, nothing but a projection,
a mask... a presentation of consciousness,
your personality is not literally who you are in total.

Personality is constructed of those three things we talked about,
belief... emotion... and the idea of action - behavior,
and as you change any one of those three,
you change the person... literally, that you are.
Again, I mean literally... not metaphorically... literally,
no matter what you think you look like in the mirror,
"I still look the same"... You are not the same person,
trust me, literally... you are not the same person.

The idea of appearing to have the same face
is an illusion of continuity that you use as a form of convenience
to guide you in the physical reality,
but it doesn't mean you're actually the same person,
and if you understand that when you make a change,
when you make any change,
if you understand you are really, really, really, really... really,
not the same person,
then do you understand what that means?... I'll tell you.

It means that if you really, in the next moment,
are not the same person that was there a moment ago,
then the you you are now doesn't have the same history...
you have no more connection to anything that was connected
to the person that was there a moment ago,
that you used to think you were.

You are literally... at that moment... zero,
free to be whatever you define,
all the way up and down the timeline,
because past and future come from the present,
what you define in the present
is what you are on all levels of experience,
you change everything.

Look at it this way... by analogy:
imagine in your mind if you will right now,
in what you call your imagination,
a blue cube... it has six blue sides.

Now, change one side and one side only to red,
there are now two ways to look at this:
You can say, as is representative of the way
that people on your planet have typically thought,
"Well, there's that blue cube but one of its sides has changed to red,
but it's the same cube with one red side",
or you can say, "Wait a minute... wait a minute!
A cube with one red side and five blue ones is, fundamentally,
a completely different concept then a totally blue cube.
Therefore, that means it is a completely different cube,
its not the same cube... it has no connection to the blue cube,
it has no history... nothing that impacts the blue cube
impacts the cube with one red side... unless...
there's that clause again... unless...
the cube with one red side says it should be impacted
by the belief system structure of the blue cube,
but that's the cube's choice.

Why do you choose to be impacted
by things you say you don't prefer?
Motivation and definition... they are powerful allies.
Definition... motivation -- click : reality.
If you choose something that you say ostensibly
you don't prefer to choose,
if you have this so called habitual behavior,
the idea is to look to your motivation,
because you are never without motivation,
never for a second... ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever... ever.
Never without motivation,
you are always motivated to choose some definition,
some belief system... you don't need to be motivated,
you need to understand where your motivation is being placed...
that's the key.

So, if you find that you seem to be reluctant to do something,
that on one level you say, "Well, that's what I would really prefer to do,
why do I keep choosing to do this instead?"

It means you must, by some definition
you have in your mind about this thing,
be motivated to choose this instead,
that means you might have a negative belief system
about what it might take in order for you to really live your joy,
and so because you might think,
"It is a struggle, too much pain to make a change,
or I might fail if I want to move into my joy,
and that's too much to bear."... you won't even give it a shot.
You will say, "Oh, I'm much happier just playing it safe",
and so you are motivated to keep doing what you have always done
no matter how painful it might be,
you are motivated because you have a belief
that to change would be even greater pain.
So get in touch with those beliefs... with those definitions,
find out what they are, because that's all that is stopping you
from doing anything and everything that you desire to do.
That is all your definitions are... that seem so solid... they weigh nothing,
but when you believe in them... they are made of steel,
that's the nature of a belief.

A belief has to be self-perpetuating... self reinforcing,
and has to, by its very definition with few exceptions,
exclude the possibility of any other belief
in order for you to experience that belief... totally.

But with the foundational addition of the underlying belief that:
"All beliefs are just beliefs... that all reality experiences
are just the product of definition",
then you can experience whatever belief you want
as fully as you can,
and then in the next moment, change it... just like that,
because you know that's all they are.

That's the key... be flexible,
have the underlying foundational definition
that there is no reality except what you define it to be,
and then you can experience any reality to its fullest,
and then in the next moment experience a totally different reality
because you will really know... really know for a fact,
that you are, in the next moment, a completely different you,
and that means a completely different "You-niverse"... totally,
completely... absolutely... every change,
no matter how you may define it to seem small,
every change is a total change.

If you have an equation... a + b = c,
if you change any one of those variables,
does not the entire equation change?
Of course it does. Change any component whatsoever,
then the entire equation is different... the entire reality is different.

I will give you, for now, one more important definition: Fear.
Fear, fear, fear, fear, fear,
been your friend for a long time.
If you were to treat it like a friend,
you would get more out of it.

Fear... pay attention... fear...
is your natural true vibration filtered through a belief system
that is out of tune with your true, core self.
Excitement is your natural vibration filtered through a belief system
that is in alignment with your natural, true, core self.
Fear and excitement are the same energy...
you experience them differently because of what you filter them through.

Analogy: You have on your planet
the occupation referred to as "piano tuners".
When you are playing your piano instrument,
and you find the sound of the music pleasing,
and then all of a sudden you come across
what you call a sour note, "plunk... plunk... plunk... plunk"
Do you run away in panic and go and hide in the closet?
"I shall never touch my piano again!"
No. You say, "Ah, I require to tune the piano,
so that the note becomes harmonious with all the other notes."

Each key is like unto a definition... a belief.
When you come across one that gives you the sensation of fear,
all that's telling you is, "Hey... hey, hey, hey, hey, hey... pay attention,
you have a belief in this area of your song
that is out of alignment with the whole rest of the piano".
Fine tune it... bring it back into harmony... don't run away... explore it:
"Bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk... what would I have to do to tune this?
How would I have to redefine it?
How would I have to tighten this string
in order to bring it back into tune... into alignment?
Play with it... find out until finally,
"Bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk... it's back.

Explore what that definition is that allows you to feel
your very own energy in the mode called fear,
because also the paradox is (and paradox is a very powerful tool),
when you make a friend of your fear, "Ah-hah, a fear... oh joy!",
when you know your fear is there to tell you
something you want to know... you will invite it in,
and miraculously, instantly... your fear will vanish,
because you will have transformed it into... first, curiosity:
"What could this mean?" and then joy,
by being willing to explore what it means for you.

That is how you use fear,
fear is just a knock at the door:
"Pay attention to this...
this is something you want to know about yourself,
this is something you need to know to integrate within yourself,
to become more of who you are".
And wouldn't that be fun? Of course.

So, pay attention to the fear... don't ignore it... feel it,
by all means feel it as fully as you can
and then dive in to the unknown... dive into the fear,
let it wash through you... feel all the sensations that go along with it
and then let your fear ignite you... ignite your burning curiosity,
"What could this possibly mean... what definition would I have to believe in
in order to experience my own energy in this way,
what could it be, I wonder?

Then, explore... find out what you believe,
find out what kind of definitions you have about reality,
and rewrite them... reinvent them... redefine them,
be creative, use your imagination... that's what it's for.

Once you do that... I guarantee,
and not only do I guarantee... the Infinite has guaranteed,
you will get the result of the change that you make
as long as you make it on all levels,
thought... word... deed,
belief... emotion... action,
complete the circuit... believe in your beliefs,
as you always have,
and reality and the universe and the Infinite will always support you,
as it always has,
but it can only support you to the degree
and in the direction you believe is most true for you,
but it is up to you to define what that truth is,
because the secret is "All truths are true",
that's the nature of the Infinite,
otherwise it wouldn't be infinite, now, would it?

All truths are true... all are equal and valid,
choose which is you and live that truth... until you change your mind,
about what is now in the next moment... true for you,
and live that truth until you change your mind,
until the excitement shifts direction,
follow that excitement... every moment... every moment,
no matter what form it comes in... follow it,
act on it to the best of your ability because that's who you are,
even though it may not come to fruition in the way that you think,
even though it may not live up to your expectations,
follow it because it will put you where you need to be
because excitement is the thread you need to follow,
not how things look on the surface,
because the surface is an illusion,
it's the feeling... it's the knowing that counts,
follow it... because that's who and what you are,
and that's really all there is to it.

That's what it's all about and therefore, I urge you,
we're not telling you what to do,
because as we said we have enough to do
without going around telling you how to live your own life,
but we strongly suggest... for your own ecstasy... we strongly suggest that:

You live your dreams instead of just dreaming about being alive.

We leave you with that.



Now, this will be somewhat of a different communication
for a variety of reasons.
Let us begin in this way:
We would like you to set aside your expectations,
set aside your assumptions
about what you imagine this communication might be.

We have a very specific agenda this day of your time,
to communicate to all of you,
and as always we have our reasons for doing so.

We are, of course, aware of various events
that have occurred of late on your planet,
and the build up of energy...

Now we will take a moment to remind you,
that we in general spoke of this in your year of 1998,
and did mention at that time,
that there was, at that time, a 97% chance
of what you call a terrorist strike on your New York City.
At the time we included the possibility of it being nuclear in nature,
for that was the most likely scenario at the time of the sensing.
In essence that is the only main factor that has changed.

And because that has now come to fruition,
and you have now passed on to the other side of a doorway,
crossed a specific kind of energy threshold,
we can now find it within our agenda
to communicate with you again,
to continue the conversation that we began
back in what you call your year of 1998,
which to us was yesterday.
For again, understand, that time is meaningless to us.

But we understood that your consciousness
was required to go through a significant shift
before there could be other things that would be presented.
And we will continue that dialogue now.

We also remind you that at one time,
we discussed with you the idea that we have extended an invitation
to each and every one of you and to all of you together,
to become members of what you have referred to in your language
as our Association of Worlds, Interstellar Alliance, Federation,
whatever you wish to call it, does not matter to us.

And in extending that invitation
to each and every one of you and all of you together,
we did to some degree explain that involvement... exchange,
interaction and relationship with us, in that way,
did require changes within each and every one of you and all of you together
and that over your years this relationship would grow
until such time as there would be
a more, in your terms... recognizable interaction,
physiological interaction between your world and our world
and at that time then, eventually becoming, what you would call
a recognized member of the Alliance, of the Association.

And so we would also like to add, this day of your time... information,
that will assist in generating the next step in your chosen evolution,
to eventually blend... join with all of us in a certain way,
and thus do our part to continue our welcome to you into our Association.

You are at this point, shall we say, "honorary members".
You don't exactly quite yet have a vote,
except the most important one,
which is the vote for your planet,
the vote for your reality,
the vote for what you want your world to be.

We will be discussing many different concepts this day of your time.
We will be presenting some things that are extensions
of what we have discussed before,
we will be presenting many new things
that we have never discussed before.

Each and every one of these things,
in some way, shape or form
will be connected though it may not seem so on the surface.
And we would now remind you, shall we say,
lift the veil a little bit on our technique of communicating with you,
by allowing you to understand more strongly then before
that the things that we discuss with you, have specific purpose,
not always apparent on the surface.

You and we and all beings are energy resonance
and thus this interaction is more than just a conversation or a discussion.
It is an orchestration... an empathic orchestration,
a resonance frequency vibration orchestration
and the specific things we choose to discuss and mention
have specific effects in your consciousness
beyond the surface meaning of the words
that are translating through the channel.

So while we are perhaps talking about one thing,
many other things are going on,
in terms of setting up resonances and energies
that will move... flow, in a certain direction... have a certain impact,
all with your permission of course.
For nothing we do is against your will,
for it works no other way but that you are a willing participant,
and will let in and allow in what you wish.

But there are many levels to this conversation,
some of which are not audible to you,
and even many levels within the words we choose,
and the things we choose to tell you,
that will, in some way, shape or form
tip the scales if you let it in.
But that is up to you.

Freedom of choice is paramount and always will be in these discussions.
Most importantly, we re-iterate and strengthen what we have said,
about dropping your expectations
about what this discussion ought to be about.

We recognize the things that are going on,
and there will be some discussion that touches upon your recent events,
but we would like to invite you to a different place
than perhaps many of you have been living for your past few weeks.
We would like to invite you to rise to a different level,
and understand these things that have occurred... from a different perspective,
than perhaps many of you may have considered,
or perhaps other than what many of you may have seen
displayed in your society.

This is not so much about who did what to whom or why,
or what is going to happen now.
This is about taking stock of who you are.
This is about taking responsibility.
This is about engaging yourselves... engaging each other,
engaging your gears into more action... more activity... more self empowerment,
more participation in order to act more like members of the Alliance.

For if you are honorary members, if you wish to be, of our Alliance,
then, in that sense, you are honorary representatives
of the idea of the Alliance and the Association on your planet.
And then there are things you can be doing,
and things you can be saying... with love,
without pushing,
without demanding,
without threatening,
without coercion,
without "you had better do this now... or else".
That is not spirituality.

No matter how much you may feel the idea of your heart energy,
you must remember that the words coming out your mouth,
sometimes will still be coming from fear and doubt,
even though they even may be inspired to be said by the things that you feel.

You must allow yourself to remember
to be engaged in body, mind and spirit,
in taking your actions... in your communications,
so that it is all cohesive... congruous... synchronous.
You do not have to force.

We remind you again,
the greatest power requires the lightest touch.
That is why God is all but invisible.
Think about that.
The greatest power requires the lightest touch.

If you are an expression of the Infinite, as you are,
and if you act as such,
and you encompass that energy in your thoughts, words and deeds,
it will take very little to get done what needs to be done on your planet.

And should you find that there is lack of receptivity... move on... move on,
move around... move under... flow over... flow through,
like water... no resistance... none given--none taken.
Act in accordance to the flow of love and love you will leave in your wake.

We invite you now then to understand
that as an invitation has been extended for some time,
you may, if you wish, label this communication "RSVP".
For this is an invitation to respond.
To respond... not react... respond,
which is, in that sense, thus the root of response-ability,
your ability to respond.

You have at this moment
an unprecedented opportunity in the collective energy,
especially of your culture, and of the world at this time.

For see what has occurred,
see what has occurred in the collective consciousness.
Yes, we understand that there may be different ways of looking at it.
Yes, we understand that there may be different opinions
about how to relate to it and what should be done,
but that is not really the point... that is surface.

Look at what is happening... look at the unification.
Also, very important, very critical... CRUCIAL... CRUCIAL... CRUCIAL,
Your culture has been taken by surprise. That energy still exists.

You may feel you are, to some degree,
getting used to the idea of your new place in the world,
your new status... your new relationship, with what is going on on your planet,
but you are still very much in shock and surprise
and bewilderment and amazement and wonderment.

This state is very open to change.
This state is very willing to accept guidance
from those that are willing to love themselves and others,
enough to send that energy into the world now
as a beacon to light the way,
for the way the energy can be crystallized when it does re-crystalize.

I cannot underscore the importance of this state enough.
It is one of the main reasons we are communicating with you now.
Your culture is now like clay.
The rigidity has gone out of it to a great extent.

Yes, we understand there are rigid reactions throughout,
but this is a fragmentation,
this is to some degree an indication
of bones within a body that may take awhile to change,
but the rest of the body is mostly water and can flow now.

It's vibrations... it's patterns,
the ripples within each and every one of your cellular structures is open,
you are ringing like bells,
and believe me we can hear it.
We can hear it.
We can feel it.

And this is why it is important for us to respond NOW,
so that in ringing our bell,
it can set up an empathetic vibration in your bells,
so that we can become a chorus that sings as one.

This state will last for a little while,
perhaps even the rest of your year.
Take the opportunity,
to add the vibration now, strongly,
with your love... with your deeds,
with your actions... with your involvement.
So that you will help select the spectrum... the colors,
that will then become one and many... many and one,
working in concert... living in concert,
playing in concert... loving in concert.

This is an important time... a very precious time in your society
where you can tap into this vibration of newness... of unexpectedness,
of some sense of being lost... foundering,
wandering... looking... searching... seeking,
"Where do we go? What do we do? Who are we?
We are not now what we thought we were!
Where shall we go? Who shall we be?"

Put it out there---put it out there.
Put yourselves out there.
Put you out there.
Get involved.
Show generosity.
Show kindness.
Show love.
Show acceptance.
Show allowance in thought, word and deed.
Show helpfulness.
Show support.
Show connection.
Show relationship. Re-la-tion-ship.

The reason that we know, and the reason that you know
that all the things we will discuss this day are connected
even though they may not seem to be,
is because there is only ONE THING.
There is only ONE THING and we are all it and it is us.
All of us... you... us... everyone... everywhere... everything... every when.
And so, what seemed like different topics, different subjects,
will be the same ONE CONSCIOUSNESS
whose chords will be plucked at different pitches,
creating what seemed to be different notes,
to create an orchestration of allowance, malleability and true power,

Destruction, of course is not power... never has been.
It is easy to destroy. That's because it takes no power.
Power is in creation. Power is in relationship. Power is in unity.

It takes no power to destroy... that's why anyone can do it.
And it's easy and quick.
You can destroy a building in seconds.

Create together... bond together a foundation
that is unbreakable across the planet.
Teach through action not proselytizing,
not "You must know this or else your not one of us".
Not that... not that... oh, did I mention NOT THAT?

For that is not teaching... that is not teaching.
That is only fear that what you say you believe in
might not really be so,
and so to convince yourself you must convince others.
Of course that never works and so we will never try that.
Because we know what works,
because we have been to some degree where you are,
in some ways quite literally.
For you are us and we are you, from another point of view.


"Creating Your Reality"

We would like to begin this transmission
with the following brief ideas,
to lay a little bit of what you call
a foundation or a groundwork
for the primary principles that will generally be contained
in almost every subject we will discuss.

Many of you have heard us talk about certain tools,
certain states of being,... certain states of mind
that will allow you to understand who and what you are
as a person... as a being... as a personality,
a little bit more clearly.

For it is in understanding the structure
and the nature of yourself as a person and as a being
that will allow you to make changes...
make shifts in your reality in the manner that you desire...
in the manner that you prefer... more effortlessly...
with the idea of less pain and more joy.

These ideas now are paramount
for what you call the "Age of Transition",
this "Age of Awareness" on your planet,
as you have named it,
and thus we are very happy to help to assist
in presenting concepts and tools that are handy,
that you can use very easily,
so that when applying them you can see the results
in yourselves and in your physical reality...
relatively quickly.

The idea first and foremost, of course,
always begins with self valuation.
We understand from our experience with many of you
that one of the most difficult things
that many of you now have to do on your planet...
is learn to value yourself.
Because you have forgotten your connection with the Infinite,
and because for thousands upon thousands of your years,
you have been taught to think of yourselves
as less than worthy... as undeserving...
as possessing little or no value...
and without an understanding of your worth,
without an understanding of your value,
no tool we would share with you would really be effective.

Only when you begin to learn... and behave... and hold true
that you are a worthwhile aspect of the Infinite,
that you are a beautiful... and unconditionally loved...
and supported aspect of Creation...
and hold yourself in the same value
that the Creation holds you in,
only really then will the tools be effective
in the strongest way possible.

It only makes sense, for the tools will only be
as strong and as powerful as the energy you give them,
because the energy comes from you... through you...
therefore you are the one that determines
the efficacy of the tool.
They do not really have the ability
to work of and by themselves
because they draw their energy from you--
they draw their realization capability from you.

So let us briefly lay down
a little bit of an outline of these ideas
so that we will have an understanding
and will have something to refer back to
as a base point... a base line.

First and foremost as we have said... self valuation.
From there comes the understanding
of what it means to be a personality structure.
A personality structure,
very briefly in recap for some of you,
in newness for others,
is based on three principles.
Your personality is an artificial construct...
it doesn't mean it isn't natural,
but it is a type of mask that is built...
or created... or fabricated from three ideas:
belief systems... emotions... and behavior.

You can understand the analogy of belief systems
being like the blueprints of a building.
The emotions are the builders--
the activation principles and energies
that get the building built,
and the behavior is the building material...
the thoughts and actions that you do.

So, you can instantly understand
that the nature of the blueprint...
the clarity of the design
will determine the ultimate product...
that the nature of the builders
will determine the quality of the product...
and that the nature of the building material
will determine the quality of the final building.

When those three things are in alignment,
you can understand that your reality will reflect
the idea of a strong structure... a strong reality...
that is stable in that way.
But if either your belief blueprint...
your emotional builder...
or your behavior building material
are somehow lacking or out of balance
in the idea of self worth and self valuation,
and are not aligned
with the other sides of the three sided prism,
then of course it would be obvious
that your building would be,
as you say in your language, a little bit wonky.

So, this whole idea is to help clarify
what those three components are really all about
and how to maintain them and bring them back into balance.

Now also it takes an understanding
that physical reality is really just a mirror
and it can only reflect what you put out.
There are really only Four Laws in Creation
that allow you to experience everything that you experience:

Law #1 is that You Exist.

Can't do much about that.
Now, when we talk first of all about laws,
we are not talking about the type of laws
that you have on your planet
that are in that sense,
arbitrary rules and regulations
that can be broken... or changed...
or rewritten... or ignored.
But the idea is even beyond
what many of you call laws of physics,
because even some of these
are only germane to your particular universal reality
and in other dimensions many of the so-called laws
that you have labeled do not really apply.

We are talking about real laws,
because real laws cannot be broken...
it is impossible.
And it is these four laws that give structure
to all of Creation.

So, as we have said...

Law #1 is that "you exist".

What that actually means
when taken out to its ultimate, logical understanding
is that if you exist now...
you always will and you always have.
Therefore you may change form
but you will always exist in some way, shape, or form,
because "Isness"
is the only quality that existence has.
It does not know how to become non-existence.
Non-existence is already full
of all the things that will never exist
and there is no room in non-existence
for that that does exist.
That which exists only has one quality... to be,
and thus that is the only thing it will always be.
So, if you do exist... you always will...
so relax...

Law #2: "The One is the All, and the All are the One."

This simply means that all of the pieces
together form "The One"...
and that "The One" is the one
that knows Itself, simultaneously,
as all the pieces... and as "The One".
What this means is
that Creation is not separate from the Creator,
but is made of the Creator
and that there is no outside to it,
everything that is...
every discrete person... place... thing...
every discrete concept...
every discrete part is a part of the one same whole.
And also holographically,
every single part is the whole
expressing itself as a part of the whole.
So the second law is "the One is All and the All are One".

Law #3: "What you put out is what you get back."

Very simple.
The energy you give off based on your beliefs...
your emotions... your behavior...
the vibrational frequency you give off
is what determines the kind of reality experience you have...
because physical reality doesn't exist
except as a reflection
of what you most strongly believe is true for you.
That is all that physical reality is.
It is literally like a mirror.

If you are looking in a mirror
and you see your face with a frown on it
you know that you don't go over to the mirror
and try to force the reflection to smile.
You know that if you want to see the reflection smile...
you must smile first.
There is no way to change the reflection
without you smiling first,
but you can also conversely understand
that when you decide to smile...
the reflection has no choice but to return the smile,
because it doesn't have a mind of its own.

So the idea to understand
is that physical reality
very much is really like a mirror;
it will not change until you do first,
but if you do...
it has no choice but to follow suit
because it is only a reflection
of what you have put out.

Law #4: "Change is the only constant,
and everything changes except the first three laws."

That's it--one, two, three, four--that's it!
Every experience you have ever had...
are having now...
or will ever have...
is based on a combination
of these four laws
to varying degrees...
That's it.

The idea to understand
is that when you allow yourself to make choices,
then your choices are based on your motivation
and your motivation is based on your definitions.
This is the other way to explain the three-part process.
Your behavior... your choices...
are based on your motivations.
Your motivations are based on your emotions
which stem from your definitions... which are your beliefs.
So anytime you are making a choice
it is always because you have been motivated
to make that choice.

Motivation only has two parts to it,
this is all there is to motivation.
You will always, in every single case,
you will always choose what you perceive to be
the choice that is closest to pleasure and furthest from pain.
That's it, that is your entire motivational force!

But notice I said you will choose what you perceive
to be closest to pleasure and furthest from pain
and that's where definitions come in...
because only as you define
what you believe to be pleasurable or painful
will you then be motivated to make choices
in accordance with that belief.

So, many times you may choose things
that on one level seem to be
detrimental... or destructive to you,
but if you keep choosing it that simply means
that you must have a definition in your belief system,
that says that regardless of how painful it is
to keep choosing that,
you are somehow defining it as being
less painful than making any other choice.
That's why it is so powerful to get in touch
with what your belief systems are...
because when you find out why
you may be defining something as pleasurable or painful
and you change the definition,
you will instantly change your motivation
and you will instantly change the choices that you make.

You are all motivated people,
none of you lack motivation...
none of you lack trust.
It's just a matter of where you are placing your trust
and what definitions you are motivated to act upon.
That's all there is to it.

This is how you simplify the things in your life...
by understanding them from the base on up.
From definition... through motivation... to choice.
From belief... through emotion... to behavior.
That's all there is to it... really.

The final thing that we will be including in this "tool kit",
is the idea that we have begun to talk about recently,
that is above and beyond the idea of belief...
and that is simple knowingness...
which comes from the idea of surrender... letting go.
Again, we understand that in many of the definitions
many of you have on your planet
regarding this word "surrender"
many of you will label this as a loss of some sort
or a lack of control of some sort...
and this is not the case.

if we may provide our definition,
is the letting go of the concept
of who you think you're supposed to be
and actually being who you are
because who you are is unlimited possibilities.
When you allow yourself to surrender
to the idea and the experience
that you are created in the image of the Infinite...
which means you are infinite possibilities...
then the physical reality which is only a mirror
can then reflect those unlimited possibilities
back to you... in the sychronicities
as they naturally unfold
in your physical day-to-day life.

Surrender is actually the acceptance of your total self.
It is not in that sense the forsaking of your total self
as many of you have been led to believe
through the definitions that your world has provided you with.
Definitions such as those only serve to limit you.
And this is what we want to share with you
and what we suggest you learn to give up... those limitations.

So that is really what we are going to be discussing
in all of these interactions,
variations of these principles,
it will usually all come down to that idea.
And of course it will usually always come down
to another principle that is all wrapped up in this
and that has to do with being your natural true self,
which in many cases is simply another way of saying
"Follow your joy".

Follow your excitement to the best of your ability
because the sensation that you call joy,
the sensation that you call excitement,
the sensation that you call unconditional love
is the frequency of the energy that represents
your natural... true... core... original self .
So when you are acting
on circumstances and opportunities
that bring with them the highest level of joy...
the highest level of excitement...
you are saying you have the faith
to take the steps to act upon your true self
and in so doing your physical reality... the mirror...
will support you
because it has no choice but to do so.

These are the principles that comprise
the tool kit of manifestation and change
and that's really all there is to it.
You will see that almost everything we discuss
will come down in one way, shape or form
to these ideas if it has to do with your own personal growth
and the expression of who and what you are.

Once again, we thank you for the opportunity
to experience this gift of sharing with you.



All right I'll say, good day to you this day of your time,
how are you all?
Once again, we take this opportunity
to thank each and every one of you
for allowing this transmission to occur
through this particular method on this day and in this way.
Once again, each and every time you allow our civilization
to communicate with your world in this manner,
it strengthens the bridge and the link
between our respective worlds,
and allows there to be the creation of a third reality,
that is a combination of both realities,
in which we can coexist... and communicate,
and share... and create.
So we thank you for this opportunity.

We would like to begin this transmission,
this link in the following way:
We have recently been talking about the idea... the notion,
which we consider to be very important
for the manifestation of your reality in a joyful way:
the notion of "surrender".
Many of you have used this word in your language many times,
and by surrender, of course, we do not mean
that you are giving up, in any way, shape or form...your validity.
But the idea of surrender is really the opening up in total vulnerability
to the understanding that you are created, to use your own words,
in the image of the Infinite.
And in that you were created as a reflection of unlimited possibilities,
then to surrender your limited personality structure,
to let go of your worries...your thoughts,
your ideas of what you should be,
and to simply become that which you are,
that which you were created to be,
will allow physical reality to reflect back to you, because it is a mirror,
the unlimited possibilities that you are...
since you are made in the image of the Infinite.
which is, of course, another way of saying: "Unlimited Possibilities".
We have been talking about many forms and ideas of surrender
and this day of your time we would like to talk about the idea of
"Surrendering to Peace".
There has been, for countless generations upon your planet,
(well yes, you can count them but we know you like that phrase,
countless generations, means long time, long time on your planet)...
the idea of warfare.
And now you have recently experienced the idea
of the willingness of factions
that have been warring for quite some time,
to have talks... what you call peace talks,
and you have had peace talks at various times in your history.
But the idea has always been, in a sense, more often than not,
that one side shall surrender something to the other side,
give up something in a way that they do not really prefer to,
in a way that they view or label as a loss,
a diminishment of what they consider their power to be.
But if you can begin to communicate to your people
that the act of surrendering
is not so much the act of surrendering to each other,
nation to nation... person to person,
but surrendering to peace itself,
then both can understand that their wishes can be fulfilled,
their fundamental desires can be manifested.
Because when an individual,
or a group... or a nation surrenders to the idea of peace,
than what they are saying is that
they are expressing a willingness to explore the idea
that there is enough for everyone,
which there is...
that anyone can live their dream,
which they can...
and that to do so, will, by definition,
not conflict with anyone else's truth,
anyone else's dream,
anyone else's natural expression of creativity.
The only conflicts that are created are when individuals and nations
are trying to be something they are really not,
when they manufacture for themselves an identity, in a sense,
that is false,
that is made up,
that is not representative of their truth...then you have conflict.
Because, that which you are not will always, by definition,
bring conflict with it,
and resistance... and struggle...and strife...and pain.
But that which you were created to be,
that which you naturally are,
fits automatically, with everything else that naturally is.
Because the universe is a whole idea...it is one thing,
therefore all the pieces in their natural form, by definition,
must fit.
So when you surrender to peace,
you are surrendering to be your natural selves,
and surrendering to the idea
and the understanding
and the wisdom
that everything that allows itself to be natural
will automatically find a way to fit,
to blend...to harmonize,
with everything else that also is willing to be natural.
And in that act there will be enough for everyone,
and everyone will be allowed to be who they wish to be.
The holistic system will be seen to support all of its parts
and all the parts will be seen to support the holistic system, by definition...
Getting this notion... this idea,
this definition of surrender
across to the nations is one of the great ideas that you can do -
one of the great tasks and actions that you can perform and teach .
Not surrender to each other in the sense of loss, but
"Surrender to Peace" in the sense of gain for all.


"The New Millennium"


Q: Bashar, why you are communicating with us at this time?

Bashar: We represent ourselves as what you would call an extraterrestrial consciousness. We are a different civilization from your own, but we understand many of the same or similar things that you do... the idea of living life through joy... of expressing creativity... of connection to the Infinite Creation. And our purpose and our reason for this transmission, this contact, this communication, is to provide each and every one of you individually, and all of you collectively, an opportunity to examine and to explore... new perspectives... new reflections... new ideas... new ways of examining your reality and of deciding whether or not you are living the lives you wish to live. To expand both your reality and thus, conversely, our reality.

For anyone we interact with is for us a reflection of ourselves, and whatever changes you decide to make will also allow us to experience creation in that many more perspectives, that many more ways. So, we are a civilization similar to your own who wishes to answer your invitation to explore new levels of consciousness with you, to interact with you in whatever way you see fit and to examine together, in what ways we can both in the future, perhaps, interact more broadly.
We are giving you an opportunity to understand that you are the Creators of your reality and to understand pragmatically how to go about applying this knowledge to your world so that you can gain the results that many of you say you want, but perhaps have not necessarily been taught or trained to understand how to acquire.
We can explain, in a sense, delineate and define the specific apparatus by which your consciousness does create the reality it already experiences and by that examination, perhaps, illuminate how you can transform and change that mechanism to allow it to work for you in a more harmonious way... a more creative way... according to your own wishes and desires. This, as you say in your language, in a nutshell is who we are and why we are communicating with your civilization at this time.

Q: Bashar, can you describe how you communicate with us through Darryl Anka?

Bashar: It is described by a simple analogy, at least in this particular case. It is what we call "resonant identification" or a "telempathic bond". In other words, similar to the concept of what you call two tuning forks that are tuned to each other, the channel has been trained to allow his brainwaves to accelerate to a certain pitch or frequency. We change our brainwave frequency, where we are in our location, downward to match his frequency. He moves upward... we move downward... because we are on a higher vibratory plane. Somewhere in the middle our frequencies meet, synchronize and lock. Thus, similar to the tuning fork analogy when you start one tuning fork vibrating, if the other one is tuned to it, it will also vibrate, in what you would call a type of sympathetic harmonization. This is a fundamental description of the basic mechanism.
Once our brainwaves are synchronized, our thoughts thus then are simply immediately and automatically translated through the channel's mind. I am not actually there with you, but what you are getting is a model of my consciousness made out of the channel's energy on your planet.

Q: Is there actually any significance to the beginning of our new millennium, the year 2000 and will anything tremendous happen at that time?

Bashar: 2001 is actually the beginning of your new millennium, not the year 2000. Yes, there is significance even though it may not always be interpreted correctly, so to speak. The reason why there is so much recognition of this idea is because there is an innate sensing that your civilization, evolutionarily, is coming to a head. It is arriving at a point which you call "critical mass" in its consciousness where it really is crossing a threshold of understanding in awareness that can make a very large difference -- not necessarily right at the year 2001-- but it has been changing for a little while and accelerate it will.
Somewhere in between your now time and what you would call your year of 2013, you will find that some of the most significant changes will be represented in your society based on the changes going on in your collective consciousness at this time... because you have reached critical mass and are beginning to understand some very important things such as "You create your reality".
The more individuals that really begin to understand this and apply this, then the more it will cause a critical mass acceleration that actually will profoundly change your society in relatively short order, historically speaking. So since it all centers around this general upcoming shift in millennial time, it is simply lumped into the beginning year of the millennium, which in your counting is 2001.

Q: Can you tell us more about this critical mass acceleration and the threshold we are crossing?

Bashar: The acceleration which is going on and has been going on for awhile, but which in a sense starts to culminate in and around the first couple of decades of your upcoming new millennium... is the crossing of a threshold that is similar to the concept of, in your technology, crossing the sound barrier or approaching the idea of the speed of light. You are arriving at that threshold and you are about to cross it, so everything must accelerate to bring all your energy to bear as a society ... so you can bring all that energy and momentum up to speed and match the frequency of your Ultimate Self... and then begin to cross that threshold to create the new society that you are laying the foundations for now.
By seeing what is going on on your planet, with the acceleration of new information and also with what you may term "the negative things" that seem to be accelerating on your planet... you're getting everything up out of your system and out onto the table. This allows you to examine every portion of your creation... every portion of your culture and society... to examine what it is you want to keep and what it is you want to change in order to bring all that energy and consciousness and intention to bear... allowing you to step across the threshold into the new reality that you are all together co-creating. So, there will be much, much more acceleration... you haven't, as you say in your language... seen anything yet. Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life!

Q: Along with this shift in critical mass comes increasingly strong opposition to these ideas by the chemical-industrial complex which controls most of the legislation that dominates our world.

Bashar: Yes, but that is all part and parcel of everything coming to a head. In other words, many times many things that seem dire may also seem to be becoming more prevalent, but only because you are now willing to get everything out of your system and onto the table. So certain things will appear, in your terms "worse", while other things will appear better. In other words, you'll see a great amount of polarity and that is the indicator that everything is coming to a head... because what you're actually doing in getting everything out on the table is ultimately deciding what you want your world truly to be based upon. And as soon as you really decide that and cross the critical mass threshold, then in an accelerated way, the old structure that no longer belongs to the new decision will collapse very rapidly in due order.

Q: It appears that there is a race against time whether this critical mass of positive energy will overcome the manifestation of our own Armageddon.

Bashar: I will put it to you this way: there are an infinite number of probable Earths. Every single possible scenario will play out, and more precisely, is playing out now since all time is actually simultaneous. However, whatever each individual's vibratory frequency is, that is the determining factor for what probable-future-reality-Earth they will experience.
In that our civilization is communicating to this probable-reality-Earth... in other words, in that we are capable of having this conversation with you... then that is an indication that you are part and parcel of the probable-reality-Earth that will allow the positive energy, shall we say, to over-balance the negative... otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. And all the probable-reality-Earths that do decide to let the negative dominate in their future... we are not having conversations with in the same way at all.


Q: Bashar, is the Y2K issue going to be a severe problem for our world as predicted?

Bashar: In some cases it will be severe, in other areas it will not be felt at all. It will depend upon the infrastructure that has been laid down in certain areas on your planet since there is much diversity in your world and many different approaches to different things. Different areas will likewise experience the result and consequences in different ways.
The basic thing to understand is that when individuals begin to lay down other systems, alternate systems, new ideas and put them into place, then it will not really matter if the old systems crumble or collapse for new ones will be there ready and willing to take their place and take up what you call "the slack". Now at the same time, sometimes what you would call a break from the old paradigm may be a welcome thing and give individuals a chance to rethink how they go about setting up certain systems, to allow them in the future to become far more flexible, less rigid... and this is a metaphor for how you really need to live your lives as well.
So, I would simply overall suggest that you don't really worry about it, for I will tell you this with absolute certainty... the more you worry about it being a problem, the more you magnetically will draw yourself into a circumstance where you will experience it as a problem. Instead I would suggest that you allow yourself to treat it as an amazing opportunity to allow systems to shift and change very rapidly and that you position yourself by your energy and your own certainty -- so that you will know that you will be where you need to be, when you need to be there, and so that you will experience, no matter what any else's experience -- you will personally experience only a beneficial result from such a consequence instead of a negative one.

Q: What about the many predictions of global natural disasters that have come from other channeled beings and other sources?

Bashar: Many of you have spoken of the idea of the transformation seeming to have to take place through the idea of catastrophes: earthquakes, flood, famine, axis shifts, and much more of the like. Recognize that this energy potential does exist, but only as a potential. It may have a great deal of momentum behind it; it may have a great degree of backing behind it from your civilization simply because that is the way your civilization has always assumed that changes must occur... with strife and struggle.
But recognize -- not that you are being lied to, for you are not -- but recognize that you are being given an opportunity to decide whether what they say is true for you in terms of what you believe you need to experience in the transformation taking place on your planet right now. When you hear something that does not strike a vibratory chord within you, recognize that you are being given an opportunity to understand and reflect upon what you know to be true for you -- then you can utilize the situation as an equal, and not continue to feel that what you are being given as information is any more powerful then the information you have within yourselves, with regard to reality and a world which is, after all, yours.

Q: Will there be noticeable physical effects of this transformation on the planet?

Bashar: Are there not already? Do you not see around your planet many different changes in the weather, many different geological changes? Now, all of the ones that have been predicted don't have to come to pass. You have already transformed many of them into other forms of energy expression, such as sociological change or political change or financial change. They do not have to be experienced in any particular way. There will still be some acceleration in what you call the geological or weather pattern or electromagnetic field changes, but again, the basic bottom line really is: what is your energy all about? It is your frequency that will determine where you are, when you are there, and how you will experience the transformation... for "like attracts like" and the energy of fear will only attract an individual into the centers that experience the transformation in a cataclysmic way whereas the energy of joy and unconditional love of self will attract the individual to experience the transformation, even if they are standing in the middle and all around them is a cataclysm... they will never experience it in anything but a smooth and creative manner. That's the key.
So, do not so much be concerned about exactly what's going to happen... be focused on the idea of what you decide you are all about... because only your wavelength will determine what you are attracted to experience in the transition... what portion or what methodology or what style of the transition you are capable of experiencing because it can be experienced in many different ways because it's holographic... there are any number of ways to experience it that co-exist simultaneously and what frequency you are on, like your television set... what channel you are on determines the program you get... even though all the other programs might be there on the airwaves, you only see the one your television set is tuned to. This is physics, this is how it works.

Q: As part of these Earth changes will there be a major earthquake in Southern California in the next few years, as predicted?

Bashar: The likelihood of the kind of quake you are talking about in Southern California does not really reach an approximation of occurrence until around 2010 -- and even then it is not certain. And, as we have said before and you can apply this if you'll remember, the idea is that the more you change yourselves then the less likely it will be that you will have to create circumstances to shake yourselves awake. You can transform the energy -- it is your reality. While it is true that some individuals will believe that they must go through a trial-by-fire in order to change, not everyone has to. The idea is that the more you allow yourself to be yourself, the less likely it will be that you need any kind of catastrophic reminder and you can make the transitions relatively smoothly. Even if you find yourself in the mist of great physical change, if you are centered within your own being... there can be chaos all around you and you will remain untouched.

Q: Can people's thoughts and feelings of a negative nature have an effect on whether we have earthquakes?

Bashar: Yes, we have been saying that for years and that is why we say when you are centered within your vibration of belief... a belief that is aligned and harmonious with your joy... then you will actually be capable of transforming the way changes occur. They need not occur in catastrophic terms... and even if they do and even if you are in the midst of it... your vibration will determine what you experience. One individual who may experience full terror and even injury and death can be standing right next to another individual who will remain untouched. It depends upon the vibration and how you will translate your reality because each and every one of you is a different reality -- you share some ideas -- but the idea of the changes fundamentally are neutral and the effect of how you experience them is completely determined by the vibrational state in which you decide you ex


Q: Is it true that many other civilizations are watching and are interested in what is happening on our planet at this time?

Bashar: Absolutely. It is a high point of conjunction -- the different kinds of coming together of consciousness and integration that are taking place on your world at this time. It is not that this kind of thing has never happened or will never happen again, but in terms of linear time, it is relatively rare and in that sense a special moment because it is literally the leap into the awakening of your own God-hood. Thus it is, linearly speaking, an expansion of Creation... most profoundly so.

Q: Can you tell us a specific time frame for the general and public acceptance and understanding of the UFO phenomenon?

Bashar: Well, absolutely, no later than 2037 AD. Now, there will be many things that will begin to come up before that. There will be certain revelations in and around your year of 2005 to 2007, and remember this is, as we sense the collective energy of your planet, as it stands now. So, there will begin to be more information that is released and understood and known in between the window of your year of 2005 to 2007. You will find that by your year of 2012... 2013, there will be actually quite a lot of information. By your year of 2029 you will find that there will generally be almost no one on your planet who is not aware of the idea of the existence of extraterrestrials. And by your year of 2037, your planet, in general, will most likely be at a level of vibrational resonance where it will become a part of what we call the Association of Worlds.


Q: Can you tell us any more about the information that will soon be revealed?

Bashar: There is a chamber about to be opened near the paw of the Sphinx, underneath... about fifteen feet underground. Agreements are now being made, discussions are now being had. Most likely this will happen within the next two to three years of your time. There are other chambers under the Sphinx that also contain information about your past... that isn't the only one. In some of the chambers there is the opportunity to find records of more detail of your true history of planet Earth, including such things as records of Atlantis and what you would call early extraterrestrial interactions and also the idea of information that can allow you to create many such devices that can tap into etheric and electromagnetic energy and so on and so forth.
Thus, you will find, when you create among yourselves the appropriate timing to enter these chambers under the Sphinx, it will contain information ... to sum it up, a kind of hall of records... that will leave absolutely no uncertainty about the idea of what you would call past histories, the ancientness of your civilization, and interactions with other levels of consciousness. There will be artifacts, symbols, signs and information that can easily be deciphered by those who understand and that will relate to your origins on Earth, to the idea of a multitude of civilizations that have existed there upon, to the idea of your birthright as beings of consciousness and many principles of the fundamental ideas of the formation of your reality and the creation of life. In that sense, it will be a verification of many of the things that you now desire to believe about reality and it will change many aspects of what you call history, sociology, religion, anthropology and so forth. It is likely, though again we can not say with absolute certainty... because this is your call, because it is your planet... it is likely that these chambers will be opened before your year of 2001. But that depends on all of you.


"Crossing The Threshold"

 Once again we take this opportunity
to thank each and every one of you
for co-creating this transmission this day of your time.
Once again, each and every time all of you and each of you
allow such a transmissional link and bridge to be formed
it affords our civilization the opportunity to experience
creation through the eyes of more and more facets of the Infinite
and we thank you for this gift of expansion.

We have discussed quite a few times
in these conversations with each and every one of you,
the notion of what it takes to change your reality
to be what you want it to be.

 We have discussed in great detail from time to time
the tools that are necessary for you to be able to consciously apply
different ideas to your belief systems in your reality
in order to effect the changes that you desire
and to allow them to remain in your lives.

We have talked about the idea of how important it is
to get in touch with the idea of definitions and belief
for those are the things that actually determine
what you experience your reality to be, on a day to day basis.

And we have talked about the idea of motivation,
that every given moment you are choosing
whatever it is that is your behavior,
whatever it is that is the reflective experience
that is the result of your behavior.
You are choosing these things,
you are motivated to choose these things
based on the strongest definition that has been
entrained within your consciousness since childhood.

In other words, the strongest belief you have about
what is possible in reality... or lack of possibility in reality
is what motivates you to choose
the kind of paths... the kind of behaviors...
make the kind of choices that you do in your life
and thus get the kind of results that you get.

The idea that we have discussed also from time to time
is that in getting in touch with the definitional belief systems within you
that may be responsible for the reality you are getting
that you don't prefer... and in discovering what definitions
you would prefer to replace the old definitions with,
so as to create a new reality more in keeping with your preference,
we have not yet gone into great detail
though we have mentioned it from time to time,
about exactly what happens in that threshold between
recognizing the old belief and transforming it into the new belief.

There is a threshold that is crossed,
but in talking with many of you we find that many of you feel
that there is difficulty in going from the old belief to the new belief,
in the sense of, as you say in your language...
making the new belief "stick".

Many times you say you seem to go back to choosing
the old ways... the old belief.
You cannot bring yourself, for some reason,
to simply allow the new belief to seem as real as the old belief.
You cannot find yourself being motivated strongly enough
to allow the new belief to maintain itself... to be in force,
because you are in such a pattern, so to speak,
so familiar with the old belief,
that you seem to naturally,
simply gravitate back towards that particular style
instead of being able to allow yourself
to continue to choose the belief you say you prefer.

The idea of assisting each and every one of you
to allow the new belief to be easier to choose
so that you won't necessarily feel that the old belief
has any more power than the new belief,
is to understand exactly what is happening
when you cross that threshold from old to new definition.

That threshold is not just a line that you cross,
it is a place in and of itself,
it is an energy in and of itself,
It is a reality in and of itself... and most importantly,
it is a recognition in and of itself that you need to have
in order to understand why you can allow a new belief
to remain in force just as strongly as the old belief did.

This threshold... expanded from the notion
of just a line that you have crossed,
expanded into an actual place you can occupy
that you can actually spend some time in,
you can spend time in the crossing place... in the crossing point.

This crossing point, and why most of you don't realize
that it is a place to actually spend time in,
this crossing point is by its very nature... the unknown...
the unknown itself.

It is the recognition that there is no reality
aside from what you define reality to be,
and this is why very often,
you miss it and jump over it so quickly
is because it doesn't appear to exist to you,
it doesn't appear real to you
and so you don't spend anytime getting used to the fact,
that when you let go of an old belief,
you need to spend time getting used to the fact
that there is no "real" reality,
so that if you understand there is no "real" reality,
you will not feel that the old belief represents
a more "real" reality than the new belief,
and will not feel yourself drawn back to it,
as if it were somehow more real... more solid...
then any new belief you wish to incorporate into your mind,
into your consciousness.

You need to take time between the old belief and the new belief
to really understand... to really get a feeling...
that there is no reality, except for the fact that there is no reality.
Did that sound contradictory?
There is no reality except that there is no reality...
that there is no reality is the "real" reality.

The unknown is what you need to make a friend of,
you have to let yourself be all right with the recognition,
you have to let it be all right to spend time in the unknown,
you have to let it be all right to have the recognition
that there is no real reality,
aside from your definitions of the idea of reality,
and that then creates your experience of reality.

Even your own scientists know this now.
Many of your physicists are finding that
it is the heart of many of their theories of reality,
that there is no reality... empirically... inherently,
that you are responsible for creating your reality
based on your view of what you think it can be.

So, when you find yourself experiencing any degree of difficulty
in incorporating a new reality, you will usually find... not in all cases,
but very often you will usually find,
that it is because you have some idea
that there's supposed to be some notion of reality that is real,
against which you are supposed to measure your new reality
to see if you can find yourself lacking or wanting
or to see how close you match this idealized "real" reality.

But no matter what idealized idea you come up with...
that is still your creation,
there is no real reality aside from your definition of it.
So you're only measuring against yourself
not against any "real" background of reality,
to find yourself wanting,
to find yourself coming up short, as you say,
there is nothing to find yourself coming up short against,
you are it in your universe... you are it.

So, when you get in touch next time,
with an old definition or belief system
that you no longer prefer to live by,
then take some time...
even if you have already defined the new definition for yourself,
before you incorporate it... before you cross the threshold,
letting go of the old one
and attempting to incorporate the new definition,
take some time and spend some time,
in the middle... between those two definitions,
getting used to the fact,
that no one definition is any more real then any other definition
because there is no reality other than what you say it is...
and when you really let that sink in,
when it becomes a real visceral feeling for you,
that there is no reality...
when you are finally comfortable with the unknown... totally,
then it will be easier for you to accept
the new definition as being just as real,
because you will finally realize that reality is up to you,
that the degree of reality something has,
the degree of reality a definition has
is completely up to you to determine.

So, play with that threshold,
spend some time there... you will get used to it,
you will find actually that you will come to enjoy it.

Do not be afraid of the unknown... the unknown is your friend,
the unknown is the place... the crucible... the forge
in which you really make the greatest changes in your life.
It's where you can decide who you will become...
completely and utterly in that moment
and thus then experience the reality
that is the reflection of that decision...
completely and utterly from that moment forward.


"Money and Abundance"

 Once again, we will thank each and every one of you
for creating this interaction with us in this way... this day.
By allowing the channel to act,
as you would say in your language... like a telephone,
we can speak through him to you at this time and in this way,
so that we may share with you our perspective of your planet,
so that you may learn about us... so that we may learn about you,
so that eventually in the years to come... in the near future,
our civilizations and your civilizations may interact openly... freely,
so that we may come to your world and share with you,
so that you eventually may come to our worlds and share with us.

For there are hundreds of millions of us,
what you call extraterrestrials,
who are watching your planet as it goes through its changes now.
This is a very important time upon your Earth,
many things are happening that will allow you
to one day... learn to create realities... in a different way,
in a way that does not create problem,
suffering... confusion... pollution,
and all sorts of other forms of danger upon your world.

We are watching you change your idea about what you are.
We are watching you change your idea about what you can do.
You are beginning to remember... you are beginning to realize
that the things that you have been taught on your planet
for thousands of years... are not the way it has to be.

You are beginning to realize that you CAN create the lives you want.
You are beginning to realize that you CAN live your dreams,
that you can have all the joy... all the abundance... all the creativity,
that you really do want... that you really do desire in your hearts,
that there are ways to create these things,
that there are ways that you can always be happy,
that there are ways that you can always easily solve all your problems,
because you are powerful beings,
each and every one of you... is a powerful aspect of creation,
each and every one of you has the capability
to know whatever you need to know,
to have whatever you need to have,
to live lives FULLY... without pain... without struggle,
to learn... to grow... and to become together... a planetary society,
that can then allow your planet to become a garden,
and can then reach out to the stars and join us in our exploration
of many different worlds... many different people,
many different beings that exist.

But we can not interact with you fully
until your world begins to change a little bit more dramatically,
in ways that are more similar to our civilizations.

Only when you become a little bit more like us,
peaceful... creative... joyful... happy... then can we interact with you.
Because it is still your planet... you still have to make the decisions
as to the way you want your planet to be.

We cannot interfere... we cannot do it for you,
cannot force our ideas upon you.
We can only guide you... we can only suggest,
that there are ways in which your world
can be very, very joyful... very, very creative.
But you must decide to take our word,
and to turn our words into action,
to change things upon your planet in positive ways.

And when you change them enough in positive ways,
then YOU WILL CREATE the kind of environment,
YOU WILL CREATE the kind of world,
wherein our people can more freely and openly interact with yours.
That day is not very far away,
you have already made a great many changes upon your planet.

We have been speaking to your people now for a number of years,
teaching you HOW to make changes,
HOW to make your life more easy,
HOW to make your life more happy,
HOW to be creative... HOW to be powerful,
HOW to know you are strong.

For all of you are already strong... none of you is weak... not really.
You may be taught that you are weak,
you may have been taught to believe
that you don't have the ability to do this,
or you don't have the ability to do that,
or you don't have the ability to HAVE this or HAVE that.

But these are only lessons you have learned.
Perhaps your parents have taught them to you,
perhaps their parents have taught them to them,
and all the way back for thousands of years,
you have been teaching each other
that things have to be hard... that things have to be difficult,
that you cannot allow yourself to create easily.

You no longer have to believe this.
Now you are waking up... waking up from your sleep,
waking up into the understanding that you ARE powerful people.

 You can be grateful to the universe,
and humble still... for what you have.
You can USE your gratitude... you can USE your power,
to HELP yourselves... to HELP others.
For the more you love... the more you help each other,
the more you will have... guaranteed.

This is not just philosophy,
this is not just something that sounds good,
this is the way the universe works.

Everything in the universe is energy... everything is energy,
matter is energy... it is like crystalized energy.
In the same way that you have steam, water and ice.
They are all different forms of the same thing.

Energy is like the steam... it moves around,
it expands... it goes where it will... very fluid.
Matter is like ice... solidified water,
but its all made of the same thing.

It depends upon the vibration.
When you're a high vibration... a high frequency... you are energy.
When you are a s-l-o-w vibration... a s-l-o-w frequency,
you are matter.

But that's what your spirit is... your spirit is energy!
You have heard your people on your planet talk about spirit,
you have heard them talk about soul... consciousness... mind.
IT'S ENERGY! It's all energy... it's all light,
light that sometimes is free,
light that sometimes is structured and solid.
It's all that kind of energy.

When you change your vibration by changing the way you think,
by changing the way you act,
you change your frequency... you go faster,
things run more smoothly... not quite so s-l-o-w-l-y and difficultly,

if you are moving too s-l-o-w-l-y... if you are too solid,
because your beliefs and your ideas say that
things have to be hard... things have to be difficult,
to the point where you hardly know how to move at all,
you can learn new ideas... ideas that have higher energy to them.

When you learn how to see things in new ways
and they bring higher energy,
then things are easy... the universe moves easily,
you can change things quickly,
you can create things in your life,
attract things in your life... quickly... smoothly.

Again, this is not just talk... you can see it work.
When you change your idea... when you change your thoughts,
when you learn how to see things differently,
when you learn how to define your reality differently,
then things happen differently!

Because your physical reality,
it seems very solid... I know... but it's not.
It only seems solid because of your idea.

When you define it differently, it will be less solid.
This physical reality is a mirror,
a mirror that reflects back to you the way you think,
what you think is possible.
You can only get what you have been taught to believe is possible.
When you start to believe more is possible... you get more.
That's the way the universe works.
But if you don't believe you can get more,
the universe cannot give you more.

Now, sometimes we hear you on Earth saying,
"Oh, I want more... I want more... I want more... but I don't get it.
I would like this to happen... I would like that to happen,
I would like my life to change this way but it doesn't happen,
Why not?"

Very often, it does not happen
because you may be SAYING you want it to happen,
but in your mind... in your heart,
you don't really believe that it can happen,
because you have been taught to believe it CAN'T happen.

You have been taught to believe that those things are hard,
that those things are difficult, or
you have been taught to believe that if you do get what you want,
it will cause another kind of problem to come around,
and you don't want that.

So, you attach problems to these ideas that you want.
For example, many of you say, "Well, I want to be rich,
I want to have lots of money... I want to have abundance,
I want to be able to do whatever I want to do.
I want to be a happy person and create whatever I want to create,
and have abundance and money:".

But maybe somewhere,
somewhere when you were being brought up,
you were taught things about money.
If you will remember many of the things you were taught,
many of the things you hear people say about money,
you will realize that you are given beliefs that cancel each other out

"Well", they say to you all, "When you grow up,
you will be successful if you make a lot of money."
And then the next day they say, "Money is the root of all evil."

Well, what are you supposed to do?
"Well, if money is the root of all evil
and I make a lot of money that means I'll be evil.
I don't want to be evil... so I won't make any money."

And you become CONFUSED,
and you don't know how to attract money to yourself,
because deep in your heart... in your mind... you think,
"Well, I'll be evil... because they told me money's evil.
I'll be greedy... people will think I'm greedy,
and I don't want to be greedy... so I won't have any money,
then people won't think I'm greedy.
Then people will just think I'm poor.
And so I can't win... how do I get out of this idea?
If I have money, people think I'm greedy,
if I don't have money, people think I'm lazy... what do I do?"

You have to start learning how to define the reality
the way you want to define it.
You have to start creating beliefs that you believe are true,
that will work FOR YOU.

You can learn to say, "I CAN be abundant... I CAN have money,
having money doesn't mean I have to be a bad person.
Having money doesn't mean I have to be greedy.
Having money doesn't mean I have to be evil.
I can be different... I can be a good person if I have money,
I can help people if I have money,
I can be a very loving person if I have money,
and I can do wonderful things."

You can learn to think that way and start ACTING that way.
And when you do start acting that way,
you will see your reality will start giving you the things
that reflect THAT kind of person... THAT kind of belief.

No longer will money be kept from you,
because you will not be keeping it from yourself
with your negative belief... you'll have a positive belief,
and the universe will give you what you need... as it always does.

The universe can only give you what you believe you can handle,
and if you have not been taught to believe
you can handle something... the universe will not hand it to you.
For you won't know what to do with it.

It does no good for you to be rich,
if you're just going to hold on to the money
and sit there worrying about what people think
if you are greedy or evil... you cannot use it.
You have to allow yourself to move beyond that.

Now, some of you say, "Now, wait a minute,
there are people who have a lot of money,
and they ARE greedy... they ARE acting like bad people.
How did that happen?"

Sometimes you have to understand,
that belief systems are very distinct... very discrete.
That person may act like a bad person,
but they may fully believe that for themselves,
they deserve that money.

And as long as the belief is there that they deserve it,
even if they act badly with it... they will still get it.
Most people who don't have money, don't have it,
mostly because they don't believe they deserve it,
because they have not been taught to believe that they are powerful,
that they are worthy of having UNLIMITED abundance and joy.

These things are easy to understand,
if you are willing to believe that your belief will create your reality.
You can SEE it happen... you can SEE it change,
you can SEE it work.

And this can work in relationships,
it can work for any kind of abundance issue,
it can work for health issues,
it can work for ANYTHING that you want to change in your life.
Doesn't matter what it is... doesn't matter.

All the principles are the same:
You are the Creator of your reality... you were granted this ability.
You have free will... you are an unlimited aspect,
a portion of God... of the Creator... of All That Is.

You are the all the eyes of God,
all the different ways that God has of seeing Itself,
all the different ways that God has of expressing Itself.
And when we say God... we simply mean... All That Is.
Consciousness Itself... Creation Itself.

We do not necessarily mean
the way many of your religions on your planet
choose to define the word "God".
To us the concept simply is Creation... Consciousness,
Awareness... Life... Love... Energy.
That's all it is.

You can use it... YOU ARE IT.
And you can use it in the way you prefer to.


"Bashar on the Heart"

 Your vibration radiates! There is now on your planet what you might call a new book, relatively speaking. Some of you may be familiar with it, some of you may not. Though we rarely recommend, we suggest that relative to the conversation we are having right now, you get it and read it. If you ponder its concepts, you will understand quite clearly what kind of impact each and every single one of you can have. That book is called The Heart's Code.

The Heart's Code talks about the re-recognition that your heart has intelligence and that it actually communicates to every other heart--literally, electromagnetically. All your hearts right now are literally talking to one another. I am not making this up; it is not just a philosophical idea or a euphemism or a metaphor. Your hearts are talking to each other in electromagnetic pulses right now.

You are sitting in each other, immersed in each other's expanding heart bubbles. Listen to this... think about this... picture this... give energy to this and you will see what kind of impact you have all the time: Every single beat of your heart sends out an electromagnetic, 360-degree spherical bubble at the speed of light! -- an electromagnetic pulse 186,300 miles per second! That means instantly, nearly every single one of those bubbles pulsates around and through the entire planet from every single being on it.

You are immersed in each other's heartbeats. When you begin to talk to your own heart, you will know how to talk to others, sometimes without saying a thing with your mouth or your brain (which sometimes is for the best--no offense). But you, each and every one of you, have been experiencing a war between your brains, your hearts and your bodies. It is time to allow them their due, to allow them their own unique communication and to function as a triad to work together harmoniously.

The balancing of the heart, body and mind is a matter of letting everything do its job and not more than its job. In that sense, the mind relates to the heart by doing the tasks that are specifically the domain and the talent of the mind, taking the heart's energy and applying it in reality in ways that allow you to have thoughts, but these thoughts need to be in agreement and in harmony with the heart's knowingness and the body's sensing, otherwise you are discordant. For example, the heart can feel something that the mind will think is not in the best interest of the mind. But, it's up to the mind to accept the love from the heart and then the mind will know how to fall into place properly.

I'll give you an analogy of a visual idea that is representative of the balancing of the body, mind and heart. The body is the colors of the spectrum, the seven colors of your visible spectrum of light. The brain is black and white. The heart is a combination of everything.

The body, the mind and the heart each has its own way of receiving information. The body senses vibration... resonance. That's how it gets it's information... it senses. The brain gets its information by thinking, processing. The heart gets its information by knowing, feeling. Now all of this contains resonance and vibration, of course, but it is different expressions of it.

The heart can also be of assistance in the healing of the body. We recommend that you access the literature of research to know that there is intelligence and memory and energy and communication that comes from the heart as well as from the brain. By getting in touch with the intelligence of the heart and learning how to listen with and speak from, and hear the dialog of the heart... this will go, perhaps even further than anything towards healing. So, listen to your heart and know what your heart tells you and when you find in your heart that you are whole, your body will be whole as well!

The following is an exercise suggested by Bashar that uses the collective energy of the planet for balancing the heart, mind and body (Ed.)

If you will allow yourself the opportunity, if you wish to, to find a body of water.
It can be an ocean... it can be a lake, it can even be one of your swimming pools.

The idea would be, to allow yourself to immerse yourself... your body... in this water.
It is not impossible that you can even do this, in what you call, one of your bathtubs,
but the more room around you that you have, the better.

And as you float in this water, attempt to do so on your back. If you have difficulty floating, you can use a device that floats, and you can lie on that device,
be it a raft or board or floatation device, if that will help you, but be out in the water,
whether you are physically in it or not... be surrounded by it.

Allow yourself then to serenely float on your back, be careful that you do not get burned.
Allow yourself some time... maybe about fifteen of your minutes, to close your eyes... go inward... relax... breathe, let everything go... forget about your day to day world... just float, and surrender yourself to these energies... these currents in the collective consciousness, Just open up to them in whatever way, shape or form your imagination says is the easiest method for you.

Imagine that you feel these energies coursing through you, imagine that you see them,
imagine that you hear them... whatever works best for you, any one or all of these or others will do. Just let your imagination be your guide as to how you feel like relating to this concept, and as you float there out in the water, feeling these currents going through you, allow yourself in your serenity to get a sense of direction. Allow them to orient you.

Some of you may begin to feel a tingling in your body, sometimes specifically in your sinus cavity area, due to the preponderance of the substance called magnetite in your sinuses, which actually aligns and orients you to the magnetic field of your planet.
That will be involved, but what we are talking about here, of course, is more subtle energy.

Let yourself begin to feel that it is orienting you... to yourself, to your purpose, to your truth, to your natural consciousness. Let yourself feel, if you have been feeling out of sorts or out of alignment, harried, stressed, worried, finding yourself beset by difficulties,
or what you would define as problems, let yourself feel that this energy... this current,
is bringing you back into true position like a compass needle.

Imagine yourself like a compass needle, you don't actually have to find yourself pointing north, literally, but find your true north in yourself... your "truth" north for yourself,
whatever that feeling is, whatever that image may be, whatever that sound may be,
whatever that thought may be, whatever that word may be that your imagination comes up with, that represents the KNOWINGNESS that your heart, your mind, your soul, your spirit, your body, your existence is aligned... that natural state wherein you can say without hesitation, THIS is how I want to feel all the time, THIS therefore is who I really am, THIS is the frequency of energy I operate best on, THIS is my creative energy, THIS is my natural self.

In whatever way you wish to express it, when you allow yourself to feel that alignment
that moment... that vibration... that energy, then you have allowed yourself to take advantage of these currents in collective consciousness. That regardless of what your personalities may resist in your day to day lives, regardless of the frustrations and the de-alignments you may think you experience, your natural proclivity... your natural inclination, is to actually allow yourself to float and align in the direction of love... of creativity.

Allowing yourself to do that in this exercise will allow you, the more often you do it,
to become more sensitive and more sensitized to picking up upon that exact and perfect frequency that is your true, natural self.


"The Passing of the Baton"

 Once again, we take this opportunity
to thank each and every one of you,
for allowing this communication to occur
in this manner at this time and through this window.

Each and every time you civilization co-creates with us
this kind of transmission... this kind of connection,
it opens doorways for our understanding by allowing
our civilization to experience through each and every one of you
individually, and all of you together, collectively,
that many more perspectives in which Creation can express Itself
and this expands our understanding of the Infinite,
so we thank you for this gift.

We would like to begin this transmission this day of your time
with the following idea:

For those with whom we have been communicating
in this manner for a little while,
we understand that many of you already have clearly figured out,
that what we were talking about recently... about the upcoming shift,
now is very obvious to many of you... as it has begun.

As we explained to you that we found it necessary
to come closer to your planet,
so that we could aid and assist in the balancing
of the collective consciousness energy
that would be effected by the shifts,
that were about to start in your society,
and as you have now begun to see them,
and as you have begun to see the particular incidents,
and circumstances and situations that are representative
of great acceleration and shifts in your collective awareness,
about how you are arranging your planet,
about what it is that is important for you to focus on,
about the idea of how each and every one of you
must now do what you need to do,
in order to become more closely connected,
to all of your humanity... to be more active... to be more involved,
not only in the idea of creating the world you want to create
on a global scale... but also doing this
by creating the world that you want to create
on a personal scale... not holding back.

Now, two of what you would call your most public assistants,
those that have seen, in that sense,
themselves as being spokespeople for assisting humanity,
those that you call your Princess and your Mother.

Look then at the idea that their passing into spirit,
both within the same timeframe as what you call the week,
that was outlined almost a month ago,
as being the time of accelerated transition on your planet,
this then sends you a signal that it is up to you
to take over their jobs,
it is up to you now, to use the gifts they have given you,
to reach out to humanity... to be of aid and assistance,
to expand yourself... not sequester yourself,
but be of the world as well as in the world.

They have acted as symbols and examples... living examples,
for how one person can, on your planet,
touch many... create impact.

And now you're beginning to get a clue and a hint,
as to what this acceleration time is all about,
and why it needed to be so dramatically illustrated,
by the abrupt passage and the handing of the baton, if you will,
to the rest of the world... there will be more.

There will be other changes coming up now,
in this next few months of your time,
in your next upcoming new year... new orbit on your planet,
but this is to show you the kind of thing that was meant
by the kind of acceleration that we have all talked about for a long time,
where you have been installed and connected to individuals
who are not afraid to show their inner light,
and act as symbolic reflections,
for each and every one of you,
so that you do not have to be afraid to show your inner light.

Not that it has to be expressed exactly in the same kind of way,
but each and every one of you knows,
that you all have innate power,
that you all have innate impact upon your planet,
that all it takes is one
in order to make an entire difference in your world,
and thus, then, you have been handed, shall we say,
the opportunity... the gift... and the challenge... to make a difference,
to create your world to be the way
you have said for so long that you want it to be.

For now it has been clearly shown to you,
that others will not do it for you beyond a certain point,
they will show you how it can be done,
but then they will leave and leave it up to you,
to each, in your own way and each in their stead... be like unto them,
be those that will be willing to act on the same level
to the same degree on the same magnitude of impact.

And the way that you do this most strongly,
is by simply being yourself... that's all you have to do,
for that is all they were doing.

In that sense, it did not have to be planned,
it did not have to be charted out, but in that sense,
your Princess and your Mother have shown you the way.
It is not that you must follow,
but it is that it is up to you to be like them
in the ability to expand and express your true self,
your true desire... your gift of sharing,
being who you are and sharing that with your world,
that is what will make the difference.

No longer, then, do you need to hide your gifts from the world,
you will make a difference,
each and every one of you does make a difference.

We understand that many of you
for thousands of years on your planet
have been trained to think
that you have hardly any impact on your planet at all.
Were that true... you would not be where you are,
for there are no pointless creations,
and there are no accidents in this context.

So, allow yourselves to know,
as we have stressed in many of these dialogs... many, many times,
that any change is a total change,
and if you are simply willing to change,
from being who you have, for a long time perhaps,
in your society been taught to be,
and are willing to change to who you know you are,
and behave as such... you will see
that you will also, each and every one of you,
have the same degree of far-reaching impact on your planet,
as anyone that you have witnessed in your history.

But now is the time... now is the time... now is the time,
for personal responsibility.
Do you have the ability to respond? That is the question.
So we strongly urge you to do so.

Again, we remind you,
we can never place ourselves in the position of telling you what to do,
it is your planet... it is not our planet,
it is your responsibility... it is not ours,
but we are your friends... we do love you,
and we are telling you that we know you are capable
of equal greatness and equal behavior and equal expression,
if you but only would believe and behave as if you were.

And your world will be transformed in the way that you know
that the others have had impact... and transformed it,
and it will truly be claimed as your planet and your reality.

So, we urge each and every one of you,
to fall into step with this accelerated wave
of transition and transcendence,
that has now begun to illustrate itself so strongly,
so obviously... and so blatantly on your planet.

For as you see that individuals... certain individuals
have literally touched the heart of millions,
so to is that capacity within each and everyone of you,
so to is that design within each and every one,
or you would not exist.

For each and every one of you is the face of the Infinite,
expressed from a different point of view.

We thank you for allowing us to share this perspective with you
this day of your time,
and for your willingness to be so bold
as to choose to be on your planet at this time of great change.
That takes courage.

So, congratulations for your strength,
and the revelation of your strength,
that is about to come through you... from yourself,
by your willingness to be who and what, in your heart of hearts,
you know you are.



We know, as we have been saying for quite some time,
that things in your personal lives
and things in your collective reality, your society,
are beginning to become as many of you have observed,
very much more chaotic.
Many things are breaking down.
Many things are becoming much, much, much more magnified.
Many energies seem to be happening all at once.

And we remind you, once again,
as we have said before,
that the key to riding the wave of chaos
is not to resist it
but to allow yourself to know
you are a part of the energy of chaos.
To allow yourself to be chaos
and in becoming chaos
and allowing a new form of organization in,
rather than imposing your old system of organization upon it,
by letting this new idea in
and, as you say, riding it,
going with it,
not resisting it...
you will then, by becoming chaos,
allow the chaotic action
to show you through sychronicity,
what it is you really need to be aware of,
how it is that life will organize itself
using you as a guide post.

The more you allow yourself to become
who and what you are,
the more natural you become,
the more truthful to yourself you become,
the more representative you become
of the facet of the Infinite you were created to be...
Then the easier it will be for your reality
when it becomes more chaotic
to be able to reflect to you
those aspects of the chaos
that have to do with you
and are important to apply in your life
and those aspects of the chaos
that don't have to do with you
and which you can let go of.
These will reveal themselves.

You will see a new organization coming in,
a new organizing principle
that will let you know through synchronicity
which things you need to pay attention to,
which things you can let go of,
which things are no longer necessary in your life...
Things, that perhaps, in the past
you have been taught you need to hold on to...
you now can begin to really let go of
so that you can understand that the most important aspect
of being able to handle the new chaos,
the amplified and magnified chaos,
that is going on in your society
will be to streamline yourself...
let go of excess baggage.
It will seem as if you are becoming, in a sense,
and that you must trim off anything
that doesn't belong to you
or you will not really be able to ride the wave smoothly.

It will be as if you are an airplane
with many appendages
that do not need to be there.
You must become more like a rocket, in that sense,
more streamlined,
so that the waves of chaos can slip past you more easily,
so that you can go through them
and in becoming more streamlined, in that sense,
you'll be able to pass through the "eye of the needle"
in which all chaos occurs
and toward which your society is rapidly heading.
And in that "eye of the needle"
there will be no room as we have said
for things that do not belong to you.
It will have no room to carry through
all of those definitions,
all of those experiences,
that hold you back,
that limit you,
that are defined as something other than yourself.
All of the excess baggage of beliefs
you have been brought up with,
taught to hold on to,
that you do not need,
that weigh you down.
You will have to let go of to pass through
that "eye of the needle".

As things get more chaotic
it will be more tumultuous
and it will be as if
you are being cast about in the wind,
you will not be able to find any kind
of sense of direction
if you don't let go of those things
that allow you not to experience... smoothness
and the streamlined motion that you need to have...
So we would recommend
More importantly than ever
you lighten up and let go.
Drop those things that have nothing to do with you...
You do not need them.
They only hold you back.
You must be able now to move more swiftly
because things are going to accelerate even more...
and more...
and more...
and more.
Especially in what you call your next couple of years.

So I would recommend
that you allow yourself now to recognize
you can move much faster,
much more smoothly.

And you can, in doing so,
give yourself the opportunity to be able to see
what's going on around you,
almost impartially,
as if you yourself are almost not involved.
As if ;you are like the eye of the storm
and everything is moving around you,
this is the nature of attached detachment.

As you become more involved
with "true" life
in some ways you seem to become less involved
with life around you...
You will actually be able to become more active if you want to be
but only in those things that are truly representative
of who you are.
The more you insist and remain insisting
on becoming active in ;those things
that have nothing to do with you,
that are really not your truth,
the more difficult it will be for you
to maintain your course
towards that "eye of the needle",
that transition point,
that is coming up very much more strongly,
now than ever before.
Remember that what we are saying here is not metaphorical,
we're talking about real energy..
collective consciousness energy,
that are truly piling on a critical mass,
amplifying itself.

Allow yourselves the opportunity to trust
who you know yourselves to be.
To take a deep breath and sigh...
and in that sigh release those things you do not need,
those things that, perhaps, you have been holding on to
for long time,
maybe for all your life...
that you know you really want to let go of.

Now's the time to really understand
how to let them go,
to let it be all right
to surrender to yourself
and remember again, please,
we will constantly remind you of this
because it is one of the most important things, now,
at this critical time.

That surrendering is not the giving up of something,
true surrender is the total acceptance of yourself,
your true self,
you're not losing anything in the surrender,
the way your society usually means that word...
you are not giving up anything in the sense of loss.
Surrender means to open up,
open up to your total self,
to give in and let go
of the things you think you're supposed to be.
Just be who you are.
It will see you through...
it will see you through.

Allow yourself to let go
for the seas will only become choppier now
and only by being your essential self
will you be able to ride those waves in such a manner
that they will not feel like a storm to you
even though you may observe
that there is chaos of storm all around you.

This is what being in the center is all about.
This is the effect that you get in your life when you do that
in effect,
physically in effect,
But you must let go
and the degree to which you still feel tumbled about
is the degree to which you may still
have ideas that you must let go of,
that are not you.
And so you can use that as a measuring device
to see how well you're doing
in letting go of who you are not
and in accepting who you are,
as you were originally made to be,
created to be:
an Infinite Creator with unlimited possibilities,
who knows that and acts like they know it...
a creative being,
a loving being.

That is all you have to be,
the rest takes care of itself...
because you are creating life through you,
you are experiencing who you are through you,
and as you become clear
and as you become centered
and as you become like unto the "eye of the needle",
then nothing that does not belong
will be capable of passing through you.
You will be your own best filter
and you will filter out that which is not you.

And on the other side of the "eye of the needle"
there will only be
that thin bright light
and thin bright edge,
that is unerringly... unmistakably,
just you...
just you...
your true essential self...
just you.
That will be all that is left
because that is all there is...
just you...
and this goes for every one of you.


"Diving Into The Unknown"

 Once again we take this opportunity
to thank each and every one of you
for co-creating this transmission this day of your time.
Once again, each and every time all of you and each of you
allow such a transmissional link and bridge to be formed
it affords our civilization the opportunity to experience
creation through the eyes of more and more facets of the Infinite
and we thank you for this gift of expansion.

We would like to begin this transmission
this day of your time with the following small story:

There was a mighty spaceship with a curious crew
exploring the breadth and depth of the cosmos
and as they would then come to a new world in their exploration...
a new planet... a new solar system,
they would then with their curiosity investigate,
interact... share... trade... exchange,
taking what they needed of that which was freely given to them,
giving back that which was what the world might need,
what the people on the world might need.

And one day in the midst of such an exchange,
the crew was asked by the inhabitants
of one of the worlds they were visiting,
"Exactly, tell us if you would,
with this great, great majestic ship you have orbiting our world,
tell us if you would just exactly how powerful are you?"

And the captain of the crew said in response to this question,
"Our ship can boil your seas... turn them to steam,
level your cities in the wink of an eye,
turn your entire population to dust in an instant".
"Oh", said the inhabitants, "that is very powerful".
"No", said the captain,
"What gives us our power is that we would never do such a thing,
that is how powerful we are... that we have this at our disposal
and would never use it that way... that is how powerful we are".

So, like unto then, many of the circumstances
that rise up on your planet to face you... to challenge you,
you have many different tools at your disposal,
you have many different ways you can react and respond,
you choose at every moment
whether to exhibit the idea of power or not,
but heed the idea that while in certain circumstances,
you may from time to time think that certain actions
are demonstrations of power,
make sure you pause and stop and think again
so that you understand that the true demonstration of power
is awareness... compassion... and the lightest possible touch.

Because as we have said many times,
"That which is the greatest power requires
the lightest possible touch to get something done".
A great deal of pushing comes from those
that feel powerless... that feel they must manipulate
and push things into the direction they wish them to go.
Those that already know they are part of the Infinite,
those that already know there is no power greater
than what they are already a part of,
need not exercise a demonstration, for they will know
that in their allowance all things will fall into place
and that that allowance is the greatest power
that can be reflected to anyone else.

In all your endeavors... every single one without exception,
allow yourself that degree of immaculateness,
that degree of precision... that degree of composure and wholeness.
And as the channel has recently discussed with some of you,
the idea wholly is to step into the void,
to step into the nothing... freely... willingly...
and most important, gracefully.

For as you dive off of that diving board of familiarity,
resistance in the dive will only allow you to hit the water hard,
grace in the dive will allow you
to slip through the surface of the water... effortlessly.

You are all on the edge of the diving board,
now, in this time and place on your planet,
the changes have begun... the changes that are happening now,
and the changes that will continue,
it is up to you... each and every single individual one of you,
as to how you will experience the event of every change,
the changes in and of themselves
do not have to manifest in any particular way.

Change will occur.
The methodology... the presentment,
the effect of how you experience the change
is up to whether or not you dive with resistance or dive gracefully...
but dive you will!

Because you have decided to dive,
you have placed yourself by choice on the edge of the board,
you have invited the unknown into your reality
and it has answered your invitation... do not fear it.
It is what you want,
it is what you have asked for,
it is what you have prayed for...

Do not fear the form in which it comes,
it comes in the form it needs to come in
for you to be challenged... for you to grow,
each and every one of you according to your kind,
according to your belief... according to your vibration.

Embrace the unknown... embrace the change,
within it you will find the rest of yourself.
We salute you for your courage... and your strength
and your boldness... to have chosen such a challenging world,
it only shows you that you are that powerful
that you knew your power would be sufficient
to handle the challenges this world presents to you.

Know that... behave as if you know that,
and you will see and feel and experience your world
becoming the world of your dreams,
as you become... as you become the dream of the Infinite
as you surrender to yourself... to your true self,
and become the dream you were dreamed to be,
so too, will your world become a reflection of that dream.

Let go your expectations and assumptions,
let go your definitions... let go of who you think you are,
let go of who you think you're supposed to be.
Because, I will tell you this in all honesty,
you don't know who you are...
you don't know who you are...
you don't know who you are.
And I will tell you this... that is exactly as it should be.

When it is all right,
when you are comfortable with not knowing who you are,
then can you truly be who you are,
then you can truly reveal unto yourself
who you really were created to be...
but only when you stop thinking you know who you are.

Is this possible? It is all right to not know who you are?
This is part of what it is to leap into the void,
for only then when you have allowed there to be nothing,
can there be something.

If you hold on to something then there will always be nothing.
If you let go and let it be all right for there to be nothing,
and stay centered within your being,
stay centered within your joy... not your fear
then you will know where you are is where you need to be
and you will not fear that anything can take you,
you will not fear that you must give your power over,
you will not fear in any way, shape or form,
even when you fear... you will not fear,
because you will experience the fear in a different way,
you will experience it as information,
you will experience it as self awareness,
you will experience it as an opportunity
to add to the knowledge of yourself.

You will experience it as one of the valued events of your life,
for you are valued and valuable and you must value yourself
or nothing you have ever learned from any of us will work,
if you do not value who you are,
then you do not give yourself the ability to use any tool.

The first tool is to be yourself
and let it be all right to be who you are,
whatever that might be... then you can change.

But remember, change takes place within the nothing,
you do not experience the shift itself,
you only experience what comes after the shift,
you only experience the result of the change
that takes place in a world of space and time...
that is the world of experience.

The change takes place in timelessness
and so there is no experience of it,
not of the actual change itself,
but only of how you have changed.

Let yourself go into that timelessness,
so that you may be free and flexible
to change anytime it serves you,
anytime it allows you to be more of who you are,
and then trust that whatever it is you become,
whatever it is you have changed into
on the other side of the change
is who you need to be at that moment.
Work with it... live with it... love it,
above all... love who you are at every given moment.
For only by loving who you are now
can you then become anything else you can become.

If you invalidate even one moment of your existence,
you make it impossible to become any other moment,
for until you give each moment its full value and its full due
then it cannot become the next moment,
because there is only one moment.
What you experience as different moments are the same moment,
the same moment... but only from a different point of view.
You cannot escape the moment... there is only one.

By living in it fully and accepting it completely,
you allow yourself to then see
the same moment from another perspective,
but only when you have allowed the perspective you now have
to be valid for what it is...
for it is the stepping stone that leads to the next moment,
it is the rung on the ladder that leads to the next rung,
and if you do not step on the first one,
you will not reach the second one... or the third.

Once again, we thank you for the opportunity
to experience this gift of sharing with you.

Don´t forget THIS SIMPLE TRUTH :
1first step is "VEGAN life style"...do it...open your heart...eyes then mind...higher up your vibrations...higher up your consciousness...YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT..."What you put out is what you get back"...nothing more...nothing less...;) Don´t forget this simple truth...U ARE WHAT YOU EAT..We All Are ONE...
...thx. 4 yur time...

Kaczeka Osh